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relationship of the long axis of the body to the long axis of the mother. Presentation: Definition: the part of the fetus that lies closest to the true pelvis A. Cephalic: head is presenting part 95-96 percent. 1. May be vertex, face or brow. 2. Vertex is most common and most favourable for delivery. Head is sharply flexed in the pelvis with chin near chest. B. Breech: buttock or lower extremities are the presenting part 1. Types a.) Complete or full : buttocks and feet present (baby...

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Cephalopelvic Disproportion

|RELATED DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: | |The relationship between the measurements of the fetal head and the diameters of the maternal pelvis. |Ultrasound of fetus to determine presentation and lie. | | |Manual exam before labor...

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Frida Kahlo

born on the 6th July, 1907 in Mexico. When she was a young girl she suffered from polio. When she was 18, she and her boyfriend were involved in a bus accident. A metal pole pieced Frida Kahlo through her pelvis area. She suffered many injuries including a fractured spine, ribs, collarbone and pelvis. She endured more than thirty operations following the accident and was told she would be unable to have children. During her recovery in hospital, Kahlo began painting. She painted mainly self-portraits...

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Outline About Labor Process

dilatation (enlargement or widening of the cervical canal) and create sufficient muscular force to allow a baby tobe pushed from the birth canal (or vagina). Preliminary Signs of labor 1. Lightening - the descent of the fetal presenting part into the pelvis. -approximately occurs 10 – 14 days before labor begins. Fetal Descent- changes a woman’s abdominal contour, because it positions the uterus lower and more anterior in the abdomen. * Primiparas – lightening occurs early because of tight abdominal...

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development conception to birth

breathing techniques, Elizabeth has finally entered the second stage of delivery. Her cervix is now fully dilated and she is ready to push! The head is fully engaged in the pelvis and the widest diameter of the head has passed below the level of the pelvic inlet. The fetal head then continues to move further into the pelvis, below the pubic arch and out through the vaginal opening. This is assisted by Elizabeth’s additional maternal efforts of "bearing down" or pushing. The appearance of the fetal...

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Components of Labor

Components of Labor *The 4 P’s: • passage • passenger • powers • psyche i. PASSAGE • refers to pelvis & soft tissues which include: lower uterine segment, cervix, vaginal canal • 2 pelvic measurements --Necessary to determine adequacy:  diagonal conjugate- narrowest at inlet;  transverse diameter- narrowest at outlet • If disproportion occurs usually the pelvis (If fetus presents in unusual position); could be R/t mother:  being < 4’9” tall  being < 18 years old  Underwent...

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Ballet Journals

exercise was the tempo of the exercise. We were concentrating on getting the exercise right instead of thinking about having correct alignment and technique. for example, I was allowing my hips to move in and out of correct alignment. To ensure that our pelvis is stabilized, we have to think about keep weight over our toes and make sure that we are lengthening our hip flexer by lifting up and out of the hip on the supporting leg. By doing this it will help to activate the six deep outward rotators that...

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1. Factors Affecting Labor and Delivery Process

moving the fetus, placenta, and membranes out of the uterus and through the birth canal. • DELIVERY-the actual expulsion of the products of conception (fetus and placenta). • Uterus sinks downward and forward about 2 weeks before term, into the true pelvis. • Low persistent backache or sacroiliac distress. • Strong, frequent, but irregular contractions. • Vaginal mucous increases. • Weight loss, burst of energy, NVD. FACTORS AFFECTING LABOR-the 5 Ps of Labor • Passenger • Passageway • Powers ...

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Labor and Birth Process

dilation refers to the extent of opening at the widest diameter. Passage of the mucous plug occurs with bloody show as a premonitory sign of labor. The fetal presenting part is determined by vaginal examination and is commonly the head (cephalic), pelvis (breech), or shoulder. Page: 377 4. A woman calls the health care facility stating that she is in labor. The nurse would urge the client to come to the facility if the client reports which of the following? A) Increased energy level with...

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Mechanism of Labor and Delivery

body parts to one another. b. Fetal Lie (longitudinal, transverse, oblique) – is the relationship of the fetal spine to the maternal spine. c. Fetal Position – is the relationship of the fetal body parts to a specific quadrant of the mother’s pelvis. Its important to define fetal position because it influence the progression of labor and whether surgical intervention is needed. TYPES OF FETAL PRESENTATION: * CEPHALIC: when the fetus is in cephalic presentation, the head is the first part...

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