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The text swimsuit is a short story written by Jasmin Cargil. In the beginning of the story you can read about the main character Darla, who is at a pool party. A couple named Trevor and Mandy is hosting the pool party, and she was there with her boyfriend Jon. She is not wearing a swimsuit, and when Trevor tells her to join them in the pool, she would not do it. She lies and tells him that she did bring a swimsuit, and that she will join them later, but afterwards she thinks loudly that she did not bring any swimsuit because she hates to show her own body. She has a low self-esteem at that point, and I personally think that is has something to do with her relationship with her boyfriend Jon. He is not a sensitive guy, and she dose not take their relationship seriously: “Darla had realized earlier in the car that, if her relationship with Jon was not going to last, she would not really care much” she is ice cold, and she is tries to hide all of her feelings, by holding them back. When she finely tries to open up at the end of the story, she does it in an awkward way, by doing the exact opposite of what of what she do not like, and it was that she showed her naked body to the host Trevor. Darla, as mentioned earlier, is a very cold hearted person who does not really care about her boyfriend Jon that much, but he is not different from her. At the first page line 21 is the first example of their cold hearted relationship. Darla went to the bathroom the take an abortion pill, and when she came back they both pretended like everything was normal. It perhaps is normal for some people, but it is still a serious topic, that can bring the girl in danger, or make her feel sick. In Page 4 line 139 is another example of how little they care about each other. Whenever she got sad, Jon just left her alone and figured that it would be the best thing to do. Other couples would sit down and talk things out, are at least be there for one another. It is obvious that...
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