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Newspaper Reading and Students

Newspapers, as their name suggests, provide us with News. This are more than just a sheets of paper lined with ink. It is of common knowledge that there is an expansion of interest with age. Similarly interest of newspaper reading of students of different ages may be different. Probably with many children the initial newspaper concern is restricted to the comic section. With increasing maturity there appears the interest in sports, photograph and news sections. Since reading a daily newspaper has...

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Case Study: Metro Newspaper

Modern Times Group, a subsidiary of Kinnevik group In 1995, they set out to change the newspaper business by offering a free morning paper called the Metro. Metro started in Sweden targeting urban transit riders. Their sole means of dispersal was through the metro system; both on the trains as well as the platforms. Their main target markets were two-fold: employed readers with high income, as well as younger readers with disposable income. These are the two groups advertisers were eager to reach...

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SomLalit Institute of Management Studies Post Graduate Diploma in Management Grand Project Proposal Business Idea Launching of English Newspaper with vocabulary containing Gujarati meanings Milan A. Vasani – 101 Sarfaraj H. Heranja - 33 Mentor Prof. Reshmi Menon Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Problem statement 3 Literature review 4 Research design 5 Hypothesis 6 Research methodology 7 Timeline ...

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Fairness in News Writing

(Randal, 2000: 23). Newspapers are supposed to be fair in news writing for its capacity can do great harm to the society if written recklessly. Most people believe everything in the newspapers, as a result newspapers exert a profound influence on the minds of the readers. Therefore when some news is reported or written wrongly either by mistake or deliberation, it may cause a lot of harm to the society depending on how they can perceive it. On the other hand, if policy of the newspaper is to promote the...

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Does Heating Honey Increase It's Flow Rate?

flow quicker when heated. Aim: To discover whether honey will flow at a quicker pace when temperature is increased. Equipment: 500g Homebrand Woolworths Australian Honey Chopping Board Something to rest chopping board on (to create a ramp) Newspaper Tea Towel Stopwatch 2 plates 3 teaspoons Microwaveable Mug Risk Analysis: Hazard Risk How to Minimise Risk Hot Honey Burns Handle any hot equipment by holding with a folded tea towel. Working with glass Cuts Handle glassware with...

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Advantage and Disadvantages of Means of Media

which media is better. The right media for one business may be wrong for another. Newspapers are one of the traditional mediums used by businesses, both big and small alike, to advertise their businesses. There are many advantages of newspapers. It allows us to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area so that we can have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspapers. Exposure to the ad is not limited; we readers can go back to the message again and...

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human resource provisioning

Advertisements attracts qualified and experienced persons. When specific vacancies are not filled by other sources advertising is used to attract these persons. Most Companies both small and big use newspapers to advertise vacancies 2.1 Advantages of advertising in the newspaper - Advertising in the newspaper allows the company to reach potential persons within the local area. - The size of the advertisement is not limited therefore the company can add much detail as needed. - Readers can go back...

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Reflective Essay On Troth Telling

Physical description of the document: The Size of the document is one page with two columns, each column being 12 x 4 inches in size. The shape of the material is taken from the newspaper which was originally published in 1963 or 1968. This document is the original publication taken from the local newspaper at the time. The size of the text is 11, and the color is black. the article contains eight pictures of those who participated successfully in the organization. Five of the photos are black...

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The Ferre Media Group

started. Antonio Luis Ferre and his brothers divided the companies and their shares rather than to risk further family disharmony. After 8 years one sibling, Antonio Luis Ferre bought his father dying newspaper El Dia, in hoping to turn the newspaper company into the largest and most influential newspaper in Puerto Rice. After 2 ½ years into it, El Nuevo Dia had become an important editorial voice. The Ferre Rangel family represents the fourth generation of long line of business and civic leaders. Antonio...

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In What Ways Can The Mass Media Be Beneficial?

of the mass media becoming clearer day by day. Generally, most people assume that the mass media, which in today's context can be defined as a means of communication that reaches large numbers of people via mediums such as the television, radio, newspapers and internet, is confined within its role to disseminate information. However, the mass media is now well regarded as an instrument for behavior change communication. Furthermore, the mass media acts as a supplement to typical textbook education...

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