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argument. It is really interesting to see the common threads that run through the three major religions. When evil and satan is discussed in the Quran it is often referred to along with the jinn. The jinn are the metaphorical representation of the humans. They are often imbued with names such as satans or the Devil. There is much made from the repeated statements that satans stealthily attempt to snatch news from the heavens but are driven away. (Major Themes of the Koran 121) It then goes on to...

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Arnold Friend Biblical Satan

In Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” many critics argue whether the character of Arnold Friend, clearly the story’s antagonist, represents biblical Satan himself or a psychopathic stalker. Indeed, Arnold Friend could be an allegorical devil figure, the protagonist who lures Connie into riding off with him in his car, or, in the contrary, far more a grotesque portrait of a psychopathic killer masquerading as a teenager. However, he has all the traditional, sinister traits...

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"Paradise Lost" by John Milton/ the Transformation of Satan

The controlling purpose of this paper is to analyze the transformation of Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Satan is a very strong and demanding character in all of the series of Paradise Lost , from the beginning to the end. Satan’s main goal throughout the entire poem is to try to corrupt humankind and, unfortunately with his tricky tactics and significant transformation skills he does. At the beginning of the poem Satan is a very kind and majestic angel, by the name of Lucifer that many follow...

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The Demi-Devil (Iago) An indepth look at Iago as Satan

king of evil himself, Satan. Iago uses the Satanic art of manipulation to conduct his doings. Satan has been portrayed over time in varied forms. In the Old Testament, Satan is mentioned merely as a fallen angel. In the modern day, Satan is envisioned as a red hoofed human like animal with a pointed tail. Shakespeare, however, has taken Satan and put him in the form of Iago. Satan has the ability to enter into man and act through him (Britannica "Satan"). In the play, Satan has entered Iago, and...

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Comparison Between Satan and Sun Wukong

ÕªÒª£º¡¶Ê§ÀÖÔ°¡·ÊÇÒ»²¿ÆøÊƻֺëµÄʷʫʽ×÷Æ·£¬È«Ê«ÓÉ12²¿Ê«Æª×é³É£¬½²ÊöÁË»ù¶½½Ì¡¶Ê¥¾­¡·ÖÐÈöµ©£¨Satan£©»¯ÉíΪÉߣ¬ÒýÓÕÑǵ±ºÍÏÄÍÞ£¨Adam and EveÈËÀàµÄʼ×棩Υ±³ÉϵÛÒâÖ¼£¬×îºóʧȥÉϵ۵Ķ÷³è£¬±»Öð³öʧÀÖÔ°µÄ¹ÊÊ¡£×÷Õßͨ¹ý¶ÔÊ¥¾­¹Êʵĸı෴ӳÁËÆäÔÚÍõÕþ¸´±ÙºóÄÚÐĵÄÍ´¿àÒÔ¼°¶Ô×ʲú½×¼¶Ê¼ÖÕ²»ÓåµÄ̬¶È£¬ÎÄÌåÐÛΰׯÑÏ¡£ ¹Ø¼ü´Ê£ºÊ§ÀÖÔ° ¸ïÃü ×Ú½Ì ÈËÎïÐÎÏó Abstract: ¡°Paradise Lost¡± is Miltons masterpiece .It is a long epic in 12 books, written in blank verse. The story were taken from the Old Testament: the...

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John Milton's Paradise Lost

influenced, Satan took advantage. Satan was seeking revenge on God, and the easiest way for him to do this was to tempt God’s most prized possessions. “But I should ill become this throne, O peers, And this imperial sov’reignty, adorned With splendor, armed with power, if aught proposed and judged of public moment in the shape Of difficulty or danger, could deter Me from attempting” (Book II. 445-450). Satan shows that he desires God’s power, and he will go to any extreme to gain it. Satan is often...

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Free Will In John Milton's Paradise Lost

sin and death came into the world." Although Milton is not necessarily saying the Fall of Man went down the way he wrote it, the story is much more believable – and more entertaining – if the characters seem like they could have been real people. Satan places his pride first and resists obedience to God, thereby taking the alternative that is also available to human beings. But by persisting in his perversion of free will, Satan's sin expands and develops consequences for the human race. His resistance...

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Why Was It Mainly Women Prosecuted During the Witch Trials

vindicating themselves by witchcraft.” (Kramer&Sprenger p. 44) Women were said to not be able to keep a secret! They were also weak and would tell someone a secret to vindicate themselves. More often then not they were more prone to evil and the devil. Satan could easily take advantage of them more than a man. So women would practice magic more than a man would to protect themselves. Many of the women accused were single females who were either older never married or widowed. Who ranged from prostitutes...

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Paradise Lost Theme

The poem tells the story of how Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and even further describes Satan’s disobedience. Once the first disobedient act occurs, there are usually two moral paths that one can take: the downward spiral of increasing sin, shown by Satan, or the road to redemption, as shown by Adam and Eve. Milton forms the basis of his poem by presenting these two paths. He does an intricate job of presenting the two paths by repeating the use of a motif. He uses the motif of light and dark, or good...

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The Paperhanger

the little girl he states, “His hand snaked out like a serpent and closed on her throat and snapped her neck before he could call it back.” (91). When one thinks of a serpent one might thing of the devil or Satan from the bible. When Adam and Eve were in the garden they were approached by Satan who was disguised as a snake. As we all know snakes are known for being very notorious. Another religious imagery seen in this short story is miracles. The wife says to the paperhanger, “I have prayed for...

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