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Satan and Eve Published in 1674 John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost is an ambitious retelling of Satan and Mankind’s fall from grace. While today it is generally thought of as a straightforward recount of the book of Genesis as interpreted by a devout Christian, the poem itself contains far more moral ambiguity then one would expect. Milton may have been unwaveringly devoted to Christianity and Puritanism, but he was also deeply distrustful of the church. He attended college with the intention...

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The Demi-Devil (Iago) An indepth look at Iago as Satan

king of evil himself, Satan. Iago uses the Satanic art of manipulation to conduct his doings. Satan has been portrayed over time in varied forms. In the Old Testament, Satan is mentioned merely as a fallen angel. In the modern day, Satan is envisioned as a red hoofed human like animal with a pointed tail. Shakespeare, however, has taken Satan and put him in the form of Iago. Satan has the ability to enter into man and act through him (Britannica "Satan"). In the play, Satan has entered Iago, and...

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British Literature Exam Study Guide

care of in Heaven * Songs of Experience- can the same God who made the innocent lamb make the powerful tiger; did the tiger come from God or the Devil; did God allow the angels to rebel or why didn’t he stop it; more popular in the time b/c Satan seems powerful and dynamic; we are both good and bad; God lets us choose * The Chimney Sweeper- his parents sold him to sweep; blames parents, king, priest, b/c it’s not what God would want him to do; the representatives are not doing their...

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Paradise Lost Theme

The poem tells the story of how Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and even further describes Satan’s disobedience. Once the first disobedient act occurs, there are usually two moral paths that one can take: the downward spiral of increasing sin, shown by Satan, or the road to redemption, as shown by Adam and Eve. Milton forms the basis of his poem by presenting these two paths. He does an intricate job of presenting the two paths by repeating the use of a motif. He uses the motif of light and dark, or good...

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John Milton's Paradise Lost

influenced, Satan took advantage. Satan was seeking revenge on God, and the easiest way for him to do this was to tempt God’s most prized possessions. “But I should ill become this throne, O peers, And this imperial sov’reignty, adorned With splendor, armed with power, if aught proposed and judged of public moment in the shape Of difficulty or danger, could deter Me from attempting” (Book II. 445-450). Satan shows that he desires God’s power, and he will go to any extreme to gain it. Satan is often...

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The Hero of Paradise Lost Is Eve Rather Than Adam

obtains glory through submission. (Heroism and Paradise lost pg 13). From this statement I can say that the church would not consider Eve to be the hero as she disobeyed Gods one rule of not eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. By being tempted by Satan to eat the fruit Eve was disobeying God and having weak moral strength, everything the biblical hero wouldn’t do or have. From reading the poem Eve could be interpreted as the hero as her transgression initiates the properly human action of the...

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Why Was It Mainly Women Prosecuted During the Witch Trials

vindicating themselves by witchcraft.” (Kramer&Sprenger p. 44) Women were said to not be able to keep a secret! They were also weak and would tell someone a secret to vindicate themselves. More often then not they were more prone to evil and the devil. Satan could easily take advantage of them more than a man. So women would practice magic more than a man would to protect themselves. Many of the women accused were single females who were either older never married or widowed. Who ranged from prostitutes...

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Milton Paradise Lost Commentary

tell the Christian story of the creation of the Earth, the fall of Satan and the Fall of Man. As a puritan, Milton, who had already attacked the Church for its corruption in Lycidas (1637), give this classical Christian tale puritan traits (such as the protrayal of Eve as a dedicated worker). The passage under study is taken from Book 9 of Paradise lost. In this book, the narrator focuses on the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Satan returns to the Garden of Eden eight days after his banishment by Gabriel...

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The Nephilim

shall bruise His heel. Genesis 3:15 (NKJV) This is God acknowledging that Satan had begun a war with Him and His people. He responded by stating that Lucifer would struggle until the end of time in order to contend with the truth which will be revealed through the seed of the Adam and Eve. As Abel was the firstborn this meant that he was the one to start this righteous line of men. After learning about this fate Satan began to plot on how to quickly to destroy the seed that God said would end...

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Hierarchies of Importance in Paradise Lost

importance of these hierarchies and allow both Satan and Eve to cause turmoil, only to be followed by complete restoration from the overall power of God and the hierarchy. Paradise Lost demonstrates how hierarchies provide necessary structure and guidance to life by exemplifying how disobedience and deceit can temporarily destabilize the system, only for it to be rebuilt with authority and remain equally as strong. The poem immediately begins with Satan destabilizing the most significant hierarchy...

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The Bad Side of Knowledge

(Job 140). All of Job’s great qualities make him the perfect subject for God to test and see if they will still trust in God after many trials. One day Satan approaches God and tells him that know one earth is corrupt. God responds to Satan, and tells him about how Job is a perfect and upright man who has never done any wrong to God. Then Satan tells God Job life is perfect because he has never been harmed, and if Job suffers he will turn from God: Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made...

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Theo 104

Christians, as well. But, it isn’t the talk of Satan that is alarming so much as the type of attention and talk that he is receiving. Our modern day society has transformed him from being the evil, factual being that we know him as into a sinister, more humors fictional character used to make ‘great’ movies and entertainment. Producers are making a living out of Satan’s character. One of the most well known movies depicting this is Little Nicky. It depicts Satan preparing to retire from ruling Hell and...

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John Milton Paradise Lost

Satan in the Path of the Hero In this paper Satan in Paradise Lost will be put to the test of the path of the hero. People may think Satan would not be considered a hero but does the hero have to be good to be a good character? Even though Satan is evil he follows he Path of the Hero extremely well. Satan is a hero to the rebel angels in the story he is their leader and is considered their hero. Satan in the book became angry when God gave a position to his son when Satan felt that he deserved...

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Theo 201

Daniel Weatherman THEO 201-B12 LUO Short Essay 4 Word count: 803 Short Essay on Angelology and Satanology This truth must first be established, Satan and God are not equal. God is omniscience, omnipresent, and omnipotent; Satan is not. The Bible is very clear that Satan is a created being, by God the creator. In the book of Ezekiel 28:15, Satan is described as a lesser being, “from the day that thou wast created,” showing his inequality with God. Religious Dualism is defined as, “two mutually...

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Pleasantville Biblical Refrences

say this because at first she is so innocent and has no idea what sinning (or having sex) is. Then when she finally did sin she didn’t even understand or realize what she was doing was wrong. Jennifer ( Mary-Sue) to me, is most closely related with Satan. I say this because she was the one that first had sex (sinned), and she also spreads the knowledge of evil (sex). For example, in the movie Jennifer teaches her mother how to please herself, and she was also the first one to bring sex to Pleasantville...

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Vivid Imagination

that I am running from? Am I holding on to something/or one that I need to let go or release? Is Satan trying to keep me from fulfilling the assignment GOD has for me by using his little imps to discourage me? What is so unique about me that the devil chose me to attack? Is there a message from GOD in those episodes of my life? Did GOD point me out to be taunted by the devil like he did Job with Satan, because He knew I had the strength to withstand test and trials that comes my way? In...

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Faust and Job

see that Faust gave in and Job stood his ground. It means a whole lot when someone can stand their grounds and not be moved by nothing in this world. Job’s world was in turmoil, but this did not interfere with his faith nor the confidence he had. Satan was concerned with getting souls that he can keep for eternity. He used any tactics he could to seduce Faust. The Devil offered earthly things to blindfold Faust. The Lord did let Mephistopheles know that when he grants him permission to engage in...

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Book of Job: Summary

to always be careful to avoid doing evil. One day, Satan also known as “The Adversary” appears before God in heaven and exclaims to Satan about Job’s goodness, but Satan is quick to argues that Job is only good because God has blessed him abundantly. Satan then sets a challenge to God that if given permission to punish the Job, Job will turn and curse God. God willing, gives Satan permission to punish Job to test his claim, but doesn’t allow Satan to kill Job in the process. In the course of one...

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Paradise Lost

Christian poet. Satan’s return to the story presents him as a changed and further degenerated character. Before the temptation of Eve, we see Satan go through another bit of soul-searching. This time, however, he does not waver in his determination to ruin humankind, but only makes a cold expression of regret for things that might have been. Milton notes that Satan is driven to action by the grief and turmoil he feels inside and by his wounded sense of pride. It is clear now that Satan’s decision to corrupt...

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A feminist study on the Separation Scene in Milton's Paradise Lost

intellectually inferior to men. Similar is the situation of Milton’s Eve. She is the ‘embodiment of passion’ whereas Adam is the ‘embodiment of reason’. She has to turn to Adam in order to gain intellectual guidance. In fact, Eve’s knowledge of the enemy, i.e. Satan is through her interaction with Adam whereas he received a warning directly from divine machinery. Milton is seemingly suggesting that a wife is incomplete and insufficient to stand without her husband’s support and that she takes ‘bad decisions’ when...

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The Tempest and "Adam & Eve"

of God. In both The Tempest and the Bible, plan of the tempters (Caliban and the serpent) was only to undermine and overthrown their real masters. However, in both instances neither the serpent nor Caliban wanted to rule themselves. In the bible, Satan does not eat of the fruit himself and instead seems to want Adam & Eve to rule instead. By giving Adam & Eve power he wanted to cause disorder between humans and God so that he could rule indirectly. Similarly, Caliban wanted Stephano to be ruler of...

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Preserving Imperfection by Nathaniel Hawthorne's Use of Symbolism in "The Birthmark"

symbolism of the birthmark, both Aylmer and Georgiana can be perceived as figures in the myth of Eden. As many people may be familiar with the myth of Eden, Aylmer, the ambitious scientist that tries to alter Georgiana's natural beauty is the figure of Satan. The laboratory, which Aylmer devoted most of his time, is described as a room with "atmosphere felt oppressively close, and was tainted with gaseous odours which had been tormented forth…with its naked walls and brick pavement, looked strange, and...

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Arnold Friend or Fiend

Stories of a battle between good and evil have been around for ages. Some may say that Satan is just embodies evil. “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates shows one example of how the devil is the master of deceit. With the help of appearance and actions an evil persona is rested upon Arnold Friend. Arnold Friend has an interesting description in this story. He is described initially with “shaggy, shabby black hair that looked crazy as a wig.” He is also wearing...

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BIBLE STUDY LESSON Book of John 13: 26-28 V-27 " as soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him" Question: why is it, Satan entered Judas mind or life as soon he took the Bread? 1. who is Judas? 2. what is the role in Jesus ministry? 3. how he sin? 4. what is the meaning of Judas Iscariot? Answer: John describe Judas as the band's treasurer and he often present at important time, John also describe him as a thief. Emagine isang magnanakaw nakasama...

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Young Goodman Brown

temptation experienced by Adam and Eve. Hawthorne indeed keeps the identity of the elder companion consistent with the biblical devil by acknowledging that the very staff that he used was the one that was lent to the Egyptian magi who by the power of Satan was able to turn their staffs into snakes to mimic Aaron’s sign to Pharaoh. Another case is when Goody Cloyse cried out, “the devil” and the devil confirmed with, “Then the Goody Cloyse knows her old friend.” One would wonder where exactly did the...

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Silence Essay

if they did not recant or hanging them in a pit upside down with cuts behind their ears until they slowly, excruciatingly bleed out. The devil is also seen physically harming a man in the bible named Job after taking away everything he held dear. “Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head”. (Job 2:7, The books both Silence and the Bible also shows several martyrs but the ones that are most prevalent would have...

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The Bible and Popular Culture

In popular culture the image of Satan in movies and most print media shows a stereotypical Satan, as a malicious, horned and hoofed creature sporting a pointed tail and a pitchfork or a suave businessman however, does this modern day image fit with that of the Christian scriptures? Satan is often portrayed in popular culture with the demonic appearance consisting of thick leathery red skin, long curled goats horns and hairy goats legs and a serpent like pointed tail. This image is frequently teamed...

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Symbols in "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis

arrives. Weston is soon inhabited by the spirit of Satan, and is used as a vehicle to tempt the Green Lady into sin. Ransom meets the Prince of Darkness in a battle for the perfection of this world, and corruption or salvation of the Green Lady. Ransom frantically tries to outwit Weston's master by debate and persuasion, and eventually comes into physical combat with Satan in Weston's body. At the conclusion of the story, Weston's body is unusable to Satan, and so the Green Lady and King of this strange...

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Internal Conflict of Goodman Brown

late; Brown replies, "Faith kept me back awhile"(311). The "faith" Brown has left behind is not just his wife, but also his literal faith to satisfy his burning human curiosity. Brown shows his desire to break loose from his normal life by meeting Satan, the spawn of all rebellion, in the forest. Brown tries to fight the evil inside of him to tell the devil he must go back to his faith, and the devil convinces him that they will walk the crooked path and reason as they go. The devil says, "and if...

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The Monsters in Beowulf

resembles the male sex organ and has been worshiped universally in almost every primitive society as a phallic symbol is attributed to the nature of Eve's transgression which, again, was, according to Tennant, sexual intercourse with the serpent or Satan, “(Gruber). Trees have been known to symbolize or personify ‘man’ and for Eve to eat of the forbidden ‘fruit’ on the tree could very easily be understood as the fruit of a man, his seed. I would further argue that Mother Mary and Eve are the two...

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When Hell Sings.

down through the 9 circles of damnation until he reaches the Six for a final showdown. - Lucifer: The fallen Archangel and the most powerful of the Six Devils to rule the realm of Hell itself. Lucifer, alongside with the other falling angels - Satan, Beelzebub, Mefistofeles, Belial, and Asmodeus - form the Six known Devils. Having mated with the angel Integra in Purgatory, life was given to their son, and Lucifer’s future arch enemy, Dermetzger. The birth of that child would mean the unity of...

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Paradise Lost

wrong choice through some deception of their enemy. He warns her not to go out of her way to seek temptation. He cautioned her against Satanic powers that even now be lurking around. Adam has a heroic build and such majesty and grandeur that even Satan is afraid to approach him. He will not command her to stay because only her free choice to remain with him will satisfy his resistance desire for her devotion. Adam’s failure to admit his need for Eve sends her to the serpent and to her imminent fall...

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better their lives. Beelzebub is a great lieutenant to Satan because he supports everything that Satan asks for. Even though Beelzebub does not always agree with Satan he stays loyal to him. A great example is when Beelzebub admits that God is, in fact, the “almighty” because “no less/ than such could have o’erpow’rd such force as ours” (I. 144-45) This simply shows that Beelzebub is not only realistic but will speak his mind toward Satan. Though Satan sees God as irrational, angry tyrant, Beelzebub is...

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The Pit and The Pendulum Ending

harrowing, scream splintering the bags of wind that could not with hold the ululate being let out, triturating my every oscillating vein, and demolishing my vocal bands into what wanted to gush forth and leave me to suffer in a hellful vastness of very Satans. Every splintering strand of the rigidified rope, precipitated into every cell of skin in my wrists, more thorns stabbing its way into my veins, and blood bustling down my arms, coming onto my very body, all bones fluctuantly carterwauling for every...

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Young Goodman Brown

for so many years (Hawthorne 276). His faith destroyed, Goodman Brown becomes a ?stern, sad, darkly meditative, distrustful...man?(Hawthorne 276). Not only has Goodman Brown?s trust in his wife faded, but the trust in his beliefs has faded as well. Satan is personified in the form of Young Goodman Brown?s traveling companion. Although it is never actually stated as such in the story, Goodman Brown senses the evil that lies within his companion. He proclaims, ?What if the devil himself should be at...

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.

in The Holy Bible,- in the book of Job. The Lord is having a conversation with Satan and refers to Job. Job is a blameless up right man, like no other on earth that fears God and shuns evil. Satan takes this as a challenge with intentions of persuading Job. Wanting Job to turn his back on the Lord and curse him. The Lord allows Satan to do any thing he wants, except take Jobs life. Satan kills all of Jobs children, strips him of his lands, kills the livestock, destroys...

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The Devil Wears Prada

her soul. C. Which words or phrases are ambiguous? 1. I find that the title it self is full ambiguity. Though it does a catchy phrase to read or heard, but if we pay more attention, what does it means by "The Devil Wears Prada"? Does the devil (satan) really wears a Prada shoes? Of course not! Then we can assume that this is a figurative sentence. When we talk about figurative sentence, many people doesn't really get the meaning of it. This are what I thought of "The Devil Wears Prada" : a....

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Adam and Eve: an Epic Poem

that called for reason, correctly. An example of this is the way she was easily seduced by Satan. “The varieties of hatred and revenge exhibited by the demons during their infernal council are rooted in fallen human experience” (Ryken 103). This quote connects to the point that Milton portrayed the fall of Eve and mankind, through her experience with Satan. She had a weaker mindset than Adam because Satan seduced her into eating from the Tree of knowledge. From reading Paradise Lost one could possibly...

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There Is A Tension Between The Attractiveness Of Wrongdoing And Fear Of Its Consequences

sister, showing how easily they allowed themselves to be caught up in their love and not think on the consequences. In Paradise Lost Satan, disguised as a serpent, coaxes Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Similar to ‘Tis Pity, Satan flatters Eve’s appearance calling her a “celestial beauty” and that nothing was “equivalent or second” to her beauty. However Satan does not just focus on Eve’s appearance but her intelligence. He describes how the fruit will allow her currently “dim” eyes to be “opened...

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? - Arnold Friend Analysis

dress, and high heels", and "your mother's helping some fat woman with the corn" (195). For this reason, Arnold Friend appears to be a deranged individual, who follows and stalks his subjects, but Oates gives the impression of a great projection of Satan. All things considered, Oates' use of Arnold Friend to represent the Devil and preserve an illustration of evil. The shocking tale of a young girl taken away to hell, but not by a man she knows yet by a man who came from no where. This seems like...

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The Portrayal of Women and Their Position in Society in Miller’s the Crucible

tend to their husbands every whim. From the very beginning of the play, there seems to be hidden sexual tension. Men believed, young women were compelled to destroy righteous and dutiful men through erotic means (Alter 60). Puritans believed that Satan assaulted the body through sexual transgressions. The men took the offense of dancing in the woods so seriously because at that age young women were very tempting to the men’s sexual appeal. The mens’ reaction actually seems understandable seeing as...

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Paradise Lost and Tis Pity

caused an attractiveness to both texts. It is this attraction to the language, and utter skill behind these writer's intentions, that has enabled both texts to withstand the test of time. In Book Nine of Paradise Lost, Milton begins to introduce Satan as the Serpent; however, he manages to draw the audience away from Satan's intentions by presenting his physical beauty. As the Serpent 'Addressed his way' towards Eve, with the desire to cause corruption, he moves 'not with intended wave'. Instead...

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Infant Sorrow

the destruction of this unspoiled state, its appearance evoking biblical images of the serpent in Eden. Indeed, the fact that it “flies” derives from events in Milton's 'Paradise Lost' (a work that Blake drew significant influence from), in which Satan flies through Chaos in order to tempt Adam and Eve. However, this concept opposes the natural state of a worm as earthbound, therefore suggesting that it symbolises something more sinister than death - in this case, the fall of mankind. The worm is...

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Art Museum Visit

noticeable in Michael’s sash and face. It further draws the viewer’s attention to Michael’s face and the act that he is in the middle of performing. Aside from the aesthetic value, this painting has great historical importance. It show the fall of Satan. This can also symbolize the Catholic Church’s victory over lesser religions. ...

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How does Miller use the ending of each act to make the audience feel the madness in Salem?

of no use anymore as the judges fail to understand good reasoning is shown again through John Proctor's change of heart as well. After spending so long arguing for the freedom of his wife and so many others, when asked if he has any allegiance with Satan he replies that "God is dead!" Proctor recognises Judge Danforth's hypocrisy in that Danforth previously stated that witchcraft was only visible to the victim and the accused, however now he says "I have seen your power" which is contradictory to the...

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Ecofeminism and John Milton's Paradise Lost

undesirable consequences. Though it is Satan who convinces Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, it is the apple that carries the stigma of the fall from the Garden of Eden and has the lasting reputation of the forbidden fruit. Thus, God uses the natural world as a tool by which to influence mankind, showing its total domination by human needs and purposes. Eve is both vilified and vindicated in her role in man’s downfall, both of which demean Eve in her position to Adam. Satan, in the form of the snake, tricks...

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Deals with the Devil

“dark-dressed stranger,” who is soft spoken but has an evil smile. In these descriptions you still get a sense of evil from the Devil but he is in human form. So what or who is the Devil? From early stories in Christianity, Lucifer commonly known as Satan or the Devil is originally an archangel created in the image of God. He is the highest form of an angel, but challenges God and is cast down to rule the pits of hell. Can someone created in the image of God as Christianity suggests be a dark stranger...

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comaparative between green gulch and genesis

and you will be like God, knowing good and evil’”. He tricks Eve by testing her curiosity and willingness to be like God. His crafty, manipulative and serpentine manner reflects the characteristic of evil, for the serpent is a symbol that represents Satan who is the root of evil. The fruit is what mainly causes Eve to eat it, “so when the woman saw that it was a delight to the eyes …. and ate.” She was attracted to the fruit for it was a delight to the eyes. Evil can be seen as attractive and easy to...

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Equality in Paradise Lost and Rape of the Lock

because of sex, intelligence, and society they just don’t seem to have the same value. Sex being a factor because of how the hierarchy was placed in both stories. The men rule the worlds we are presented in. The higher beings of God, angels, and Satan are always represented as males. And the rulers of the human world are also shown to be male, in this case the Baron and Adam fitting in this category. It just seems that women are just brought to these tales to serve as plot points and to be just...

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Rappaccini's Daughter

Rappaccini's Daughter, the major conflict is between the famous doctor of Italy, Giacomo Rappaccini, and his rival, the professor of the university, Pietro Baglioni. This conflict shows a relationship to the conflict between the Grand Creator, God, and Satan the Devil in the Garden of Eden. Rappaccini symbolizes God in the sense that he had created the beautiful garden and is the father to Beatrice, the caretaker of the grand garden. Rappaccini states, "My daughter, thou art no longer lonely in the...

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Arnold Fiend/ No Friend

Arnold Friend, a deceitful thirty- something portrays himself as a innocent eighteen year old he approaches Connie and ultimately rapes her. Through his convincing tone and devilish persistence, Arnold friend is viewed by most literary critics as Satan himself, The story has been subject to differing interpretations by various critics. It has been seen as an inverted fairy tale in which Connie is joined not with Prince Charming but with the Prince of Darkness. These readers have pointed out similarities...

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Crozier Head, Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent --- Symbolism Within a Staff

walking stick for support in journeys and in churches before the introduction of seats. In this crozier head, Saint Michael known as an emblem of church militant and an archangel (high-ranking angel) is battling the serpent which is the demon or satan. This figure indicate the two very opposing force between the good and evil, and as we can see that Saint Michael’s expression and the serpent biting Saint Michael’s wing shows that the battle is real. This object was made in the city of Limoges...

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Research Paper Devil in Joyce Carol Oates Works

subconscious effect. The code is three numbers "33-19-17" (255), after summing these numbers up, "it is a clear and silent advertisement for sex (Martinez)."The desire for sex and obtaining the prize is what drives Arnold Friend. He is the true embodiment of Satan in all his ways of deception, temptation, lust, and pride. Oates exemplifies evil in her stories the best possible way. After all, what better way to depict evil; then to use the prince of darkness himself. These stories illustrate how the Devil...

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Paradise Lost

Throughout “Paradise Lost”, Satan slowly degenerates both mentally and physically as he turns from a fallen archangel into the lowest form of a serpent. He possesses some of his former pre-fall qualities; however, he becomes so tormented mentally that his physical appearance slowing conforms to the evil inside of him. His “honorable” motives even become corrupted throughout. This regression of Satan’s character throughout the poem illustrates the way Milton believes sin originated in the Bible...

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Commentary on "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been"

sort of warning that goes off in her head. This character, the protagonist Arnold Friend description is very close fit with the devil. If you remove the "r" in his name you get "An old Fiend", Fiend meaning: an evil spirit; a demon and the devil, Satan. This has a lot to do with the temptation and clearly the evils of the story. Arnold Friend has trouble standing and walk, Connie also notices that it seems as if his boots were stuffed to give them a fit appearance. This projects too many that he...

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Adam and Eve and God

topics: The Fall of Man and Reconciliation. Because of Eve's deception, they were exiled out of the garden. In the cross, reconciliation was made. The Fall of Man When Eve listened to satan, temptation entered the world. Before the deception, Adam and Eve knew no evil. She allowed herself to be taken by the enticing words of the serpent. The serpent told her how they would be as gods, if they ate from the forbidden fruit. They could eat...

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Arnold Friend in "Where Are You Going, Where Hare You Been?"

weaknesses, and yet do not take away from his ominous presence. He is no taller than Connie, and he has trouble standing. Both of these characteristics stem from one easily attainable assertion: That Arnold Friend is the devil. A common depiction of Satan is that of him having short legs with cleft hooves, and that appears to be Arnold Friend's problem. He rarely moves; he is always leaning on something so as to hold him up or keep his balance. When he does move he is described as wobbling or unstable...

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Elite and Popular Conceptions of Witchcraft

to the Christian religion and so they used features of the gods of other religions in their depiction of the devil (p. 30 Levack). When a witch said that they worshipped a horned beast, they may not have specifically meant the devil, referring to Satan, but a Pagan fertility god instead (p. 34 Levack). The elites believed that all witchcraft was because of the devil. Witches worship the devil and do all acts of magic in the name of the devil. The bible prohibits witchcraft; therefore all acts...

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Cain summary

Lucifer is complex and serves as a catalyst for the tragedy of act 3. Byron’s Lucifer is different from John Milton’s fallen angel, Satan, in Paradise Lost (1667, 1674). Milton’s Satan is gigantic and is more human in his physical deformity. Byron’s Lucifer is less human and states he is not the serpent who had tempted Eve; however, he is, indeed, like Milton’s persuasive Satan, and he feeds Cain’s doubts by flattering Cain’s wisdom. By articulating what Cain feels, he makes Cain believe he has found someone...

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Ghost in Hamlet

in shock and is unsure whether to trust or believe in the ghost. The ghost appears to Hamlet at night ‘What hour now? / I think it lacks of twelve’ and appears to shun the light which in Shakespearean times, suggested the works of the devil, ‘For Satan himself is transformed away from the Angel of light’ (II Corinthians 11:12). Marcellus claims it is the Christmas season and that during this time of year ‘no spirit dare stir abroad’ because ‘so hallowed so gracious is that time’. This may explain...

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