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000($970,000-$177,000). The total implicit cost is $190,000($175,000+.15X$100,000). The total economic costs is $983,000($793,000+$190,000). b. The accounting profit in 2010 is $177,000($970,000-$793,000) c. The economic profit in 2010 is $-13,000($970,000-$793,000-$190,000). d. The owner should not leave his job because the economic profit is negative, which means he will earn less if he does his own business. 2. a. The type of agency problem that is involved here is principal-agent problem. Marriott...

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Profit Center

additional gaming revenues. Terrence Wei, the new property president, feels that his department managers appear to be in conflict with each other. The managers of each department have expressed concerns when it comes to running their department under the profit center approach. Overall, complementary costs and allocated overhead included in the direct costs pose more of a problem in determining the amounts to allocate. More specifically, the hotel manager complained about capacity constraints. It is difficult...

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Net Profit

net profit by 2015. The goal can be reached ONLY by changing and adapting the menu to a vegetarian one. Some loyal customers will be lost, because the veal cutlet sandwich will basically disappear from the menu by 2015. Nevertheless contribution margin is increased by giving advantage to products that have more contribution margin per limited resource. Analysis shows that vegetarian sandwiches are the future key success factors for the restaurants. Livoria cannot reach the 1.1M in net profit unless...

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Marginal Cost and Total Profits

investment) per month are: C = 20,000 + 50Q + 3Q2 a. Express total profits (() in terms of Q. b. At what level of output are total profits maximized? What price will be charged? What are total profits at this output level? c. What market structure did you assume? Why? d. Would your answers in b change if the market for sewing machines were competitive? How? (Specify price, quantity, and profit levels.) 2. Zar Island Gas Company is the sole producer of natural gas...

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Compatibility of Profit, People and Planet

Triple bottom line? - A stool is stable only if it has three legs The triple bottom line (abbreviated as "TBL" or "3BL", and also known as "people, planet, profit" or "the three pillars”) captures an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational (and societal) success: economic, ecological and socia"People, planet and profit" succinctly describes the triple bottom lines and the goal of sustainability. "People" refer to employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, workers,...

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Profit Max

MEANING Profit maximization is the traditional approach and the primary objective of financial management. It implies that every decision relating to business is evaluated in the light of profits. All the decision with respect to new projects, acquisition of assets, raising capital, distributing dividends etc are studied for their impact on profits and profitability. If the result of a decision is perceived to have positive effect on the profits, the decision is taken further for implementation ...

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“The accounting profit figure is simply a measure of the true profit of an organisation.” Discuss.

accounting profit figure is simply a measure of the true profit of an organisation.” Discuss. In order to assess whether the accounting profit is a measure of the true profit it must first be shown that there is such a thing as true profit. If we decide there is, we then need to know what it is exactly, in order to assess the extent to which the accounting profit reflects this true profit figure. Before studying this module I believed that the true profit was essentially the accounting profit calculated...

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Profit Maximisation

Is Profit Maximisation always the major objective of a firm? The production of goods and services in our economy today takes place within organisations, whether in the centrally planned economy or free market economy. Any firm within these societies all have the same tendencies to acquire a successful business. Attaining this succession through mission statements, goals and objectives is simultaneous through all businesses. Changes in these objectives can have forcible effects on the decisions...

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Increase Profit Margin for Krispy Kreme

Running Head: JUSTIFICATION REPORT Increase Profit Margin for Krispy Kreme Lawrence A. Mayo, JR Strayer University Online English 315 Professor Kelly Gordon November 11, 2013 Nov. 28, 2013 Mr. James H. Morgan, CEO Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation P.O Box 83 Winston-Salem, NC 27102 Dear Mr. Morgan: Enclosed is a copy of my justification report for restructuring your business model and vision for Krispy...

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Profit Maximization

PROFIT MAXIMIZATION: REALITY OR A THEORETICAL OBJECTIVE? Research Compiled for The Paper Store, Inc. by Amy Sorter 3/2009 For More Information on This Paper, Please Visit www.paperwriters.com/aftersale.htm Introduction Though many people equate economics with finance and accounting, it's actually a social science, a study of behavior and how rational people behave when it comes to allocation of resources. Within the study of that social science are many theories in which economists attempt...

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Cost and Profit

WHAT ARE COSTS AND PROFITS? HUNGRY HELEN’S COOKIE FACTORY • Helen, the owner of the cookie factory, buys flour, sugar, flavorings, and other cookie ingredients. • She also buys the mixers and the ovens and hires workers to run the equipment. • She then sells the resulting cookies to consumers. 2 TOTAL REVENUE, TOTAL COST, AND PROFIT • The amount that Helen receives for the sale of its output (cookies) is its total revenue. • The amount that the firm pays to buy inputs (flour, sugar, workers...

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Putting the Service – Profit Chain to Work

PUTTING THE SERVICE – PROFIT CHAIN TO WORK Group - 5 Introduction: Factors that drives profitability Investment in people Leadership Vision – Patina of spirituality, importance of mundane Profitability Technology supporting frontline workers Successful service companies: Banc One, Intuit, Southwest Airlines, Service Master, USAA, Taco Bell, and MCI Compensation linked to performance Recruiting and training practices The Service - Profit Chain • Establishes relationships...

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The Difference between Economic Profit and Accounting Profit

Economic Profit and Accounting Profit When it comes to business decisions, there are many ways to analysis the financial status of a firm. What guidelines determine profit margin? Who uses these guidelines? How is profit used to analysis a firm and its business decisions? This paper will discuss two terms that are used to define profit: accounting profit and economic profit. The first term is called accounting profit which uses the equa-tion. The second term for profit is economic profit. Economic...

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Cost Centres, Profit Centres, Investment Centres

three main types of responsibility centre. A cost centre is the lowest level of responsibility, and performance is measured in terms of the costs incurred by it. Cost centres do not generate revenue and therefore have no profit objectives, which differentiates it from profit and investment centres. Managers of cost centres are accountable only for controllable costs and are not responsible for level of activity or long-term investment decisions. Managerial performance is measured by efficiency...

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Reflective Essay- Are Profits the only Business of Business?

Adam Gregg CSR Hazels Due December 12, 2013 Reflective Essay Five: Are Profits the Only Business of Business? The business world is evolving at a fast pace, but so are the world’s social problems. Many places around the world still have poor nutrition, no access to water, or lack food or skills. Climate change, deforestation, and pollution are major issues that still need solutions. Healthcare is another important area that needs to be developed and that requires more efficiency. The world...

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Profit Maximisation in Zimbabwe

PROFIT MAXIMISATION IN ZIMBABWE The traditional economist’s view is that firms are profit maximizes, with each decision based on the need to maximize profits (Griffiths and Wall, 2005). Although the assumption of profit maximization has come under repeated criticism, it still remains relevant to the Zimbabwean firm today irrespective of size. To begin with, a profit objective is often the principal reason for the original formation of the smaller companies, the majority of which are under the direct...

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Profit Maximising Midel

PROFIT MAXIMIZATION [See Chap 11] 1 Profit Maximization • A profit-maximizing firm chooses both its inputs and its outputs with the goal of achieving maximum economic profits 2 Model • Firm has inputs (z1,z2). Prices (r1,r2). – Price taker on input market. • Firm has output q=f(z1,z2). Price p. – Price taker in output market. • Firm’s problem: – Choose output q and inputs (z1,z2) to maximise profits. Where: π = pq - r1z1 – r2z2 3 1 One-Step Solution • Choose (z1...

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Profit and Account Management

had the objective to find hidden profits and losses contained in their current accounting system. The old system did not fully disclose how their costs were applied to the sales accounts. The goals are very sensible as they will allow them to move forward with the proper information. 2. Why did Ridderstråle feel that the previous cost system was inadequate for the new strategy? The new strategy/system was needed “to promote high-margin products to high-profit customers.” The old system didn’t...

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Profit Maximization Model

SAMPLE ANSWER FOR QUESTION 5 Profit-making is one of the most traditional, basic and major objectives of a firm. Profit-motive is the driving-force behind all business activities of a company. It is the primary measure of success or failure of a firm in the market. Profit earning capacity indicates the position, performance and status of a firm in the market. In spite of several changes and development of several alternative objectives, profit maximization has remained as one of the single most...

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For-Profit Education

For-Profit Education For-Profit education has been present for many years however has recently become a popular commodity. The for-profit educational world has been gaining popularity for a number of reasons. These include such aspects as access, student population, financial cost, etc. This paper will explore For-Profit education, a brief history, the students these institutions aim to serve, the intended focus of For-Profits and quality, the impact on higher education, and the roles of student...

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Non-Profit vs. for-Profit

Non-Profit vs. For-Profit The main difference between non-profit and for profit healthcare organizations are; Non-profit hospitals don’t need to pay property, sales or income taxes and receive grants from the government and through donations. They were designed to provide discounted fees for service or no fee to those in the surrounding communities with limited to no funds for healthcare, basically the poor or those who fall within the guidelines of those below poverty level. The tax exemptions...

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Profit Maximisation

managers and whether they should join the joint venture or not. Profit maximisation Profit maximisation is the process by which a firm determines the price and output level that returns the greatest profit. There are several approaches to this problem. The total revenue - total cost method relies on the fact that profit equals revenue minus cost, and the marginal revenue - marginal cost method is based on the fact that total profit in a perfectly competitive market reaches its maximum point where...

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Comparing For Profit and Non for Profit Colleges

Comparing Not-For- Profit and For Profit Colleges Colleges and university have slowly become one of the stepping stones into the working world today. People go to colleges for higher education with the intention of earning degrees in which they can use in their respective fields. Some example degrees that people pursue are Medical, Law, Business, Accounting, and Science Degrees. Through the years the idea of college was that it was optional and it was a door for better life and job. However in...

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For-Profit Colleges

school and you see that there’s not much requirements to get into these schools as long as you have money for tuition. Those are what you call for-profit schools. Now the question is are these schools actually good for you? Can they help you in the long run or just give you classes and you’re on your own after you get the degree. I feel that for-profit schools should not be federally regulated because these colleges provide opportunities for students ignored and rejected by traditional colleges, they...

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A-Level Buss4 to What Extent to Do Think That the Recent Changes in the Uk Economy Will Have Damaged That Lt Profits of Businesses

do you think that recent changes in the UK economy will have inevitably damaged the long-term profits of businesses that operate in this country? (40 marks) The UK had recently emerged from the recession 2007-2009, the economy is now recovering. During the recession, many businesses had struggled to survive. The strategies that businesses had taken during recession may affect their long-term profits. For example, as people spend less during the recession, businesses try to reduce their costs and...

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Increasing Profit Margins

Increasing Profit Margins Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Profit Margin is a ratio that is calculated by dividing net profits of a company by its sales. This ratio measures how much of every dollar generated by sales is retained in company's earnings. Generally speaking, a higher profit margin indicates that a company is more profitable and has better control of its operational expenses. Gross profit margin can also be used to set and monitor sales goals for your company. Because the costs of...

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Describe How Value-Added Is Calculated. to What Extent Are Value Added, Cashflow, and Profit Connected to a Company’s Sales Performance? Discuss Using an Extended Examples.

Describe how value-added is calculated. To what extent are value added, cashflow, and profit connected to a company’s sales performance? Discuss using an extended examples. According to Gilchrist (Gilchrist, 1971) the value-added is a notion that companies should always be focused on. It can be defined as the measure of the amount of money created by a company. In economics and business languages, it is a term increasingly and wildly used in economic press or in politic speeches for example,...

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The Only Rule of Business Is the Increase of Profits

1.) “The only rule of business is the increase of profits.” Discuss. We are now discuss about the rule of business, is it just maximize profit without any moral responsibility? Or we need to make decisions that protect and benefit society? According to the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, social responsibility is the “principle that businesses should actively contribute to the welfare of society and not only maximize profits”. We don’t have “absolutely” in the world, but we still...

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For Profit vs. Not for Profit Organizations

For profit vs. not for profit organizations Melinda Colp AIU Online Healthcare Administration HCM630-1203D-01 Professor Michael Schmitt September 16, 2012 Non-Profit healthcare organization vs. for-profit healthcare organization “Hospitals can be non-profit, for-profit, and government-owned and/or operated” (Baker & Baker, 2006). There are different terms for each classification in how to report and handle the finances but the basics are the same for any type of business. Business...

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Profit Margin Increase Artemis Sportsware

Artemis Sportswear Profit Margin Increase Proposal Brian Townsley Comm/215 9/7/2012 When writing a proposal two things need to be addressed, the problem and the proposed solution to that problem. Our task is developing a solution, to a need for a profit margin increase at Artemis Sportswear Company. Artemis Sportswear Co., is an international, multimillion dollar company, has been mentioned countless times in top financial and business magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, and Business...

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Profit and Shareholder Wealth: Ge and Tyco

where its businesses are located. Tyco has taken a more aggressive approach by multiple acquisitions. These types of companies are called conglomerates. For the purpose of this paper the common shareholder’s equity, market capitalization and net profit margins for the last five years will be discussed. General Electric has been contributing to our country and culture in one way or another since the beginning of the last century. The company was originally named the Edison General Electric...

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Non Profit vs. for Profit

Nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations Abstract This paper explores articles and research conducted on nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations. There are three types of entities that own hospitals, which are: nonprofit, for-profit, and government. However, it can’t be determined if they specialize in different medical services or how their service profits affect certain specializations. More than likely, the for-profits offer profitable medical services that...

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non profit and profit organization

 Profit vs. Not-for-Profit Organization A nonprofit organization is formed for the common good of the public. Nonprofit organizations are usually formed for some specific religious, charitable or educational purpose. A for-profit organization may be formed to conduct any number of lawful business activities. The primary reason to form a for-profit organization is to earn a profit for the owners of the company. Use of Profits Since a not-for-profit organization is formed to...

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Non-Profit vs. Profit

States Health System Strengths Professor Rodriguez Introduction For-profit hospitals provide a service to make a profit which is returned first to organizations and then to their shareholders. Non-profit hospitals exist first to provide a service and second to accumulate assets which are returned to the hospital's community in the form of additional services (Consumers Union, 1998). Johns Hopkins Hospital is non-profit healthcare organization that provides many service to the Baltimore community...

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Econ 561 Profit Analysis Question 2 LO3

from this bakery good? Total Profits = Total Cost – Total Revenue Total Cost = Presource * Qresource and Total Revenue = Price * Qsold Total Cost = ($40 * 5 units of labor) + ($60 * 7 units of land) + ($60 * 2 units of capital) + ($20 * 1 unit of entrepreneurial ability) = $200 + $420 + $120 + $20 = $760. Total Revenue = $2 * 400 loaves of banana bread = $800. Total Profits = $800 - $760 = $40. The firm will continue to produce as it is earning economic profits. If this firm is typical of...

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Sample Management Accounting Report

4 2.1 Allocation and Apportionment 2.2 Overhead Absorption Rates 2.3 Cost Determination 2.4 Pricing for Potential Orders 2.5 Profit Analysis 2.6 Sensitivity Analysis 2.6.1 Scenario 1: Increase/Decrease in Direct Material Costs 2.6.2 Scenario 2: Increase/Decrease in Direct Labour Costs 2.6.3 Scenario 3: Increase/Decrease in Profits 2.6.4 Summary 3.0 Conclusions ...

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Business Analysis Paper

possible demand, I expected that ordering 180 units would be the best option. Another reason that that 180 units of inventory resulted in such poor profit is that holding costs exceed the cost of lost sales by $3. This means that the cost of holding an item in inventory costs more than losing one unit of sale. In essence, it would be better for profit to lose a sale rather than to continue to hold increasingly large amounts of inventory in its warehouses. Given that demand could be anything from...

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and other material and non-material moveable property with intent to sell the same at a profit whether sold in their original condition or after manufacture or conversion. AL Rawas company . AL Jaser company . Those companies design sramik like Sudia Arabia design . Al lot of people like it then there are many designs so that will attracted people . Then the company make commercial activity and have profit . 2)The purchase of commodities and other material and non-material moveable property...

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performance 5. It is an expression which breaks Return on Equity into three parts : a) b) c) Profitability (Measured by Profit Margin) Operating Efficiency (Measured by Asset Turnover) Financial Leverage (Measured by Equity Multiplier) Profit Margin Profit Margin = Net Profit Sales Cost of Goods Sold Operating Expenses Interest and Taxes Total Cost Net Profit = Net Sales – Total Cost = = = = xxx xxx xxx xxx Asset Turnover Asset Turnover = Net Sales Total Assets ...

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Competing Theories of Business: Profitability and Other Motives

tendency to be better and more successful has been transferred to business in idea of making profit and being successful. This enabled economy, as a whole, to evolve and provide civilization with higher quality and lower prices. In addition, it resulted in technological improvement. Competition led to creating competing theories in business in order to enable more and more businesses to be competitive and make profit. Those theories have been thoroughly researched by experts and developed to the point...

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When Companies Put Employees and Customers First

PUTTING THE SERVICE-PROFIT CHAIN TO WORK “When companies put employees and customers first, their employees are satisfied, their customers are loyal, their profits increase, and their continued success is sustained.” Harvard Business Review, March-April 1994. There is growing number of companies that includes Banc One, Intuit Corporation, Southwest Airlines, ServiceMaster, USAA, Taco Bell, and MCI know that when they make employees and customers paramount, a radical shift occurs in the way they...

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Case Analysis Moneyball

base percentage, rather than the hits. People criticized Beane for not winning championship even the owner of the A’s, even when he was getting much more money was also complaining. Questions Buy a winning team or a losing team | only interested in profit. I would buy a winning team as the New York Yankees or the Oakland A’s, since there is a correlation between winning games, higher attendance and increase on prices. Owners of the Oakland A’s have earned excess investment returns while Beane was...

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Levi Straus & Co

per year at a price of $10,000 each: A8: a: What are her accounting profits? Accounting profit = total amount taken in from sales - dollar cost of producing goods Accounting profit = $200,000 - $20,000 = $180,000 b. What are her economic profits? Economic profits = Total revenue – total opportunity cost Economic profits = $200,000 – $20,000(supplies & storage) - $100,000(best job offer) Economic profits = $80,000 Q12: Tara is considering leaving her current job, which pays...

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Quiz 1 on Chapter 1

create benefits for others while seeking profit for themselves. Correct Answer: create benefits for others while seeking profit for themselves. * Question 7 5 out of 5 points The core goal of business is to generate long-term _____ by delivering _____ to their customers.Answer Selected Answer: profit, value Correct Answer: profit, value * Question 8 5 out of 5 points A business’s core goal is to generate long term profits while delivering _____to its customers...

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Electrolux Financial Analysis

analysis Profitability Gross profit margin amounted to 18% in 2011 and at 22.2% in 2010 with a decrease of 4% compared to a prior year. Decrease in the gross profit margin had been largely caused by the escalation in COGS which has resulted in a lower gross profit. This may point at an inefficient use of raw materials, labor and manufacturing related costs or basically an increased market price for raw materials and up surged wages. Followed by lower EBIT or operating profit margin which went down with...

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Wgu Est 1 Ethics in Business

ISSUES IN BUSINESS 2 Company Q is a small local grocery store chain that has a poor attitude toward social responsibility. After reviewing the given, I feel the chain is more committed to profit than social responsibility. Most companies are in a business to make a profit, however, the difference in what is considered reasonable and what is considered ridiculous comes into play. Most people start companies because it something they are interested in and to make a living. In...

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Harnischfeger Corp

How will this change affect profits in future years? By Harnischfeger adjusting its depreciation policy to the straight-line method; it allowed the company increase net income as the adjustments are being applied retroactively. This change increased the net income to 11 million for 1984. This will decrease profit in future years, and with the straight line they will continue to depreciate in the same amount for the life of the asset. This change will decrease profit going forward, because the straight...

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Net Present Value and Optimum Credit Policy

the financial Management: Profit Maximization and Wealth maximization. Profit maximization: This is a goal wherein, the returns are maximized with the best output and price levels. A firm’s performance is evaluated in terms of profitability. The target of maximization of profit is very traditional and narrow approach. Allocation of resources and investor’s perception of the firm’s performance can be traced to the goal of profit maximization. Some criticism of the profit maximization goal is as stated...

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Keurig Case Analysis

of the company business inevitably ties the profits on the brewer and the profits on the coffee that comes with the brewer. More specifically, the total profit per customer: Profit=Profitbrewer+Profitcoffee It should be notes here that the aforementioned profit model is by no means unique to Keurig, and can be observed in other industries, like computers (where the profits are oftentimes split across hardware and software) or printers (where the profits are split across hardware and cartridges). ...

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Q1 Q2 living by number

economic earnings that has required by SURIA group, Value Based Management (VBM) or use profits as practiced by the Marine Corp to report the financial performance of Marine Crop and its subsidiaries. Cause of the Problem The issue that has stress in Marine Corp is the Chief Financial Officer, Hafiz was in dilemma. It occured when Hafiz was dilemma whether to use economic earnings as required by the Group or profits as practised by Marine Corp to report the financial performance of Marine Corp and its...

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Ratio Analysis Article

dollars into profits at various stages of measurement. Ratios that Show returns represent the firm's ability to measure the overall efficiency of the Firm in generating returns for its shareholders. The gross profit margin looks at cost of goods sold as a percentage of sales. This Ratio looks at how well a company controls the cost of its inventory and the Manufacturing of its products and subsequently pass on the costs to its Customers. The larger the gross profit margin, the...

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will provide more accura te information about their manufacturing cost structure, as well as the costs of supplying individua l customers and orders. With this new information, Kanthal plans to redirect its resources to custo mers with hidden profits and reduce efforts that are focused on customers with hidden losses. The u ltimate purpose for this system change is to achieve higher growth and profitability. PROBLEMS, ANS WERS " SOLUTIONS: Question 1:Why have selling administrative costs...

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Kanthal case

not be used to manage profitability, therefore the new Kenthal 90 system was introduced into management which was based on Activity Based Costing (ABC). Issues and problems The Kanthal president, Ridderstrale, had the objective to find hidden profits and losses, which enable the company achieve additional growth without adding sales and administrative resources. This target could be realized by getting more accurate information about their manufacturing cost structure as well as the costs of supplying...

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sales force management

relationship analysis of the company, Ballarat Trade Fair Consultancy (BTFC). The main activity of this company is to promote and sell stand space at trade fairs and tickets for visitors to trade fairs in Ballarat area. The company analyses the total profit, total sales and cost incurred in them in different financial years and how this has affected the performances of the sales representatives. The report also analyses the best and the worst customers as well as the best and worst sales representatives...

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Ratio Analysis and Statement of Cash Flows

year 2005. The Home Depot's operating profit was $27,427 million for 2005 and $29,907 million for 2006 (MarketWatch, 2007). Lowe's closed the fiscal year of 2006 reporting sales of $46.9 billion, an 8.5% increase compared to fiscal year 2005. Lowe's gross operating profit was $16,273.00 million for 2005 and $12,307.00 million for 2006 (MarketWatch, 2007). Both companies increase sales from the previous year. Home Depot had greater sales and higher operating profit than Lowe's. Profitability Ratios ...

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Australian Tax

transaction a profit making scheme? 4) Is the receipt income or capital? 5) Where is it from if the company is not Australian? Question 1: is there a business or primary production? Definition: DIV995-1: It is any profession, trade, employment, vocation or calling, but does not include the occupation as an employee. Usual characteristics: TR 97/11 * Significance of the commercial activity * Purpose and intention of the taxpayer in engaging in the activity * Profit intention...

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Accountancy Sample Paper

v/s fluctuating capital accounts, division of profit among partners, guarantee of profits, past adjustments (relating to interest on capital, interest on drawing, salary and profit sharing ratio), preparation of P&L Appropriation account. Goodwill: nature, factors affecting and methods of valuation - average profit, super profit, and capitalization • Unit 2. Accounting for Partnership firms - Reconstitution and Dissolution • Change in the Profit Sharing Ratio among the existing partners - sacrificing...

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Jp Molassas

improvements to increase profits Part I Objective function: J.P. Molasses' goal is to maximize the profit generated from the refining of raw sugar into molasses and its byproducts and then shipping those products to customers. Decision variables: a. The amount of raw sugar shipped from eight suppliers to two processing plants b. The amount of molasses and byproduct shipped to seven customers (a majority of which are internal and therefore don't generate profit accounted for in this...

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Group Work

update. Argos owner Home Retail Group sees profits fall 20 April 2011 Home Retail Group, owner of Argos and Homebase, has reported full-year profits of £265.2m, down almost 10%.The drop in profit was in line with expectations, after the retailer issued a warning last month that it would undershoot earlier profit guidance Low confidence Home Retail Group's sales dropped off particularly sharply at the beginning of this year, prompting the firm's profit warning in March. "Economic uncertainty...

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Trans-America Paper Company

Malaysia is a good decision for Trans-America Paper Company (TAPC.) The facility will get a billion-dollar upgrade from WIG, and TAPC invests no capital whatsoever. In addition, the only major negative economic impact is the undetermined loss of profit in the profit split with WIG. However, just upgrading the plant is one-half of the best decision. TAPC’s mission statement is clear. The priorities of the company are, in order of importance, “economic, environmental, social, and governance development.”...

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