Motel Pool

Topics: Earth, Sun, Book of Revelation Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The Motel Pool
Thesis: The author explores the simple event of children playing in a pool, to implicitly personify images of birth, apocalypse and rebirth which connect to the birth and destruction of our world. | “The plump good-natured children play in the blue pool:

roll and plop, plop and roll;” * This line depicts the innocence of the children which allows you to see the images of the world when it was once pure and blue; the blue pool is the world * The roll and plop, plop and roll this describes the creation of the world and the living beings in it slide and tumble, oiled, in the slippery sun

silent as otters, turning over and in, * “Oiled in the slippery sun” the sun represents happiness and brightness and the slide and tumble shows how humanity progressing in the world. It is basically a progression in age and knowledge through bright times * “Silent as otters” Here you can see a simile being used. It represents a comparison to the world being calm and peaceful. “Turning over and in” are the otter doing tricks which represents how humanity is obtaining great knowledge churning the water; or-seamstresses-cut and sew

with jackknives its satins invisibly. * Churning the water shows how the children are having fun but annoyingly causing ripples and waves that they can’t take back. This shows how humanity makes objects to better their lives but have harmful effects on the earth * “or-seamstresses-cut and sew with jackknives its satins invisibly” This is a metaphorical description of how we are causing damage that we cannot see and how it is unknowable to us. The jackknives is an adjective which describes how big the repercussions of our actions are because it went from small ripples to being compared to jackknives Not beautiful, but suddenly limned with light their elliptical wet flesh in a flash reflects it * “Not beautiful but suddenly limned with light” that is the revelation of the world after the apocalypse. * “Their...
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