Sustainable Lifestyle

Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Sustainable living Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Sustainable living is the maintaining of one’s life or lifestyle at a steady level without exhausting resources or causing damage to the environment. It is a lifestyle that assumes continuous economic growth without irreversibly damaging the environment. Sustainable living is also a lifestyle that reduces an individual’s use of natural resource. Having a sustainable lifestyle brings about change especially in the society. It provides us with the energy we need to be a positive force in the world. It is also about taking control of our own lives positively by getting what we need and not what we want, changing direction of the world and not destroying it, setting an intention that fosters and empowers the things we care about, which in the end gives us strength, clarity and purpose to live a better life. Living a sustainable lifestyle is more about common sense & making practical choices. Because sustainable living is all about making choices in the modern world, it is easily accomplished by breaking down the requirements of living into the following categories: Shelter, Food, Water, Power, Transportation and Waste. These categories represent all the areas in which sustainable living choices can be made. When it comes to Shelter, smaller homes are preferable as it creates a more fulfilling sustainable lifestyle both indoor and outdoor. Smaller homes need less utility payment because fewer materials went into its construction and therefore fewer materials are needed to maintain it. There would be fewer belongings, less debt and greater freedom for those who choose it. As for food, reducing consumption is the starting point towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle. According to Victoria Klein, the Author of 48 things to know about Sustainable living, “The mantra for sustainable living is: Reduce, Reuse and Recycling”. This way, we have the capacity to endure, save time, spend money wisely, and reduce waste and electricity. We would also have the ability to...
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