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The "lifestyle/exposure theory" was developed by Hindelang, Gottfredson, and Garofalo (1978:243; e.g., see Goldstein, 1994; Maxfield, 1987:275; Miethe, Stafford, and Long, 1987:184). This model of criminal events links victimization risks to the daily activities of specific individuals (Goldstein, 1994:54; Kennedy and Forde, 1990:208).Lifestyles are patterned, regular, recurrent, prevalent, or "routine activities" (Robinson, 1997b; also see Cohen and Felson, 1979; Felson, 1994; Hindelang, Gottfredson...

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable living is the maintaining of one’s life or lifestyle at a steady level without exhausting resources or causing damage to the environment. It is a lifestyle that assumes continuous economic growth without irreversibly damaging the environment. Sustainable living is also a lifestyle that reduces an individual’s use of natural resource. Having a sustainable lifestyle brings about change especially in the society. It provides us with the energy we need to be a positive force in the world...

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Today Youth Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a picture for every person who wear it and illustrates how much the moral values ​​of people in surrounding communities. Or also, life style is an art cultivated by everyone. Lifestyle is also very closely related to the times and technology. Increasing age and increasingly sophisticated technology, the more widespread implementation of lifestyle also by humans in everyday life. In another sense, lifestyle can give positive or negative effects for those who run it. Well, depending on...

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Descriptive Essay on a Southern Lifestyle

English 1010 23 April 2012 Southern Lifestyle What is a southern lifestyle? Some may say that southern is a stereotype, but I like to think of it as more of a way of life. It is important that people from the south know exactly what it means to really be southern so that it ends being a stereotype. The southern lifestyle ranges from everyday manners, men being gentlemen, women acting like ladies, southern families, and most of all being southern about it all. Some people may associate the...

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Lifestyle of Pre-Colonial Khoekhoe Communities

regard. I have not allowed anyone else to copy my work. Signature: SHORT QUESTIONS 1. What were the similarities between the economy of the pre-colonial Khoekhoe and that of the San? (2) The two bands shared a travelling lifestyle where they followed the rains for better hunting and herding to take place, however the San was more mobile than the Khoekhoe. Each clan relied on livestock to survive however the San did not own livestock such as the Khoe. 2. What was the main...

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The Pastoral Ideal in Thomas Gray's Elegy (Eulogy) Written in a Country Churchyard

Gray consigns these people and their lifestyle to darkness and death in order to save them from a world whose changing ideals support their idyllic lifestyle. This poem can be broken into four parts. These parts describe a kind of conversation between the speaker and the fading light of the traditional pastoral notion. The first part, ending around line 28, shows the ways in which the working people have integrated successfully into the pastoral lifestyle. The second and longest part, ending...

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Personal Definition Essay: Independence

The Independent Lifestyle During my short existence on this planet I’ve become the type of person that I have wanted to be. To this day, I hold no regrets about my actions because I know that every decision I have made in my life was my own, and whether good or bad I have had complete control. Don’t get me wrong, I do face outside pressures from circumstances around me; however, I consider those circumstances and continue to make a truly original decision. Although overwhelming, I have...

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Living in Anticipation of God's Future

have enough, the challenge is to share in the sufferings of the poor by helping them, alleviating their sufferings, and supporting their needs. Looking at Christian lifestyle, there is two main ways to approach the preparation for God’s future. One is the individual lifestyle, while the second is the communal lifestyle. Our community must be just as strong and geared toward participating in God’s future as a single member. As an individual, we have the personal right and choice...

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Equality and Diversity Level 2 Unit One

Ages The ages in the community in which I live range from new born babies to very senior citizens. Lifestyles There are varying lifestyles around the area, there are fitness clubs/gyms which appeal globally to the community, slimming clubs are held at several church halls and social venues for health conscious members of the community For the people who enjoy a social lifestyle there are a wide range of restaurants, Indian, Mediterranean, and Caribbean, Italian, Fast Food and Gastro...

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Green Living

Green living is a lifestyle that practiced to reduce the usage of natural resources in daily life. It is created due to global warming which is one of the catastrophes that caused the melting of ice in North Pole and South Pole, rise in sea level and also reduce the Earth surface which resultant to many loss of living place for people who live near the shores. So, in this matter, the Malaysian government plays the main role to settle this problem. They should take a quick action and start to find...

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