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Data Analysis

Data Analysis The first question of the set of 15 questions was about the age limit of the respondents. We collected all data from the age group starting from 15years. Most of the respondents fall into the age limit of 16-25 years which is 54% of the total respondents. 18of the 50 respondents were 26-35 years of age which is 36%. [pic] [pic] Q1: your most preferable Schemes when you are Thinking about a savings account? This was the question that gives the critical information...

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Cost Behavior Analysis

cost of trucks and a variable component of fuel expense. Since mixed cost figures are not useful in their raw form, therefore they are split into their fixed and variable components by using cost behavior analysis techniques such as High-Low Method, Scatter Diagram Method and Regression Analysis. Cost Volume Formula Cost volume formula is a cost accounting relation used to estimate production cost of a given number of units of a product. A linear cost volume formula is of the following form: ...

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Regression Analysis

Introduction This presentation on Regression Analysis will relate to a simple regression model. Initially, the regression model and the regression equation will be explored. As well, there will be a brief look into estimated regression equation. This case study that will be used involves a large Chinese Food restaurant chain. Business Case In this instance, the restaurant chain's management wants to determine the best locations in which to expand their restaurant business. So far the most...

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Delta Song Case Analysis

Delta Song Case Analysis Possible cost drivers that will allow us to estimate a salary cost function for Delta are: available seat miles, number of departures, available ton miles, revenue passenger miles, and revenue ton miles. The two cost drivers we chose were revenue passenger miles and available ton miles. The salaries consist of payments to pilots, flight attendants and ticket agents. Their salaries are determined by the number of passengers and cargoes and the miles or hours flown. This is...

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Data Analysis Descriptive Statistics

 Data Analysis Descriptive Statistics, Estimation, Regression & Correlation Treatment Effects of a Drug on Cognitive Functioning in Children with Mental Retardation and ADHD Hossam Elhowary MATH-1016-15 Dr. Maria DeLucia December 09, 2014 Introduction The purpose of this survey was to investigate the cognitive effects of stimulant medication in children with mental retardation and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Twenty four children were given various dosage of a drug a placebo...

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Quantitative Analysis and Decision Methods Formulas

sample proportions: Resulting test statistic for difference between proportions: Chapter 10 Regression Analysis: Estimating Relationships Formula for Correlation: Slope in simple linear regression: Intercept in simple linear regression: Y is the dependent variable, and X1 through Xk are the explanatory variables, then a is the...

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Smoking: Statistics and Linear Regression Equation.

Problems on Regression and Correlation Prepared by: Dr. Elias Dabeet Q1. Dr. Green (a pediatrician) wanted to test if there is a correlation between the number of meals consumed by a child per day (X) and the child weight (Y). Included you will find a table containing the information on 5 of the children. Use the table to answer the following: Child Number of meals consumed per day (X) child weight (Y) X² Y² XY Ahmad 11 8 121 64 88 Ali 16 11 256 121 176 Osama 12 9 144 ...

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A CASE ANALYSIS ON NORTH-SOUTH AIRLINE I. CASE BACKGROUND Northern Airlines merged with Southeast Airlines to create the fourth largest U.S. carrier in which it inherited both an aging fleet of Boeing 727-300 aircraft and Stephen Ruth. As the new president of the airline, Stephen’s first concern is to create a financially solid company since it is a common presumption for airline industries that maintenance costs rise with the age of aircrafts. He noticed that there have been significant differences...

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Analysis of Auto Vehicles

QM PROJECT QUANTITATIVE METHODS – I PROJECT : ANALYSIS OF AUTO TRAFFIC TO IIMKOZHIKODE CAMPUS GROUP : 26 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. MONISHA MEHROTRA USHA BHAKUNI PARTH LIMBACHIYA TARA RAJAGOPALAN M.ROHIT SULAGNA DATTA - 26 - 57 - 89 - 120 - 151 - 183 Page 1 GROUP 26 QM PROJECT INTRODUCTION : This project was undertaken to document and analyze the number of autos entering the IIM Kozhikode campus. We felt it was important to undertake this project because, it’s a very pertinent and relevant...

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3.6.2 Correlation Analysis

3.6.2 Correlation Analysis Correlation analysis is one of the data analysis method use in quantitative research when researchers intended to examine the relationship between both variables (Research Methodology, n.d.). The Pearson’s Moment Correlation Coefficient (PMCC) ranges between +1 and -1.If the coefficient value is +1 and -1, it is an indication that the relationships between both variables are strong. A value of +1 indicate that there is a positive relationship between variables, means that...

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