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  • What Is the Average?

    your posting‚ for example: “What is the average number of hours people watch TV every week?” Make sure the question you ask will be answered with a number‚ rather than answers with words. • What is the average number of hours per week that the ACRO Athletes spend training at the gym? 2. Write a hypothesis of what you expect your research to reveal. Example: Adults 21 years and over watch an average of 2.5 hours of TV per day. • ACRO Athletes spend on average of 5 hours weekly training at the gym

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  • Average Inter-arrival Time

    according to a Poisson process with an average inter-arrival time of 12 minutes. The time to complete a return for a customer is exponential distributed with a mean of 10 minutes. Based on this information‚ answer the following questions a. If you went to Judy‚ how much time would you allow for getting your return done? b. On average‚ how much room should be allowed for the waiting area? Lq= c. If Judy stayed in the office 12 hours per day‚ how many hours on average‚ per day‚ would she be busy? 12*5/6=10hr

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  • Batting Average and Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth isn’t human. Indeed he’s not human when we talk about baseball. He’s records are incredible. They cannot be broken by any other human being and for 30 years he has stood number 1 in the hall of fame. Now here are his records. * Batting average: .342 Home runs: 714 Hits: 2‚873 RBI: 2‚213 Pitching W/L record: 94-46 ERA: 2.28 These records are still 1st in the world’s baseball league. Remember that baseball is a game of records and Babe Ruth’s records are still standing 1st which means

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  • Microeconomics: Average Cost and Marginal Cost

    Microeconomics Topic 6: “Be able to explain and calculate average and marginal cost to make production decisions.” Reference: Gregory Mankiw’s Principles of Microeconomics‚ 2nd edition‚ Chapter 13. Long-Run versus Short-Run In order to understand average cost and marginal cost‚ it is first necessary to understand the distinction between the “long run” and the “short run.” Short run: a period of time during which one or more of a firm’s inputs cannot be changed. Long run: a period of time during which

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  • Forecasting: Moving Average and Exponential Smoothing Tool

    The tools are moving average‚ weighted moving average and exponential smoothing. The moving average takes the total of actual demand for previous months then divides by the number of months added. The number of months that is used can be predefined such as using the previous three months. This is the simplest and easiest calculation but often is not accurate since it can have a lag in spotting trends (Murphy). The weighted moving average is similar to the moving average but it places weights

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  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    INTRODUCTION: This session long project looks at the calculations used to determine the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). This SLP calculates the WACC for my SLP company – McDonalds‚ discusses how those calculations were arrived at and briefly describes WACC and what investors use it for. COMPANY NAME: McDonalds Inc Balance sheet date: 31 DEC 07 Market values date: 1 SEP 08 SOURCE

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  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average: What is it and where did it come from? Logan B. Bryant Dr. Ritchie – ABUS 478 University of South Carolina – Aiken Spring 2009 Dow Jones & Company (as it was called in the beginning) was founded in 1882 by Charles Henry Dow‚ Edward Davis Jones‚ and Charles Milford Bergstresser in a small basement office at 15 Wall Street in New York (dowjones.com). In May 1986‚ editor of the Wall Street Journal and founder of Dow Jones & Company‚ Charles Dow‚ first formulated

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  • Stock and Weighted Average Cost

    Capital structure for Kaynat Manufacting is 50% common stock‚ 15% preferred stock‚ and 35% debt. If the cost of common equity for the firm is 19.6%‚ the cost of preferred stock is 12.9% and the before tax cost of debt is 9.5% what is the weighted average cost of capital? The firm’s tax rate is 35%. Answer: WACC = (50% x 19.6%) + (15% x 12.9%) + ( 35% x 9.5% x 65% = Q2: The following are the information of a company: |Type of capital |Book value (Tk) |Market value (Tk)

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  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    Weighted Average Cost of Capital What It Measures The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is the rate of return that the providers of a company’s capital require‚ weighted according to the proportion each element bears to the total pool of capital. Why It Is Important WACC is one of the most important figures in assessing a company’s financial health‚ both for internal use (in capital budgeting) and external use (valuing companies on investment markets). It gives companies an insight into

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  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    WACC: Weighted average cost of capital =WACC= SS+B×Rs+BS+B×RB×1-tC note: Rs ‚ cost of equity; RB ‚ cost of debt; tC ‚ corporate tax rate. For cost of equity‚ Rs‚ we calculate it by using the SML‚ according to CAPM model. Rs=RF+β×[RM-RF] As we can see in the chart behind the case‚ beta of Worldwide Paper Company is 1.10; the Market risk premium (RM-RF) is 6.0%. Because this on-site longwood woodyard project has six year life and the investment spend over two years‚ the total long of this program

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