Schools of thought

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Schools of Thought Worksheet
Amanda Nilsen
December 17, 2014
Juan Ospina

Schools of Thought Worksheet

General Terms

Ecology is the science that studies living beings in relationship with biotic and abiotic environments. (Desjardins) Environmental Justice is being defined as a pursuit to equal justice and equal protection under the law for all statues and regulations without any type of discrimination based on socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and/ or race. (Rajzer, 1997) Environmental Science is a study on the interaction of living and non-living elements in the surrounding environment with emphasis on the impact of humans and these elements. (College) Ethics consists of the general beliefs, values, attitudes, or standards that guide to a responsible behavior. (Desjardins, Environmental Ethics) Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are plants, animals, and other living things created through genetic engineering. It means they take the DNA from different species, plants, animals and create cross breading that in normal circumstances wouldn’t occur in nature or in traditional cross breeding. (Green America) Renewable Energy is a source of energy that flows from on-going natural processes such as wind, flowing water, geothermal heat flows, biological processes and most common solar energy. (Science Daily) Sustainability basically creates and helps maintain effective habitats in which people and nature can co-exist in a productive, fulfilling and social economic environment for this and future generations. (EPA)

Schools of Thought

Anthropocentrism is the philosophical belief that human beings are the central most significant creatures in the world. Biocentrism is the thought that every living creature is of equal value in this grand purpose of nature. Ecocentrism is a perspective view that places essential value on all living organisms and their natural habitat, unmindful of their recognized usefulness or importance to...
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