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Art Critique

Critique Title: Glance Left and Right Artist: Pattara Chanruechachai Medium: Photograph Print on Newspaper Dimensions: 250 x 250 Date: 2013 Description: Chanruechachai creates a work that analyzes and criticizes the current urban condition where deterioration and regeneration of urban sprawl take place. He prints the images of deserted buildings found in the suburbs and pastes them onto newspapers that have articles on the economic crash from Thailand and Europe as his canvas. The taken photo shows...

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upside-down triangle, with the narrow tip of less information pointing downwards and the broad base of news worthy details across the top. The inverted pyramid became a standard form in American newspapers early in the 20th century. In the birth of the inverted pyramid Chip Scanlan states that the invention of the telegraph sparked its development by encouraging reporters to condense material, to reduce costs. This style of writing was also developed...

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Remediation Project and Essay Outline

Assignment 2 Essay Outline Remediation project Original text: Newspaper article of ‘Alton attorney accidentally sues himself’ • The news produced by a print news company in Alton written by a reporter named Steve Korris. It is distributed on local newspaper in Alton, Illinois, United States and online for the Internet users worldwide. People can only read the news on the day of it is published in the newspaper. As it is available online, people can retrieve the news archive anytime via their...

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changing role of media

revamped radio circuit. A few decades ago, media in India was associated with magazines and newspapers. Television was a scarce commodity, only the urban population could afford to have one. The advent of television has brought about a whole lot of transformation, especially in terms of its programme content. Our country has definitely evolved in each and every aspect, so why media should be left behind? Newspapers have always been the perfect accompaniment with the morning cup of tea. But did we all...

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Hart Venture Capital - Quantitative Analyses

advertising campaign for the coming season, Flamingo’s management hired the advertising firm of Yeap and Chia (YC). The management team requested YC’s recommendation concerning how the advertising budget should be distributed across TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements. The budget has been at RM 279,000. In the meeting with the Flamingo’s management team, YC consultants provided the following information about the industry exposure effectiveness rating per ad., their estimate of the number of...

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IMC Analysis of Robi

appear in the picture but always provide support to make this term paper. secondly I would like to thank Ms kashfia Ahmed for giving us endless support .We work this promotional project in 5 ways ✓ Magazine ✓ Billboard ✓ Newspaper ✓ Radio ✓ Television Executive summery : Robi was Aktel and this company was started there journey on 1997.This is a 40:60 joint venture company...

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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

were the major developments in the |The 20th Century was truly a revolutionary period of time for the development and | |evolution of mass media during the 20th |evolution of mass media. The 20th Century introduced advances in magazines, newspapers, | |century? |the invention and widespread use of electricity, radio wave use, television broadcasting, | | |and last but most certainly not least, Internet development and...

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Discursive/Argumentative Writing 5 ‘Teachers should be paid according to the results their students get.’ What do you think – and why? 6 An article has appeared in your local newspaper and argues that the age when elderly people are stopped from driving cars should be substantially lowered. Two readers write letters to the newspaper, one agreeing with the article, the other disagreeing. Write the two letters (between 300–450 words each). 7 ‘Beauty contests do more harm than good.’ What do you think...

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reflection paper for a speech

example it can be transmitted by the newspaper which almost everyone reads every day it can also be transmitted by media, magazines, and television. Mass communication always targets large amount of audience to transmit or deliver different type of messages. For example: if the soda company makes a new product, they will transmit the message that they have made a new product by using mass communication. They will make advertisements which will be visible on TV’s, newspaper, magazines. Then these advertisements...

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The Influence of New Technology on the Print Media Industry

mind was capitalism, there is a need to make a profit in most mass media efforts; therefore one could say that printed media companies had learned how to function in an ever changing world of technology. According to ”The Atlantic” (2012), printed newspapers are still making close, if not more, than 20 billion dollars a year off advertising, and readership is the same today as it was ten years ago if we count digital subscriptions . Printed media companies are also evolving to a more digitalized format...

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