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Gm 533 Final Paper

Gm 533 Final Paper Executive Summary An analysis was performed for Quick Stab Collection Agency. This agency specializes on relatively small accounts and avoids risky collections such as debtor that tends to be chronically late with payments or is known to be hostile. The collection business can be very profitable. Quick Stab Collection Agency has been known to purchase small accounts for $10.00 to collect a debt of $60.00. The profitable of this agency depend critically on the numbers of days...

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The CRISP-DM Case Study

a mathematical function that predicts the value of some output variables based on the mapping between input variables. Modeling techniques usually used are as follows:  Regression analysis that analyses the relationship between the response or dependent variable and a set of independent or predictor variables.  Cluster analysis that groups objects into clusters to look for patterns.  Association techniques that discover relationships between variables in large databases. • Evaluation involves evaluating...

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Busn 311

head: UNIT 5 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT BUSN311 by Barbara Ryals Quantitative Methods and Analysis Irene Tsapara November 7, 2010 Benefits | Intrinsic | | | | | | | | | 1.4 | 5.5 | correl | | | | | | | | 5.4 | 5.5 | 0.209015 | | | | | | | | 6.2 | 5.2 | | | | | | | | | 2.3 | 5.3 | SUMMARY OUTPUT | | | | | | | 4.5 | 4.7 | | | | | | | | | 5.4 | 5.5 | Regression Statistics | | | | | | | 6.2 | 5.2 | Multiple R | 0.209015 | | | | | |...

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Bond Pricing Based on Nelson-Siegel Model

Bond Pricing Based on Nelson-Siegel Model ——An Analysis of Varied Parameter τ Introduction Nelson and Siegel (1987) suggest to fit the forward rate curve at a given date with a mathematical class of approximating functions. The model precisely reflects the expected YTM with a flexible yield curve in the Term Structure Theorem. In this paper, we test the fitness of NS model and try to evaluate how deeply the NS model performs with different types of bonds via sampling and comparasion. We focus...

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Pilgrim Bank Case

significant difference in profitability of online and offline users. We run a regression run using online/offline being the independent variable and profitability being the dependent variable. The output summary is: Regression Statistics 0.00705 Multiple R 4.97E-05 R Square 1.81E-05 ` Adjusted R Square 272.8369 Standard Error 31634 Observations ANOVA Df SS MS F Significance F 1 117039.3 117039.3 1.572264 0.209887815 Regression 31632 2.35E+09 74439.99 Residual 31633 2.35E+09 Total Coefficients Standard...

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Management Accounting Key Terms

Costs Behave Account analysis method Coefficient of determination Conference method Constant Cost estimation Cost function Cost predictions Cumulative average-time learning mode Dependent variable Experience vurve High-low method Incremental unit0time learning model Independent variable Industrial engineering method Intercept Learning curve Linear cost function Mixed cost Multicollinearity Multiple regression Non-linear cost function Regression analysis Residual term Semivariable...

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Decision Theory and Probability Distributions

Decision Analysis Course Outline, Quarter I, 2006 Class Materials Topic Hardcopy in Packet Other* Introduction 1 Freemark Abbey Winery Structuring Decisions Framework for Analyzing Risk 2 The North Star Concert North Star.xls Best Guess, Worst Case, Best Case; and Continuous Uncertainties 3 Engine Services, Inc. Quick Start Guide to Crystal Ball Analyzing Uncertainty, Probability Distributions, and Simulation Learning Module: Crystal Ball Litigate Demo Engine Services.xls Language...

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Statistics Coursework

information about the marking scheme. * The coursework requires you to engage with regression analysis by performing various regressions in Eviews and by commenting on the main results. * The aim of the coursework is to test your ability to handle datasets with the use of a specialist software and to provide critical and informative comments on the outcome of the analysis. You are expected to use Eviews for your analysis. The use of any other alternative software should be negotiated with the lecturer; ...

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Estimate an empirical demand function

1) Running regression analysis on data for 24 cities, Excel Data Analysis output is Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.9693 R Square 0.9396 Adjusted R Square 0.9306 Standard Error 188.2038 Observations 24 ANOVA df SS MS F Significance F Regression 3 11022960 3674320 103.73 2.3E-12 Residual 20 708414 35420.68 Total 23 11731374 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Intercept 2308.5 219.9996...

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Newfood Case

zero. Why? This just means that there is no linear correlation between all three variables advertising/location/price. 4) Run regressions for each sales variable (s1, s2, s3) using P, A, L and independent variables. What do the regressions imply about the effect on price? Of advertising? Of location? In sales period one the coefficients table of the regression reveals that there is statistical significance between the price variable and sales. It is a negative correlation which implies that...

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