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  • lie?

    Everyone has secrets‚ like the government‚ friends‚ teachers‚ including your family; but have you ever considered why do people lie? Why do we keep information? Why do we not speak or say all what we think? And what are the consequences if I lie? People lie because of the fear of the consequence of truth‚ to appear to be important and to “protect” others. The reasons why people lie are so varied; now at days the two principal reasons are to avoid hurting the feelings of others or to solve or avoid uncomfortable

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  • The Online Dating Question: To Lie or Not to Lie?

    April 30‚ 2012 To Lie or Not to Lie? The Online Dating Question As one generation passes to the next‚ the way singles find partners changes‚ now it is changing from traditional dating to online dating. Online dating has become increasingly widespread and tends to be the future trend. People are more likely to use dating websites than traditional dating‚ because they can meet numerous people in a straightforward way. Parents start worrying about their children’s future partners on dating websites

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  • A Good Lie

    feeling or insult them. Normally‚ I lie to avoid something bad that will hurt someone or make other people in trouble. I teach my kids early in elementary school not to lie‚ but sometimes it is necessary for them to lie. For instance‚ I used to tell my kids that if s stranger call the house when their mom is out‚ then just tell them that she is doing laundry‚ cooking‚ or taking a shower. I don’t want anyone to know that my kids are home alone. I consider this is a good lie because it’s for my children’s

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  • Centrality Of Lie

    Lying is the opposite of telling the truth and it is also when someone is being deceitful. A lie begins when an individual has the intent of being deceitful. According to Daniel Dor‚ the intent to deceive existed before the invention of language; language being different methods of communication such as spoken or written. With the creation of language‚ the capacity of being deceitful increased. With language an individual has a number of methods to communicate the intended lies. When an individual

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  • Lie Is Wrong

    It is wrong to tell a lie Since the early age‚ we have taught that lying is wrong and hurts people including ourselves. But is it always wrong? There are certain situations in life where you have no choice. Firstly‚ let’s imagine that we are visiting someone very sick at the hospital. Patient is looking really bad‚ so we can say that he is not feeling well and we don’t know if there is any hope for him to get better. Will we tell him the true? NO. We will rather say: “You look so much better”‚

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  • Lie Detection

    discovered that 91% among the two thousand Americans that he interviewed lies regularly both work and home. Based on research by Robert Feldman‚ in any given conversation‚ an average of two to three lies occurs every ten minutes. So‚ why do people lie? It is because they want to avoid punishment‚ protect themselves‚ look good and gain socially. Therefore‚ by understanding body language‚ individuals able to know attitude‚ feelings‚ and emotion of a person. Gestures are the most reliable clue to

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  • White Lie

    A Lie is a Lie A lie is to deliver a false statement towards someone who does not know the truth. A white lie is defined as a well-intentioned false statement. These are commonly used in good faith toward a person‚ to keep them from knowing something that might hurt them. They are used daily on everyone from small children to elders in retirement homes. It does not affect a person’s emotions or someone’s way of thinking. Because there is no limit to small lies‚ it can lie can be small‚ drastic

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  • Speech On Lie

    Speech on Lie Anything is better than lies and deceit!”  ― Leo Tolstoy Why shouldn’t we lie?:Lying breaks the basic rule of conduct that helps people get along in the world: treating others in the same way in which you would like to be treated. When you lie‚ it shows that you care more about yourself-and about what the false information can do for you-than about other people‚ who may face problems because of it. Imagine what your life would be like if people frequently lied to you. You would make

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  • Lie and Honesty

    positive and virtuous attributes such as truthfulness and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying‚ cheating or theft. Honesty means being trustworthy. Honesty also means straight forward conduct.” So basically honesty is a person who doesn’t lie‚ cheat‚ or steal. They are loyal and true to themselves and others. Is honesty something that everyone is born with? Well our characteristics start to form at childhood. It is important to consider developmental and environmental factors when studying

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  • A White Lie

    Under normal circumstances‚ a lie is always bad‚ even harmful‚ but there are exceptions. When I was very little‚ Mom and Dad were always on business trips‚ so I stayed with my grandmother. I didn’t like to talk with others and to play with neighbors’ kids. They thought I was an unsociable and eccentric child. I just would like to think and behavior by myself. My grandmother was a very nagging person‚ at the very least I thought she was at that time. Every time she wanted to care about me‚

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