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  • Discrimination Against Minority Groups

    am writing to express my grave concern over discrimination against minority groups in our society. Hong Kong is a multicultural and religiously diverse territory. By the way‚ there is still some conflicts exist between different religion. The minority always have an unfair treatment. Domestic helper is an example of it‚ the salary of them is much lower than the legitimate minimum wage set up in few days ago. Besides‚ the minority children always become the target who were laughed at and bullied

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  • Minorities

    national minority in Croatia is Serbian minority. Writing about this minority is very interesting for me because Croatian had lived with Serbians in one country‚ former Yugoslavia and we had big war which had separated two nations. Despite the war that we had and which has started 1991. and finished 1995.‚many people with Serbian nationality lives in Croatia. The protection of minority rights in Croatia is comprehensively assured by the Constitutional Law on the Rights of National Minorities (CLNM)

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  • Minority Rights as Human Rights: Hegemonic Media Representation of Minority Groups in Pakistan

    Publications‚ 2014 www.tiarj.com Minority Rights as Human Rights: Hegemonic Media Representation of Minority Groups in Pakistan 1 1 PhD Fellow School of Communication‚ Universiti Sains Malaysia‚ Penang Malaysia. 2 3 Shumaila Ahmed‚ 2 Ali Hassan & 3 Rana Shahzad Lecturer‚ Department of Media Studies Islamia University of Bhawalpur‚ Pakistan. Assistant Professor‚ Department of Media Studies Islamia University of Bhawalpur‚ Pakistan. Abstract: Minority Rights have been considered important

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  • Minority Group and Multiculturalism

    M. Taylor. 1977. Multiculturalism and Ethnic Attitudes in Canada. Ottawa: Supply and Services Canada. Berry‚ John W.‚ Jean S. Phinney‚ David L. Sam‚ and Paul Vedder. 2006. Immigrant Youth in Cultural Transition. Bird‚ Karen. 2009. Running Visible Minority Candidates in Canada: The Effects of Voter and Candidate Ethnicity and Gender on Voter Choice Canada in Comparative Perspective‚ Queen’s University‚ Kingston‚ ON‚ Canada‚ May 7-8‚ 2009. Bissoondath‚ Neil. 1994. Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism

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  • Achievements of Minority Ethnic Groups

    (1991) Practical Ideas for Multicultural Learning and Teaching in the Primary Classroom. London: Routledge Hicks‚ D Hill‚ D. and Cole‚ M. (2001) SCHOOLING and Equality: fact‚ concept and policy. London: Kogan Page Limited. Jeffcoate‚ R. (1984) Ethnic Minorities And Education. London: Harper & Row‚ Publishers Klein‚ G Modgil et al (1996) Multicultural Education: The Interminable Debate. London: The Falmer Press Nehaul‚ K Parker-Jenkins‚ M. (1995) Children of Islam: A Teacher’s Guide to Meeting The Needs

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  • Minority Essay

    Marginalized Groups Essay The two texts that I have studied‚ one been an autobiographical narrative and the other been fiction‚ have challenged the dominant ideology about marginalised groups at the time they were published. Both texts explore racism against African Americans and Indigenous Australians. I will compare and contrast a fiction and a non-fiction text that I studied‚ the first being the short story “Indian Camp” written by Ernest Hemingway in 1923 in which the reader is told how the

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  • Minorities in Pakistan

    Group Members: Farhan Khalid 9108 Ubaid Hassan 12106 Fakhar Zaman 10726 Nawab Ali Khan 10798 Rehan Ali 9133 Background: Minority Rights Group International‚ a watchdog organization‚ ranked Pakistan last year as the world’s top country for major increases in threats to minorities from 2007

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  • Intolerance: Minority Group and Society

    is unlike the majority of the population. For example‚ in the context of my society‚ Singapore‚ intolerance has been displayed towards racial minorities‚ religious minorities‚ single mothers‚ foreigners‚ the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) community and many other marginalized groups. Some might argue that intolerance of these minority groups is less prevalent in my society today as compared to the past. However‚ I personally feel that intolerance is still widely seen in my society

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  • Minorities and Policing

    Minorities and Policing 1 Minorities and Policing: Unfairly Treated Dorothy J. Fells Criminal Justice 131 C. Thompson December 6‚ 2001 Minorities and Policing 2 Minorities and Policing: Unfairly Treated If we look at the past‚ we can see that there is no warm tradition of community cooperation between the African-American community and law enforcement. Minorities and Policing is an important topic because it deals with issues pertaining to how minorities are

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  • Minority Groups In The United States

    All groups are not treated or viewed equally in all societies. Sometimes‚ a minority group can be defined by constituting a smaller percentage of the population than another group. However‚ sometimes a minority constitutes the majority of the population. A minority group is a subordinate group which has significantly less control over their lives than a dominant group. As a result‚ the minority group has less opportunity afforded to them than the dominant group. Particularly‚ the majority of the

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