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Swimsuit The text swimsuit is a short story written by Jasmin Cargil. In the beginning of the story you can read about the main character Darla, who is at a pool party. A couple named Trevor and Mandy is hosting the pool party, and she was there with her boyfriend Jon. She is not wearing a swimsuit, and when Trevor tells her to join them in the pool, she would not do it. She lies and tells him that she did bring a swimsuit, and that she will join them later, but afterwards she thinks loudly that she...

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Essay Pool

Part B – Essay to ”Pool” We have all tried to be in, or have been, in a relationship that we knows that it isn´t going to last forever. Those relationships is certainly not supposed to be keeping to death, are those ones that come apart, and then there are those that are more simple. In this story our main character, Darla, is finding herself in same relationship with her boyfriend, Jon. While her boyfriend, Jon is to the pool party with his best friend and the friend's wife, Trevor and Mandy...

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Pool - Corey Campbell

Engelsk B Studentereksamen 2. delprøve – 23 august 2012 Pool - Corey Campbell The short story called ‘’Pool’’ is writing in 2009 by Corey Campbell. To be in love is a wonderful feeling that you can’t compare to other feelings. Feelings like hate, love and jealousy will always become in every couple, but especially in young couples. When you’re young and don’t have so much experience in love and relationship it’s much easier to be hurt. A lot of drama will appear. Sometime it does have disadvantages...

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Pool by corey campbell

Essay on Pool by Corey Campbell The “good life” is what the majority of humanity desired. Even though it seemingly rules as the main goal today, people have established a more modern point of view. More and more people have started to counter pregnancy in general and that is definitely new. “It all changes with a kid.”(l.168) Children bring a huge commitment into the lives of us all and that’s why there are so many that avoid the so called “good” life. This is the main theme of the short story...

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The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball

The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball Carla Ortiz ENG 121 Instructor Shayla Gordon November 1, 2012 The Game of Pool: Eight Ball vs. Nine Ball The game of pool, for many people, may be a fun activity to enjoy with friends, but to those who shoot pool on an American Pool players Association (APA) or Canadian Pool players Association (CPA) league, it is more than just fun. The game of Eight-ball, as well as, Nine-ball is a rewarding sport with many rules and regulations that vary. Many...

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Swimming pool medical expense deduction

To: Diane M. Comi, J.D., LL.M. From: Sam Smith Date: September 14, 2014 Re: Medical Expense Deduction under IRC 213 for Swimming Pool FACTS The taxpayer, Susan, suffers from severe osteoarthritis in both knees and has a hard time living comfortably. Susan has taken many precautions to better her health including: cortisone injections, painkillers, physical therapy, and arthroscopic surgery. Being that this is a hereditary disease, the doctors predict that it’s only going to get worse. The key to...

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Case Study Ringgold Pool and Patio

Chart for Pool Installation 11 Introduction Ringold’s Pool and Patio Supply is a small business specializing in above and below ground pools for home use. It is owned and operated by John Ringold, Sr. He recently hired his son, John Jr., as the executive vice-president of operations and has tasked him with investigation the profitability of installing above ground pools. Twenty percent of the company’s sales are above ground pools and Ringold’s does not currently install these pools. John...

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Swimming Pool and Article

Dip in a Dirty Pool” by Ian Smith, the Centers for Disease Control projects that thousands of swimmers could be ill this summer from public pools. Many parasites and bacteria are showing up in pools tested all over the United States. Some swimmers are showing up at the hospital with a rash or a very upset stomach. One of the most dangerous bacteria found are Cryptosporidium. It is a parasite that can multiply in your digestive system, leak out through a baby’s diaper in the pool, and then, if...

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maintaining a swimming pool

 Jonathan swimming pools I. (To begin, let’s look at how to clean the pool) I. There are several important steps to cleaning a swimming pool. A. (1)The VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act passed in 2007; states that you must have 2 separate main drains not allowing someone to get stuck to them. (2) The number of return inlets shall be based on two inlets per six hundred square feet of pool surface area; you want to begin by removing and clearing any debris from those baskets. Next...

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In the corresponding scene, Luhrmann underscores the action with action and romantic non-diegetic music to enhance the idea young love. The casting of young actors further develops this idea. The setting becomes highly symbolic in this scene. The pool being a symbol of life and energy and the Romanesque mansion acting as a visual metaphor, bringing the old text into a new medium. Close-up shots are used prominently in tis scene to capture the pyous looks on the actors' faces. In this scene it would...

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