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Performance and Management

plans. How the individual incentive plan will work is there will be a year-end bonus pool as function of company performance. The employee’s share in the pool will be based on three factors: (1) employee’s grade, (2) employees personal performance analysis, (3) employee’s tenure at the company. This plan will go hand-in-hand with the group incentive plan we recommend, which will be a profit-sharing plan. A profit-sharing plan is a plan that focuses on profitability as the standard for group incentive...

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How models, techniques and methods constructed or borrowed from Economic Theory or other Sciences respectively are used.

consultancy services and offer top quality research based solutions to their clients' problems. They also provide full service market research process, from defining research objectives through analysis and presentation of data. To achieve their goals they use research methodologies, advanced statistical analysis and strategic relevant and decision reports. Their credibility and reputation is reflected in the fact that their publicly released findings are regularly quoted by the media (press, radio and...

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Capm Is a Model

in relation to the market index. It is calculated as: Beta (Mobil) = Covariance (Return of Mobil oil, Return of Market) / Variance (Return of Market). Using Linear least squares, the estimated beta is the same as that calculated using Regression analysis on Excel. Estimated Beta is 0.714 which implies that the total return of Mobil Oil’s stock is likely to move up and down 71.4% of the time when the market changes. As 0.714 < 1, Mobil Oil’s stock is less volatile than the overall Market Portfolio...

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Energy Monitoring Worksheet

graph along with the completed worksheet. Question 1: What trend does the graph illustrate? (2) 4. After the graph is complete, right-click on one of the data points on the graph. Select ‘Add trendline” 5. Choose “Linear” for the trend/regression type. Then at the bottom of the window, select “display equation on chart” and “Display R-squared value on chart”. Question 2: What is the line equation? What is the R2 value? (1) Question 3: What do the numbers in the equation represent (What...

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Statistics 1 course notes

= ∑ (Zx * Zy) / N Covariance = SP / N Assumptions for r: 1) normal distribution of X and Y - check histograms 2) linear relationship between X and Y - check scatterplots 3) homoscedasticity - vertical distance between scatterplot dots and regression line; indicates level of prediction error (aka “residual”) Measurement Reliability - correlation between X1 and X2 is an estimate of reliability (and is a limit for how X can correlate to anything else) Test / Retest - same measurement...

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Econometrics Case 3.8 Wooldridge

PRPBLCK 0.114988 0.026001 4.422515 0.0000 INCOME 1.60E-06 3.62E-07 4.430130 0.0000 C 0.956320 0.018992 50.35379 0.0000 R-squared 0.064220 Mean dependent var 1.044863 Adjusted R-squared 0.059518 S.D. dependent var 0.088798 S.E. of regression 0.086115 Akaike info criterion -2.058820 Sum squared resid 2.951465 Schwarz criterion -2.028940 Log likelihood 415.7934 F-statistic 13.65691 Durbin-Watson stat 1.696180 Prob(F-statistic) 0.000002 If, say, prpblck increases...

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Research Methodology

a firm on employee retention Quantitative data was collected using the non probability self administered questionnaire that consist of questions with 5-points Likert scales distributed to our samples of 278 individuals. By using a Multiple Regression Analysis, it is found that, training and development, appraisal system, compensation package are significant to employee retention except employee empowerment Employees are the backbone of an organization. Hence, the retention of the employees is important...

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Gold as an Inflation Hedge: a Study on United States

measurement in its relation to the inflation rate and time. 4.0 Scope of the study To study how strong the inflation rate and the period of time influence the gold prices. 5.0 Literature Review The previous studies have used cointegration regression techniques as a measure of the relationship between price of gold and inflation rate. Ghosh, Levin,Macmillan and Wright(December 2000) have used this model and their paper attempts to reconcile an apparent contradiction between short-run and long-run...

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ADMS 3510 Summer 2013 Managerial Cost Accounting and Analysis Lawrence Shum ADMS3510@yahoo.ca ADMS3510@yahoo ca Analysis of Cost Function • Correlation • Orderly association of changes in 1 quantity that explains but not necessarily causes changes in another quantity • Economic plausibility • Qualitative assessment of whether relationship between cost driver as predictor variable & indirect costs as outcome variable makes economic sense Lawrence Shum 10.1 Common Assumptions ...

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Invincibility Systems

to hire a statistician and a Human Resource’s Planner to collect and analyze data to help predict human resource needs and to improve recruiting. They used a statistical method called regression analysis to make their recruiting efforts more efficient. Once IS was able to gather data from the regression analysis, they were able to determine that the young and single demographic was difficult to retain within their organization. IS discovered this trend and was faced with the decision of either...

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