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Problems and Questions

I. Briefly explain the meaning of R-squared. A time series analysis of demand tends to result in a higher R-squared than one using cross-sectional data. Why do you think this is the case? R-squared measures the goodness of fit of a regression equation. A time series analysis of demand tends to result in a higher R-squared than one using cross-sectional data because data is being gathered at multiple periods of time as opposed to one period of time when using cross-sectional data. II. What is...

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Variables That Influence Women in Parliament

diversity of a country, and gender equality scale affects the percentage of women in parliament. I would expect when controlling for political knowledge, the more equal in opportunity a country is, the more women there are in parliament. My regression analysis propounds my hypotheses. While there are some shortcomings to my research, for example, I would have liked to the use age as an independent variable but it was not available in the dataset. Furthermore, my dependent variable only measures women’s...

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Managing the Value Chain

Correlation coefficient with the market of -0.75 Beta coefficient of 0.5 It looks like security B is more risky because it has about the same as market return. Anything with positive beta has high risk compare to the one with negative beta. Stock analysis use beta to measure stock risk. High . A negative beta implies that security A would stabilize the returns on a portfolio since the returns on A are negatively correlated to the market. The riskiness of a portfolio is determined by its beta value...

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ECON 2206 assignment 2

Standard Error: loutput = .0174664, lplabor = .2910476, lpfuel = .1003692, lpkap = .3394286, constant = 1.774366 Sample size = 145 R2 = 0.9260 The co-efficient for log(Qi) = .7203941, is significant as if we omit the output variable when we run regression, the R-squared decreases dramatically from 0.9260 to 0.0263. Which says that a large proportion of the dependant variable is explained by the output variable. Question 4 If pi3 is poorly measured this will have an effect on the OLS estimate of...

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themselves against it. Using Sensitivity Analysis to Measure Economic Exposure. One method of measuring an MNC’s economic exposure is to separately consider how sales and expense categories are affected by various exchange rate scenarios. Firm’s should forecast Revenues and Costs in response to alternative changes. firms with more (less) in foreign costs than in foreign revenue will be unfavorably (favorably) affected by a stronger foreign currency. Using Regression Analysis to Measure Economic Exposure. A...

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FMECA Methodology: Failure Mode Effect And Criticality Analysis

3. FMECA Methodology 3.1 Failure mode effect & criticality analysis FMEA is called as FMECA (failure mode, effects and criticality analysis) when it is used for criticality analysis. In general, FMECA is performed in two parts: (I) to identify the different failure modes and its effects by failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA); (ii) to Classify failure mode criticality analysis by probability of occurrence and its severity. (Bowles & Pelaez, 1995). FMEA is traditionally calculated by developing...

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How models, techniques and methods constructed or borrowed from Economic Theory or other Sciences respectively are used.

consultancy services and offer top quality research based solutions to their clients' problems. They also provide full service market research process, from defining research objectives through analysis and presentation of data. To achieve their goals they use research methodologies, advanced statistical analysis and strategic relevant and decision reports. Their credibility and reputation is reflected in the fact that their publicly released findings are regularly quoted by the media (press, radio and...

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Sodium Thiosulphate Lab Report

10 0.4 Final Reading 10 18.9 9.3 Titre 9 8.9 8.9 Table 2 above displays the titres obtained during 3 trials in part B of this experiment. The results procured in three trials shows an agreement within 0.1mL. No outliers are observed in this part. Analysis Part A Determine the precise molarity (mol/L) of the iodine solution. The moles of sodium thiosulphate can be determined using the average titre values and its concentration. When calculating the average titre values, the outliers are ignored because...

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ADMS 3510 Summer 2013 Managerial Cost Accounting and Analysis Lawrence Shum ADMS3510@yahoo.ca ADMS3510@yahoo ca Analysis of Cost Function • Correlation • Orderly association of changes in 1 quantity that explains but not necessarily causes changes in another quantity • Economic plausibility • Qualitative assessment of whether relationship between cost driver as predictor variable & indirect costs as outcome variable makes economic sense Lawrence Shum 10.1 Common Assumptions ...

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represent the intercept and the slope for the regression of income on countries in year before trade liberalization (The baseline), respectively.is the initial income of the countries when year is equated as zero. measures the change in sigma ( given one unit change in year (t), holding all other factors constant. Thus, for countries after trade liberalization (D=1) the model become The coefficient () is the intercept for the regression of income among countries after trade liberalization...

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