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 Richard D. Radabough CJ 3050-001 May 1, 2013 Key Elements of Deception Being able to identify deception is a very important trait to have when conducting an interview or interrogation. Deception is to ensnare or to give false claim to something. For an interviewer this is a key element to have so that one can find the truth to what happened when and where the crime took place. So when conducting an interview or interrogation the interviewer must watch for key signs and specific elements to...

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Deception includes several types of communications or omissions that serve to distort or omit the complete truth. Deception itself is intentionally managing verbal and/or nonverbal messages so that the message receiver will believe in a way that the message sender knows is false. Intent is critical with regard to deception. Intent differentiates between deception and an honest mistake. The Interpersonal Deception Theory explores the interrelation between communicative context and sender and receiver...

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Deception In The Odyssey, there seem to be many common rules of life that everyone knows about and lives by including hospitality, loyalty, and justice. However, telling the truth takes a back seat to these other virtues for many of the main characters. Plenty of times, it appears that telling the truth ends up making a situation turn out horribly wrong, while lying and deceiving other characters ends up being the smarter thing to do. The theme of deception and lying in The Odyssey is especially...

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Deception in Research 

Deception in Research  The article I chose from Capella Library was about Deception in Research. While exploring my area of interest may require misleading or not completely informing your subjects about the true nature of your research, as a general rule, serious deception should be avoided whenever possible, since it put at risks the integrity of informed authority. For research involving deception the use of deception must be justified in the procedure to show that the research cannot be performed...

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Deception in Hamlet

DECEPTION IN HAMLET One must always be weary of the truth because it is quite often manipulated to serve the needs of any person who requires that the truth be on their side. Quite often, the only way to discern the truth from the fiction is by way of a deceptive act, because an act of deception always exposes both its self and the truth to be two quite different things. Nowhere is this more true than in William Shakespeare's, Hamlet. One of the major themes in the play is in fact, deception....

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Deception and Truth

Madi McClure 05/14/14 3rd Period Deception and Truth The Good In Deception Everyone characterizes deception differently. One may view it as breaking the trust of a loved one and think of it as a mere deceit. Others may accept deception as a way to gain or give happiness. Some may even think of it as part of life. More commonly, deception stands being viewed as hand and hand with “evil”, this includes, not only viewed by people, but also portrayed in movies and novels from all eras of time. Frequently...

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Deception in Research

Deception in Research PSYCH/540 August 5, 2013 Kimberly Wilkins Deception in Research Ethics are a very important part of psychological research, not only for the researcher, but also for the participant(s). Researchers have a duty to protect the participants from any kind of harm or injury. There is not one exact definition of ethics, as there are many. In this paper I will discuss what I believe the definition of ethics to be, along with the connection between deception and ethics...

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Deception in Shakespeare

Deception in Shakespeare Beguilement. Deceitfulness. Duplicity. Insincerity. Trickery. Untruth. All of these words are synonyms for one: deception. Deception is officially defined as misleading “by deliberate misrepresentation or lies” (The Free Dictionary by Farlex). But how is it that lies are told and then identified? Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have detected different areas of the brain are involved in telling a lie and telling the truth. “Sections of the...

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Is Deception Justified?

Everyone characterizes deception differently. One may view it as breaking the trust of a loved one and think of it as mere deceit. Others may accept deception as a way to gain/give happiness. Some may even think of it as part of life. More commonly, deception stands being viewed as hand and hand with “evil”, this includes, not only viewed by people, but also portrayed in movies and novels from all eras of time. Frequently feelings dealing with deceit –lying or jealousy- creates anger in an individual...

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Self –Deception From something as innocent as convincing yourself that you are the best at what you do, to the immediate response of the unsuspecting person finding evidence of unfaithfulness within their relationship, it seems almost natural to dismiss or excuse what is known in order to cope or shield ourselves from the hurtful truth. Self-deception or delusion is not only something we all participate in, some more than others, but some believe it is actually necessary and...

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Detecting Deception

Detecting Deception Erik Skrudland Columbia Southern University Abstract Since the day you first learned to lie as a child, your parents have probably demonstrated extraordinary talent at knowing when you are telling the truth…..and when you are lying. Did you ever wonder how they knew? Chances are it was collection of things called “tells” that you were unaware of that gave you away. When most people lie, their body goes through a serious of physiological reactions that are subconscious...

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Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication

 Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication Abstract This paper examines deception in computer-mediated communication. Types of deception are identity deception, mimicking of data and processes, insincere responses, false excuses and promises, and fraud. Reasoning and factors for engaging in deceptive online behavior is personal gain, to avoid punishment, release aggression, create a sense of power, wish fulfillment, assist own or other’s self-deception, help a loved one, resolve...

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Hamlet Spying and Deception

Spying and deception introduce the play and continue to dominate the play, contributing to a major theme of Hamlet. The theme of ‘appearance versus reality” is developed through the deception and spying in the play. The tone of deception is initiated by Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, now, the bestial King of Denmark. Claudius’ murderous actions are revealed by Old Hamlet’s ghost. The visitations explain the background to Denmark’s deception. “The...

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Deception in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew, deception is one of the major concepts. A tangled web is created in the play through deception of character behavior and the change between clothing and class. Most of the deception in the play have particular motives behind them and create dramatic irony. Shakespeare has used dramatic irony to create a comedic play. Character deception in The Taming of the Shrew is used largely, and Lucentio one of the main characters in the play uses deception throughout some of the first...

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Characters in Hamlet and Deception

Bob Ms.ZZ ENG-4U December, 06th, 2013 Corrupting forces of Deception Lies and deception lead to many actions that have disastrous consequences. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, the theme of lies and deception is very significant to the plot. Hamlet is a play about the revenge of a the protagonist, the prince whose late father's ghost visits him. Hamlet is told by his fathers ghost that the king was murdered by Claudius, Hamlets uncle in order to inherit the throne and also married Hamlet's...

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Deception Is an Unavoidable Part in Journalism. Discuss

Deception is an unavoidable part in journalism. Discuss. Deception is a path taken by many journalists in order to uncover a story. According to Lee (2005), deception means lying to deceive, mislead, misrepresent one’s own words or actions. Though there is no clear answer to whether journalism is unprofessional ethically wrong; it will however be discussed in the essay that it is an unavoidable part in journalism as according to Wilkins (2008), at least one out of four conversations contain...

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An Analysis of Deception in the Decameron

In The Decameron, Boccaccio uses tales of deception to capture the merchant culture of quick wit and cleverness, which defies Christian morality and transcends the traditional social classes of the medieval era. In fact, one’s success at deception is often depicted as a form of intelligence. Tricksters are either rewarded or face no significant consequence for their actions, whereas their victims are portrayed as gullible and weak. In the opening story of San Ciappelletto, Boccaccio presents...

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Literature Plots of Deception

The Plots of Deception L. Ann Williams ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Professor Brendan Praniewicz 05/17/2010 The Plots of Deception Deception can occur many ways in a story, play or poem. Several of the literary works we read in this class involved deception as a plot. Many of the people we read about appeared to be one type of person and ended up being a totally different one. I found it interesting that works by Flannery O’Connor, Lorraine Hansberry...

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Deception in Shakespeare's King Lear

detailed supporting evidence, discuss the significance in the play of ONE of the following. Deception. William Shakespeare's 'King Lear' is a tragic play of filial conflict, deception and loss. Characters Lear and Gloucester shape the story line due to their lack of insight which their children take adavantage of. These are the antagonists who decieve their fathers, to gain more power and status. Deception usually has negative connotations and one would expect the characters who use it to be antagonists...

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Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception Amanda Niwa March 8, 2013 Leadership and Self-Deception I have a problem. You have a problem. Almost everybody has a problem, and it is all the same problem. Even cultures as a whole suffer from this problem. We do not realize that we have a problem. We do, however, realize that everyone else has a problem, and this is the root of our problem. This problem creates most of our other problems. It causes resentment to grow, which deteriorates our relationships....

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Interpersonal Deception Theory

Running head: INTERPERSONAL DECEPTION THEORY Interpersonal deception theory: Detecting deception within friendships Introduction When dealing with deception, there are millions of reasons people to choose to lie, and depending on the approaches they take, some people can consistently prevent themselves from being caught. So how many times are we deceived without even noticing? In the study of interpersonal communication, the matter of deception finds people in situations where they speak...

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Self-Deception in Macbeth

to be true.” Self deception is a human weakness. It means that even though something maybe wrong and untrue if an individual believes it enough it will come to pass. No matter what someone may say, it is hard to change ones opinion because that is what the person truly believes. This is portrayed in William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, through the actions of various characters. Shakespeare clearly shows the idea of self-deception through their actions and how this self-deception leads to moral disorder...

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Deception Illustrated by Characters in Othello

tactics one is considered a deceiver. Deception can be caused through many different factors. Dissimulation, or lies and half-truths, is the verbal way to deceive. A person's actions can also be deceptive, and one can use a symbol or tangible object to deceive another. The minor characters are the victims of deceit, while the major characters are both victims and deceivers themselves. The antagonist in the play is the biggest deceiver of all. The theme of deception is portrayed in the Shakespearean...

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Othello - Deception and Vision

Deception and Vision in Shakespeare’s Othello Walter Scott once stated, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave... when first we practice to deceive” (Quotation). Scott’s statement is overwhelmingly evident in William Shakespeare's Othello. Deception is a reoccurring theme in Othello, that touches each character individually and on various levels. The theme that affects Othello directly is vision. Vision is the “ocular proof” that Othello demands from Iago, and how his actions are based on what he hears...

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Deception In Romantic Relationships

typically idealize honesty and see lying as manipulative and unacceptable, (Roggensack, Sillars, 2013, pg. 001). For a partner in this type of situation, knowing but not wanting to face the facts, tends to not be knowledge that recipient of the deception relishes, because there are relationship rules that should be clearly conveyed, understood, and followed. When rules governing a relationship are unclear, no respected, not agreed upon fully by both parties, are contradicting, or abstract, relationship...

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Deception in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial Processes

Deception in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial Processes Lisa Moore University of Phoenix Ethics in Justice and Security CJA 530 March 23, 2010 Roger Long J.D. Deception in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial Processes The term deception means the deliberate act of misleading an individual some may refer to deception as “little white lies.” Deception has long been used in the criminal justice area by officers in the detecting process of criminal cases, and...

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Hamlet Essay: Deception

own Weapons Lies and deception are some of the many actions that have disastrous consequences. For the most part, they destroy trust and leave the people closest to us feeling vulnerable. In Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's many plays, the theme of lies and deception is very significant. This play shows that every character that lies and practices the act of deception is ultimately punished for doing so by their treacherous deaths. Hamlet has lied and practiced deception several times which has prolonged...

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Advertising: Deception at its Finest

Jesse Scannapieco Principals of Advertising Professor Gopal 20 October 2012 Deception at its Finest Getting in shape without setting foot in the gym? That may be one of the best things to tell a consumer who is concerned with his or her body image. In America where obesity is on the rise and being unhealthy is a common dilemma, individuals are likely to purchase a product that promises cardiovascular health, weight loss, and a stronger/more toned body. For the producer though, that may be...

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Deception of Satan Paradise Lost

The Deception of Satan Satan was a powerful angel who, after being thrown into hell, used his powers to deceive God's newly created beings, Adam and Eve. These characters are perceived as innocent and vulnerable creatures, who could be easily influenced. What better way to get revenge on God than to tempt His most prized possessions? Satan uses his power of deceiving rhetoric to mislead his followers. He then deceives Eve with the same kind of rhetoric. Satan's tone changes between the speech...

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A Language of Deception

Pirsig touches on the strange encounter of self-deception. I know the truth and you do not; I intentionally hide the truth from you—this is the lie. But with this understanding of deception, how then, is self-deception possible? Does one know the truth about something and then, simultaneously, hide the truth from one's self? How could this be: what makes it possible for a single person to be both deceived and deceiver? Nietzsche makes self-deception a reality through the error of truth. Like...

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Lying and Deception in Our Personal Relationships

relationships lying can have a detrimental effect; whether we accept it or not lying and deception affects our communication in our personal relationships as well. “Deception violates both relational and conversational rules is often considered to be a negative violation of expectancies” (Guerrero, Anderson, Afifi, 2007, p.292). In our personal relationships, deception usually leads to feelings of distrust and betrayal. Deception leads to uncomfortableness whether you are being deceived or you’re the deceiver...

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Macbeth - Deception Always Loses

Deception Always Loses Sometimes things are not always what they seem as deception takes its toll, all while being hidden behind an illusion no one notices. People often face betrayals and hurtful acts to allow others they consider friends to meet their own goals. However, in truth they are being deceived without even knowing it. Macbeth by William Shakespeare is set in the Middle Ages, an 11th Century Scotland. Macbeth is about a Scottish man who is thane of Glamis, yet three witches make a prophecy...

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Deception as a There: Goodbye, Columbus and Gentleman's Agreement

Deception, How Far Would a Character Go to Achieve his Goals? Some people may think of “Jewish Literature” as religious books and novels about God and all the work Jews have had to do to be where they are now; fighting wars, racial and religious discrimination. Even after being “legal” to live as Jews, anti-Semitism and Gentleman’s agreement have made their lives hard as Jews. The movie “Gentleman’s Agreement” and “Goodbye, Columbus” explore what it is to be a Jew in America in post-World War II...

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Disguise And Deception In The Odyssey

Disguise and Deception The epic poem The Odyssey begins on Mt. Olympus. Athena brings to Zeus' attention that Odysseus' journey has been brought to a standstill on the island of Calypso. Athena then goes to Ithaca and assumes a disguise to convince Telemachus to go on a journey to seek news of his father. From the very beginning of the book Athena, an immortal, disguises herself as a mortal to relay news to another mortal. Throughout the book, the Gods disguise themselves as humans. This forced the...

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The Power and Deception of Appearances

Iago recalls, She did deceive her father, marrying you, And when she seemed to shake, and fear your looks, She loved them most … . She that, so young, could give out such a seeming (3.3.207-209, 211) Iago reminds Othello of Desdemona’s deception, and then stresses the possibility of her betraying their love. Through this, Iago brings out the worse in Desdemona’s appearance in order to increase the likeliness of an affair between Cassio and Desdemona. Iago begins to create a reality of betrayal...

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Deception Through Verbal and Microexpressive Cues

Lucy Akehurst graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a master’s degree in Psychology. Shortly thereafter, she decided to return to school and pursue her PhD, which she received in 1997. During this time period, she focused her studies on deception research, where she specifically honed her study in on nonverbal cues of deceit, Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA), and how she could affect public perception of both. Akehurst is currently an undergraduate teacher at the University of Portsmouth...

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Deception: A Prominent Theme in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Muneeb-Ahmad July 10, 2015 ENG2D1-A Mrs. Bhullar Deception In Twelfth Night “Art is a deception that creates real emotions - a lie that creates a truth. And when you give yourself over to that deception, it becomes magic”- Marco Tempest. There are many themes in the book Twelfth night, by William Shakespeare. However, deception is one of the most prominent themes throughout the novel. In this book the deceptive appearance and language allowed the character in the play to make their way to...

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Deception by the Investigating Officer in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial

Deception by the Investigating Officer in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial Processes Paper University of phoenix Ethics in Justice and Security AJS/532 Matthew O’Deane December 18, 2013 Deception by the Investigating Officer in the Investigative, Interrogative, and Testimonial Processes The term deception stands for the measured act of deceiving an individual. People have the ability to at times to refer deception as “little...

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Confusion And Deception Are Key Elements Of Comedy 1

“Confusion and deception are key elements of comedy.” How does Shakespeare present these ideas in Twelfth Night? Confusion and deception are two key elements that occur often in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and they seem to go hand in hand with one another- where one occurs the other is slowly behind. As in most comedies, Twelfth Night celebrates different forms of confusion and deception in order to make the play more entertaining and comical Shakespeare incorporates the confusion and deception throughout...

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Behavioural Cues and Emotional Leakage Associated with Deception

in to the context of the legal system where a person’s guilt or innocence is at stake or where an accused could be falsely convicted or exonerated. The nature of lying is two-pronged, whereby morality and self-service collide; how we feel about deception is highly dependent upon the reason for telling the lie. Everyone lies. In fact, people lie on average twice a day (DePaulo, Kashy, Kirkendol, Wyer, & Epstein, 1996) and would rather do so in an effort to censor themselves, then to express their...

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Deception in Advertising: Volvo's "Bear Foot" Misstep

requires you to first ask what kind of person should you be (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, J., & Meyer, 2005b). This method assumes that there are particular ideals that we should strive towards. One question I believe should be asked when talking about deception is, 'Is the company, in question, practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?' In this paper, I will provide some examples of CSRs. I will also discuss what I see as false claims made by Volvo in its monster truck ads. I will reflect on findings...

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How Is Deception Portrayed Through the Characters Within 1984?

How is deception portrayed through the characters within 1984? Deception. Perhaps we all have been deceived at one point or another in our lives – maybe you were deceived by your parents, into thinking that they would buy you a certain present for Christmas, only to realize on December 25th that it is not the present you were hoping for. Imagine being deceived almost every day of your life; telescreens to monitor your every move, even your eyes can give away the slightest piece of evidence, and...

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Explore the Use of Disguise and Deception in Twelfth Night

Explore the use of Disguise and Deception in Twelfth Night Many characters within Twelfth Night create disguises for themselves, beginning with Viola, who disguises herself as a male in order to make everyone in Illyria believe that she is in fact a man. By deciding to dress Viola in male garments, Shakespeare creates endless sexual and gender confusion with the Olivia-Viola-Orsino love triangle. Other characters in disguise include Malvolio, who wears cross garters and yellow stockings...

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Deception in Shakespeare's MacBeth

'Your hand, your tongue: look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't.' (Shakespeare 1.5. 64-66) Throughout Shakespeare's Macbeth, things are not always as they seem. Deception in this play is always present, especially with the main characters - Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is the most skilled at persuading others, especially her husband, into believe things that are not true. The above quote, spoken by Lady Macbeth to her husband, shows exactly how manipulative and deceiving...

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How far can Much Ado About Nothing be seen as Much Ado About Deception

grace, nevertheless uses a plot which primarily revolves around the theme of deception re occurring in various forms. On one hand deception is used throughout Much Ado About Nothing in a malicious manner, however on the on the hand it can be portrayed in a benevolent and beneficial manner such as the fooling of Beatrice and Benedick and deceiving them into proclaiming their love for each other. The use of both forms of deception often makes it difficult to distinguish between the two, such as when Claudio...

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that the world is facing today is deception. People everywhere try to live life in the things they call for themselves happiness. Some live their lives on the killings that their crushes, and puppy love, also known as infatuation which they really believe as love. Sad to say, many of them suffer from headaches, emotional, social, and psychological problems, and some even experience traumatic events and depression which lead to suicide. How tragic that deception is. The victims of such problem...

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An Exploration of the Use Shakespeare Makes of Misunderstanding and Deception in the Play Much Ado About Nothing

of misunderstanding and deception in the play Much Ado About Nothing Misunderstanding and deception in Much Ado About Nothing are key themes in the play. In Elizabethan times the word “Nothing” was pronounced “Noting” and so the title would have given the audience the initial clue that in this play the importance of noting, spying, appearance and eavesdropping will cause trouble throughout. It is important to define the difference between misunderstanding and deception. Instances of misunderstanding...

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How does Shakespeare use deception to structure the plot in 'Much Ado about Nothing'?

How does Shakespeare use deception to structure the plot in ‘Much Ado’? Pretty much all of the key events or turning points in Much Ado about Nothing happen because characters deceive each other. Shakespeare uses deception as a way of structuring the plot because it often results in comedic situations and, after all, Much Ado about Nothing is a comedy. From the very beginning Shakespeare introduces the idea of using deception as a way of getting what you want. Don Pedro’s plan of wooing Hero...

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Explore How Shakespeare Examines the Themes If Jealousy and Deception in Othello the Play and Othello the Character.

Explore how Shakespeare examines the themes if jealousy and deception in Othello the play and Othello the character. Sana Thomas Jealousy and Deception are both continuous themes running through out Shakespeare’s Othello. Indeed, it is jealousy that provides the fuel for the plot and deception that leads to the classic downfall of the 'hero' as is common in Shakespeare tragedies. However, it is a theme of hate that the play opens. It is a hate of inveterate anger. It is a hate that is...

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Explore Shakespeare's Interest in Deception Based on Your Knowledge and Understanding in the First Two Acts

Explore Shakespeare’s interest in deception based on your knowledge and understanding in the first two acts Shakespeare’s “King Lear” in a play filled with betrayal and various acts of deception. This becomes evident in the first few lines. The superficiality of Goneril and Regan empty words combined with their lack of love for their father foreshadows the events to come. We first see dishonesty in Act1 Scene1 with Lears “love test”. Goneril and Regans elegant yet false speeches oppose what they...

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Examine the ways in which Shakespeare makes dramatic use of deception and trickery in The Tempest. In your answer you should also make connections to scenes 3:2 and 3:3 of Doctor Faustus.

Shakespeare makes dramatic use of deception and trickery in The Tempest. In your answer you should also make connections to scenes 3:2 and 3:3 of Doctor Faustus. Deception is defined as the act of deceiving someone and tricky is the practice of deception. Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ uses deception in the themes of power through his magic and control, even if this involves betraying his adored daughter, Miranda. However, in comparison to Marlowe’s ‘Dr Faustus’, deception has more negative connotions...

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Explore the ways in which Shakespeare uses and presents deception in much ado about nothing. Is it merely a functional plot device?

The plot of Much Ado About Nothing is based upon deliberate deceptions, some malevolent and others benevolent that functions the main and sub plot. But also Deceptions are used by Shakespeare to reveal a lot about characters and attitudes. The duping of Claudio and Don Pedro results in Hero’s disgrace, while the ruse of her death prepares the way for her redemption and reconciliation with Claudio. When Claudio has shamed and rejected Hero, Leonato and his household “publish” that Hero has...

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Themes of Much Ado About Nothing

"Much ado" essay The play "Much Ado About Nothing" is not about nothing. It shows themes in the areas of deception and love. The play is also streaked with metaphors brining in the taming of wild animals. These ideas make proving themes and issues and easy and convincing argument. The plot of the play is based upon deliberate deceptions, some bad natured and others well mannered. The deception of Claudio and Don Pedro results in Hero's disgrace, while the hoax of her death prepares the way for...

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Much Ado About Nothing

play; and is instrumental in providing confusion, misunderstanding, and ultimately – love. Almost all of the characters in this play either carry out some sort of identity deception, or are deceived by someone else doing much the same thing. Primarily we have the play’s protagonist, Viola, who resorts to gender deception in order to get a job in what is essentially a male dominated society. It is noteworthy to mention that in Shakespeare’s time, female roles were played by males, and the idea...

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Appearance vs Reality in Hamlet

someone they are not. These characters deceive others for their own personal gain and appear to be different than their true selves. Deception not only takes place in the play Hamlet, it happens in everyday life as well. So this leads us to asking the question, how can one truly trust another if they are not being who they are, but instead hiding behind the mask of deception and lies?...

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Worship, Passion, and Normalcy in “Equus”

“Laertes: Have at you now! [Laertes wounds Hamlet; then, in scuffling, they change rapiers, and Hamlet wounds Laertes]” (V, ii, 277-278) Laertes’ act of trying to deceive Hamlet and use and unfair poison-soaked blade, then falling victim to his own deception is a clear example of Shakespeare’s claim that treacherous act will always backfire in the end. “Hamlet” features an array of deaths most of which steam off their own treacherous acts backfiring in each of their faces. Polonius attempted to spy...

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Death of a Salesman

Willy feels he has to sacrifice himself in order for Biff to be successful in life. This exploration is also important to the play as it helps the reader understand the importance of being true to yourself and the disastrous consequences of self deception. “Death of a Salesman” follows the tired life of overworked sixty-four year old Willy Loman and his family. Willy is constantly burdened with his underachieving job as a salesman and is struggling with his relationship with his eldest son Biff...

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Merchant of Venice - Apperance vs Reality

Appearance Vs Reality in Merchant Of Venice This theme of Appearance Vs. Reality is used throughout the play to mislead and confuse so things may not always be what they seem. Shakespeare uses deception to enhance the unfolding drama and involve his audience more fully in the play – the audience are party to deceptions which the characters themselves are unaware of. Prejudice was common and the word “Jew” applied to hardhearted unscrupulous moneylenders. An Elizabethan audience would have been happy to...

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King Lear

What part does deception of one kind or another play in Shakespeare’s King Lear? King Lear is a fictional tragedy written by William Shakespeare in 1604. The play provides a detailed description of the consequences of one man’s actions. Shakespeare displays deception as an act to cause someone to believe something that is untrue, or to mislead. There are five primary forms of deception that are displayed in King Lear: Lies, equivocations, concealments, exaggerations and understatements. Through...

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Comedy in Much Ado about Nothing

Explore the importance of disguise and deception in Much Ado about Nothing. Are they merely effective plot devices? Much Ado about Nothing was written by William Shakespeare in 1598, towards the middle of his career and during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Disguise and deception are used to great comic effect, as well as to drive the main and sub-plot forward. However, an attentive audience may notice how disguise and deception can also be seen to develop characters and relationships, and show...

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