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The Importance of History It is both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history because it is relevant to who we are. Studying events in history provide a clear picture of past participants experiences and behaviors, so that we take what others have done and build upon it. Past cultures took time and efforts to document historical events to help future participants understand where they come from. In this day and age, modern societies don’t quite look to the past, but to the...

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Herodotus Histories

Herodotus was born in 485 BC in the Greek City of Halicarnassus and is known as the pioneer of history. His series of books, The Histories was the first piece of literature that described historical events. No writer had ever attempted to analyze events in history before Herodotus, he catalyzed the study of history and allowed scholars to have a deeper understanding of events in the world. The Histories was an account of the Greco-Persian wars, which was a series of wars between the Persian Empire...

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Importance of History

CHAPTER I Introduction History is the science whose business is to study events not accessible to our observations, and to study these events inferentially (Philippine Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 1993). History is not merely the records of past events: it is the record of what one’s age find worthy of note in another. History as a narrative (which of written, visual, oral or a combination of all these) about past events that has a meaning to a certain group of people in a given time and...

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History and Memory

MODULE C – History and Memory The Fiftieth Gate by Mark Baker suggests that a combination of history and memory is essential in making meaning, i.e. in shaping perceptions of the world around us. How does baker represent this combination to create meaning? History can be viewed as a sequential series of indisputable events, whereas memory is of such events that are highly subjective, and affect the way in which they are perceived. The link between history and memory and the way it shapes the...

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Social History

different events in the history of the revolutions, but they may also contradict or conflict with previously established knowledge causing historians to reconsider facts that were once considered accepted. In conclusion, what social historians give to our understanding of the revolutions of 1917 is an insight into how ordinary men and women lived their lives and reacted to these important times. Social history effectively separates politics from history and allows us to view history through the lens of...

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Studying History

Why Do We Study History? The reasons for studying history vary from personal ones, to some that affect an entire society or group of people. As conscious beings, there always has been a need to study and learn why and how the world has evolved to its current point today. As an individual, one often hears, “learn from your mistakes.” The past teaches about mistakes, so one may learn from them. By learning the bigger lessons, not the tiny details, one can discover why they are who they are now. Finally...

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The Importance of History

The Importance of History History is an important part of anyone’s life. History helps understand the past so the people of the country can understand where they come from. The subject helps children understand who they are and where they came from. History is basically knowledge about the past events. It is a part of everyday life that goes partially un-noticed. Everybody, people talk about past events without even knowing that they are performing the task. One needs to know and understand...

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Studying History

Studying History There are countless reasons for studying history. People always say, “History is important so that we do not repeat the mistakes of our past,” but there is much to history than just learning from our mistakes. As The History Guide talks about, it comes down to history defines your identity. It is who you are because everything you do, everything you learn, and everything you want to be has to do with something you experienced in the past. If you like sports it’s probably because...

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Micro History

It is the most interesting and innovative approach to history. The pathfinder of the field was the German Historian George G Igger. He developed it as a methodology in 1970’s to counter the traditional methodology of Social sciences. The basic objection of him was that through the traditional methodology it is not possible to know the concrete reality of small scale life. The small scale life refers to the Anthropological, Cultural, Sociological, Political, Economic and all other inclusive...

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History Bias

History: History Book Bias University Writing Instructor: Richard Baker Brandon University Hongbo Sun 101289 July 24, 2011 Abstract This research paper discusses the history books tell the truth, meaning the actual what, when, where, why, how, and who of a past event is biased. People always put...

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