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Next on the evening news! Of the 126,000 guns in this city, 125,999 were not fired. In spite of the large number of people in the city, there have been no muggings or rapings reported. And lastly of the thousands of cars driving past other cars, none of the made contact. This might not exactly be what you hear when you tune into the news on a typical day. However, you might hear something similar to this “Next on the evening news: Seven killed in head-on collision, a local man is found shot to death...

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The Purpose of News

News as defined consists of “a report of recent events”, or “previously unknown information” (“News” Merriam-Webster). With that being said, news has existed since almost, if not, the beginning of time. Everything including crude drawings to grunting-and-pointing from Neanderthals were all for a purpose. Of course they were unlikely to be sharing the latest celebrity gossip or numbers in the stock market, but the same purpose of spreading information still remains the same today. As Americans in...

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The Effect of News Teasers in Processing News on Television

Cognitive Process The effect of news teasers in processing TV news by Hao-chieh Chang Past researches on cognitive effects of news teasers[1] (or news previews) were mainly focused on the viewer attention and memory performance (e.g. Scheuder & White, 1989; Cameron, Shleuder, & Thorson, 1991; Schleduder, White & Camerson, 1993), but little research has been conducted to examine the effects of the by-product of newscasts-news teasers. Chang’s paper aimed at filling the gap between previous...

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Newsreel vs. Television News

movie- Difference and similarities between newsreels and television news? Newsreel vs. Television News In The days before television network news emerged in the society, a newsreel was the main source of news, current affairs and entertainment for millions of people. A newsreel was “a form of short documentary film prevalent in the first half of the 20th century, regularly released in a public presentation place and containing filmed news stories and items of topical interest” (Newsreel). These newsreels...

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Television News Anchor

TELEVISION NEWS ANCHOR .com Secrets To Making It as a TV News Anchor & Reporter * How To Anchor * Reading a Teleprompter * The Anchor Look * Getting a TV Job * Contact Us How To Anchor Share on Facebook Only Read This If You Want to Be on Television This information is only for the select few who have the rare combination of talent, fortitude and ambition necessary to become a television news anchor and reporter. It is not for those who want to work behind the scenes...

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multiplatform news analysis

 The breaking news piece of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 left the world holding their breath. The story broke via BBC Breaking News’ twitter account on the 8th of March 2014. It seemed like a routine flight from Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia to Beijing in China. The Boeing 777-200ER was carrying12 crew and 227 passengers, 6 of which were Australian. The four news pieces chosen to analyse vary in proximity and format, including internet articles from news businesses The Wall Street...

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Entertainment and News

Entertainment and News News coverage, whether by television, radio, the internet, or newspaper must be selective, selective not simply in which stories it reports but in how it presents them as well. The media is incapable of providing a rundown of everything that has transpired in a day. Therefore, editors, reporters, etc… decide what will go into the reports. Equally important, reporters are still human beings who, in spite their good intentions, occasionally succumb to anger, jealousy...

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Hard News vs. Soft News

Hard News Vs. Soft News News stories are basically divided into two types: hard news and soft news. Hard new generally refers to up-to-the-minute news and events that are reported immediately, while soft news is background information or human-interest stories. Politics, war, economics and crime used to be considered hard news, while arts, entertainment and lifestyles were considered soft news. Hard news This is the term journalists use to refer to “news of the day.” Hard news is a chronicle...

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News Perspective

 News Perspective Anita LaGrone COM/400 April 27,2015 Shaniece Brickham News Perspective It would be impossible for most people to live even one day without mass communication, and yet, many people know little of how the media work and how it influence their lives positively and negatively. However, society has always needed effective and efficient means to transfer information in which mass communication media is the result of this need. Mass communication plays a significant role in modern...

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news channels

Why India? Why IANS? With India's growing importance in international strategic and economic thinking, news about the country is becoming more critical to the world. India alone accounts for over a billion of South Asia's 1.3 billion people. The sheer mass creates news. Changes in the global balance of power, India's economic rise, and South Asia's continuing political and social ferment, are attracting worldwide attention. In addition, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan...

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