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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was born August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. He was not born into a wealthy family. His dad died in a car accident when he was young. His mom remarried and Bill took the last name of his step dad which was Clinton. Before that, he was William Jefferson Blyth. Rodger Clinton was an abusive stepfather. Bill was very intelligent as a child he went to Boy’s State and then to Boy’s Nation. He shook John F. Kennedy’s hand at Boy’s Nation. This was said to be the point were Clinton knew...

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Bill Clinton: A Short Biography

Bill Clinton: A Short Biography On August 19, 1946 Virginia Cassidy Blythe gave birth to William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas(Beschloss). At the time this was not an important event but this child would later become known as our 42nd president.President Clinton was born to a single mother due to the fact that his biological father was killed in an auto accident several months before his birth. Approximately two years after little Bill was born his mother left him with her parents to seek...

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The Bill Clinton Scandal

March 12, 2013 The Bill Clinton Scandal The Constitution of the United States outlines the fundamental government and laws of the country. Its main purpose is to establish separation of powers in order to protect the people from unfair rule. A means of protecting the United States from a corrupt executive leader is outlined in the sections detailing with grounds for and actions to be taken in the case of impeachment of a civil officer of government for crimes committed while they are serving...

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Bill Clinton: How Will He Be Remembered

How Will He be Remembered? People will always remember Bill Clinton, for what reason, however, might be different. Some might remember him as a wonderful president who helped our country pull through the millennium unscathed. He protected our environment, promoted education, strengthened our economy, dropped the crime rate, dropped our nation's poverty levels and had some victories with international policies. At the same time we have health care that is falling apart, some problems with the...

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The Impeachment of President Bill Clinton

The Impeachment of President Bill Clinton The impeachment of President Clinton is something that will be remembered forever. Along with the fact that a presidential impeachment has only happened one other time since the Civil War, the publicity that came with the Clinton trial was extensive (Miller 2004). While the Republican and Democratic members of the House of Representatives had vastly different views on impeaching President Clinton, the fact that only five Democratic Representatives voted...

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Oklahoma City Bombing Rhetorical Analysis Bill Clinton

the current president of America, Bill Clinton, who had once resided in Oklahoma himself? Oklahoma City needed someone to soothe their pain and give them back their lost hope. Clinton uses rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos to appropriate an empathetic tone to the victims of the bombing. Furthermore, he uses religion to explain that good things will follow for the victims, and that the evil which took place would not go unpunished. Doing so, Clinton got the community of Oklahoma City...

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the 42nd US presidents. Bill Clinton who is the real name was William Jefferson Clinton III. He was born on 19 August 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. Bill’s father named, William Jefferson Blythe. His father was died in car crashed before his born and Clinton lives with his mother. Clinton’s mother, Virginia Cassidy Blythe move to New Orleans, Louisiana to complete nursing school for provide his son. Clinton stays with his grandparents in his hometown. Clinton’s mother married with Roger...

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Bill Clinton is remembered as a charismatic leader who paid close attention to public opinion and let it influence his decisions. Around half of Millennials see Bill Clinton as the president who did the best job during their lifetimes and ended his second term with a 66% approval rating. A Sep. 22, 2010 poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal found that Clinton was more popular than President Obama. Clinton had a 55% approval rating compared to Obama's 46 percent approval...

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Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush: Two Term Presidents with Major Impacts

Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush: Two Term Presidents with Major Impacts Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush were all two term Presidents in the last 30 years and although their policies and the time periods in which they presided were different, each man had a significant impact as President of the United States. It will be argued that Reagan was a reconstructive President and “savior”, helping to restore faith to the Presidency as an institution after the shortcomings...

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Bill Clinton's Influence on Tony Blair

Bill Clinton’s Influence on Tony Blair The cooperation of America and Britain has had thousands of years’ antiquity that started with America as the colony of Britain. Historical studies prove that the relationship between the United States and United Kingdom stem from their coalition in the Second World War. Britain’s premiership and the United States’ presidency have often ruled hand in hand. Throughout the years presidents and prime ministers have borrowed ideas from other politicians. ...

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Analysis of Clintons Rhetoric

Analysis on Clinton’s Rhetoric in Inaugural Address On January 21st, 1993, Bill Clinton spoke to America on what they could expect of his term as president. In his inaugural address, he motivated a nation using multiple forms of rhetoric. Although later scandal shattered his ethos, during his inaugural address his ethos is strong demonstrated by references to previous presidents and a confident tone. He also exploits a significant amount of logos, referring to the struggles of the people at the...

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Bill Clinton's Doctrine of Enlargement of Foreign Policies

Bill Clinton’s Doctrine of Enlargement of Foreign Policies Tommy Wong American History Mr. McCarthy May 2, 2011 During his inauguration from 1993 to 2001, United States President William Jefferson Clinton, also known as Bill Clinton, promoted democracy and improved foreign relationships by using non-aggressive policies. These policies were based on Clinton’s belief and principle, which was also known as the Doctrine of Enlargement. The Doctrine of Enlargement asked for a free competition...

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Bill Clinton's DADT

inherently discriminatory law. Gays were still not allowed to serve openly. President Clinton ideally hoped for gays to be able to freely serve in the military. However, this proved to be too liberal for the conservatives sitting in the White House in the 1990s. Under pressure, Clinton scrambles for a solution and in his press conference titled “Gays in the Military”, he unveils the DADT. It was critical for Clinton to persuade the public and elude that although the DADT is neither what he envisioned...

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Bill Clinton term paper

 Throughout his presidential career, Bill Clinton was challenged by many economical problems. He also faced a huge personal problem that put him at risk of losing his presidency, that being the scandal with Monica Lewinsky. Republicans despised Bill Clinton; they always pointed out his flaws and did whatever they could to get him out of office. Clinton fought through all of these problems and the reason he overcame them were because he was diligent and hard working, took advantage of all...

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The Clinton Era: Domestic Policy, 1993-1997

The Clinton Era I: Debating Domestic Policy, 1993-1997 o Health Care • Healthcare prices were increasing drastically. • Hilary’s task force proposed seeping reform plan at expense of increased tobacco taxes. • Defeated by lobbyists for doctors, tobacco companies, the insurance industry, retired persons. • Fall of plan cost the Clinton presidency • While the plan failed, health care was still a major issue. o Crime and welfare reform • 1994-Clinton propses anticrime bill to fund drug treatment...

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Comparing and Contrasting Clinton and Connerly's Speeches on Affirmative Action

Comparing and Contrasting Clinton and Connerly's Speeches on Affirmative Action Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. Elected in 1992 and again in 1996, Clinton served as President until January of 2001, when George W. Bush became the 43rd President. Ward Connerly is the founder and chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute. He has gained national attention as an outspoken advocate of equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, sex, or ethnic background. In...

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Life History of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton succeeded where no other Democrat since Franklin had. He was re-elected to a second term as President. Clinton also proved most of his critics wrong, surviving the personal scandals that came about. During his presidency, Clinton broke promises and failed in certain areas, but he still had support of the American people. Even after his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the people still wanted him in office. They liked what he was doing for the country and...

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Bill Clinton Most Successful

2012 Bill Clinton: Most Successful President Since the establishment of our Nation in 1776, we have had 44 Presidents of the United States of America. Of these 44 leaders, the most successful in my opinion was Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Bill Clinton served our country for two terms from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. During his administration the United States enjoyed more peace and economic well being than at any other time in its history. Bill Clinton’s...

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Rhetorical Strategies Analysis of "Bill Clinton's First Inaugural Address"

Rhetorical Strategies Analysis of "Bill Clinton's First Inaugural Address" Introduction William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He got authority at the end of the Cold War. During Cold War, in order to compete with the Soviet Union's military power, the federal government spent a great deal of financial resources to establish a powerful military. The quality of life of common people decreased year after year. At that time, people...

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

HOW A BILL BECOMES A LAW 1. PREPARATION OF THE BILL The Member or the Bill Drafting Division of the Reference and Research Bureau prepares and drafts the bill upon the Member's request. 2. FIRST READING 1. The bill is filed with the Bills and Index Service and the same is numbered and reproduced. 2. Three days after its filing, the same is included in the Order of Business for First Reading. 3. On First Reading, the Secretary General reads the title and number of the bill. The Speaker...

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

The road a bill takes to becoming a law is a long and tedious process. First, the proposed bill goes through the House of representatives. Once the bill has been approved by the House, it is then begins its journey through the Senate. After the bill has been endorsed by the Senate, the houses of congress then meet in conference committees to prepare the bill to be sent to the White House. To summarize, the path the bill takes to become a law is a fairly complex impediment. <br> <br>Now to begin,...

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How Bills become Law

How bills become Law 1 How bills become law POLS210 B039 AMU Laura Olson How bills become law 2 How bills become law How bills...

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US Immigration Bill

Economic Indicators Economic Policy Global Economy 'US Immigration Bill can lead to $30 Billion/Year Loss to India' Press Trust of India | Updated On: August 15, 2014 11:22 (IST) Ads by Google IIM-B, Weekend Exec. MBA – Post Grad Programme in Enterprise Mgt. Applications Open. Apply now! www.iimb.ernet.in/pgpem New Delhi: The Indian economy could lose $30 billion annually, with the IT industry being the hardest hit if the Immigration Bill under consideration in the US Congress becomes a law, Indian American...

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The American Dream

Dream. Lastly, the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal shows how lies and deceit brings the downfall of an influential American. Former President Bill Clinton engaged in an affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He then lied about the affair under oath, “Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky says that former president Bill Clinton lied under oath when describing their romantic encounters” (Condon). When asked about their romantic relationship, Bill Clinton gave false statements...

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scandals that definitely caught the public eye was the Bill Clinton sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky. This had a big impact on Clinton’s presidency and even led him to become impeached. “Bill Clinton weathered a year-long sexual and obstruction of justice scandal and became only the second president in U.S. history to be impeached, while maintaining some of the most public approval ratings of any modern president”. (Bennett) In 1995, Bill Clinton started a sexual relationship with his 21- year old...

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The Apathy of Generation X

to participate in what activities they can; they soon find that the major candidates have paid little, if any attention to the issues that effect young people the most. Chris Weinkopf, associate editor of National Review, when speaking about how Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are talking to young voters said, "I think both of them are really just paying lip service to young people in the way they address issues" (www.mtv.com/issues.html). <br> <br>When young voters make themselves heard in an election...

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Seperation of Power & Check and Balance System

The Judicial, composed of the federal courts and the Supreme Court, is set up in Article 3. Each of these branches has certain powers, and each of these powers is limited, or checked, by another branch. The Executive Branch has veto power over all bills; appointment of judges and other officials; makes treaties; ensures all laws are carried out; commander in chief of the military; pardon power. The Legislative Branch passes all federal laws; establishes all lower federal courts; can override a Presidential...

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intro to Political Science study guide

Political Science Exam Three Study Guide HOW A BILL BECOMES A LAW -if senate legislative committee approves a bill, that bill is sent to the senate majority leader and minority leader who negotiate a unanimous consent agreement to determine length of debate of a bill on the senate floor and how many amendments can be offered -if ONE senator disagrees, then there are no rules for debate (other than general parliament procedure -if no rules- no time limit/ amendment limit – filibuster occurs (when...

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Progressives Fun Fact- William Taft was the first president to own a car Bill Clinton Lane 1) How many terms did Bill Clinton win? Answer= 2 terms 2) Bill Clinton was the second president to be what? Answer= Impeached 3) What number president was Bill Clinton? Answer= 42nd 4) Why was Bill Clinton impeached? Answer= He had personal indiscretions with a young woman White House intern Fun Fact- Bill Clinton was a saxaphone player and almost became a musician...

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Doma Unconstitutional

Rogers Professor Lori Kelley Introduction to Sociology March 9, 2013 Overturn DOMA Article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/bill-clinton-its-time-to-overturn-doma/2013/03/07/fc184408-8747-11e2-98a3-b3db6b9ac586_story.html “It's time to overturn DOMA” by Bill Clinton Published March 7 Synopsis: The article is written by former US President Bill Clinton who in 1996 signed the Defense of Marriage Act which stated that marriage is defined as being between Man and Woman. What this means...

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Generational Welfare

poverty line. This system went virtually unchanged since 1930, and was due for a much-needed reform. In 1996 President Bill Clinton made great strides to give welfare a long overdue facelift. He gave the duties of welfare to the states by implementing the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. This act restricted aid to most legal residents. The bill had a 5year lifetime maximum for cash assistance and, required recipients to search for employment among other requirements...

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should welfare recipiants be tested?

have economic and domestic benefits, therefore should be federally enforced throughout the entirety of the United States. The United States welfare system has been full of flaws since it was created. Some presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have pushed for some kind of welfare reform. In Regan’s “Welfare Reform” speech he called for a “reshape of our welfare system so that it can be judged by how many how many Americans it makes independent off welfare.” (President Ronald Reagan speaks...

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Congress and the Presidency

history. Comparing Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Bill Clinton and how they dealt with congress would not give an accurate picture of the relationship between Congress and the President because our country deals with issues that the congress of the 1930’s and 40’s could not have foreseen. That is why this paper will be comparing and contrasting Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and how they dealt with and related to congress. President Bill Clinton came into the White House in 1993 and enjoyed a...

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Overturn Doma

Bill Clinton encourages court to overturn DOMA Paola Santiago Ortiz Sociology 111, Winter 13 Professor Rabinowitz March 10, 2013 Bill Clinton encourages court to overturn DOMA The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was signed by former President Bill Clinton “in 1996 barring federal recognition of same-sex weddings” (Baker). DOMA defines “marriage for federal purpose as the union of a man and woman” (Baker); however, “it did not ban same-sex marriage in the states” (Baker) and allowed the states...

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Macroeconomics Paper

surging; the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which had stood at just 1,000 in the late 1970s, hit the 11,000 mark in 1999, adding substantially to the wealth of many -- though not all -- Americans. The 1990s brought a new president, Bill Clinton (1993-2000). Clinton declared that the era of "big government" was over in America. He pushed to strengthen market forces in some sectors, working with Congress to open local telephone service to competition. America's labor force changed markedly during...

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health reform

lower and middle class will get tax credits to offset the high cost of private insurance. It is been said to be a historic event because some past presidents and US citizens have fought to try to pass this bill but it was never accomplished until now. On March 23rd, 2010, this health care reform bill became a law in the United States of America. The following was taken from the website: (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/28/us-health-care-reform-efforts-through-history/#ixzz2DzYSDNmr) . They briefly...

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Barack Obama: Speech To The Nation On Passage Of New Health Care Reform Bill

| |MLA Citation |Obama, Barack. "American Rhetoric: Barack Obama -- Speech to the Nation on Passage of New Health Care Reform Bill ." American Rhetoric: | | |The Power of Oratory in the United States. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2011. | | |. ...

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Gays in the Military

Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed in the military? COM/215 Essentials of College Writing February 28 2011 Government Policy During the 1992 presidential campaign the previous Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton addressed the issue of gays in the military. “It became one of the first issues Clinton tackled as President, but when the White House attempt to unilaterally repeal the ban stumbled, Congress passed a law to keep openly gay men and women from serving” (Webley, 2010, p. 1). On September...

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Healthcare History Paper

elderly did not like the idea of having to pay taxes to finance the additional coverage. (Cass, 2012). 1900’s In 1992, Bill Clinton wanted to require businesses to provide insurance to their employees with the government helping everyone else, and president George H. W. Bush proposed tax breaks to make health insurance easier to be afforded. (Cass, 2012). In 1993, Hillary Clinton develops a 1,300 page plan for universal coverage. Universal coverage required businesses to cover their workers and to...

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Impact of Media on Politics

criticisms of Bush's service in the Guard during the 1970s. These documents were supposedly created by Bush's commander, the late Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian. It was also reported that the documents were obtained by a CBS News producer from Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, a former officer in the Texas Army National Guard (TexARNG). During the report, Dan Rather asserted the documents had been authenticated by experts hired by CBS News. Within hours of the broadcast, several internet forums and blogs were bombarded...

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20th centurt

their significance during the 1990s and beyond: Earned Income Tax Credit E-mail NAFTA Telecommunications Somalia and Rwanda Internet marketing Kosovo Cell phones Economic prosperity under Clinton Creating a budget surplus The Internet and the World Wide Web The Brady Bill Apple Digital divide Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Microsoft Event Significance E-mail The significance of e-mail during the 1990s and beyond was the way friends and families stayed in contact with...

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Megans Law

to make information available to the public regarding sex offenders. Each state has the final say as to what information is shared and how it is shared, but every state is required to have some form of the law. The Megan’s law proposal made by the Clinton administration passed due to campaigning by interest groups, media involvement, and pressure from the president. Numerous interest groups and advocates worked together to get a petition signed to get Megan’s Law passed in New Jersey. The largest...

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Why Obama Won the 2008 Election

speeches of all time”[1], “something truly, truly, truly special…to be monumentally proud of”[2]. The recognition in political circles to follow, so early before the primaries arguably gave Obama an advantage over his opponents; chiefly, Hillary Clinton. Whereas Clinton represented ‘Old politics’ Obama detached himself from this and brought a new found sense of originality and freshness to his party. The Democrat candidate in 2004, Senator John Kerry however failed to project the prospect of change...

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Margo Prade

in her minivan outside of her office (where she worked.) She was murdered, her body was covered in blood, and her husband was blamed for killing her.  There were no fingerprints, witnesses and weapon wasn’t found. 3 Current events of 1977 o Bill Clinton was re-elected as the US President o The spacecraft “Pathfinder” lands on Mars o Iraq tells all American weapon inspectors to leave their country Evidence Possibilities: Forensic Odontology- Bite marks, and teeth impressions. A bite mark...

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Technology and Politics

promoting the Democratic Party and their values. As seen on this specific video (President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut), there is a small link that takes you directly to Obama’s official YouTube page, as well as a significant amount of videos relating to the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign. Another point to take away from this video is that former Democratic president Bill Clinton, is slandering current Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and not relating to the current...

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Organized Crime

Objective One should not dismiss the influence of organized crime in the operation of the government. A generally acknowledged fact is that Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan had ties to organized crime (Abadinsky, 2003). Some say President Bill Clinton regularly received gifts from a reputed mob boss (Isaac, 1996). Much has been written about President George Bush, Sr. and President George W. Bush, and their suspicious ties to organized crime elements (Schiem, 2005). Practical Applications...

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techniques, but are done for different purposes. Many people oppose to cloning & human cloning because when somatic cell nuclear transfer is use to clone the nucleus of an egg and all of it’s DNA is removed .In 1997 the United States president Bill Clinton challenged the techniques of human cloning such as somatic cell nuclear transfer, here is a simple and brief description: the nucleus and all DNA from a fertilized egg is removed and then the nucleus from the isolated somatic cell is transfer to...

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Movers and Shakers in Education

acknowledged but not put into practice. Since the release of A Nation at Risk, several presidents have taken an initiative to address educational reform. One president was President Bill Clinton. President Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore made education reform a cornerstone of their administration. President Clinton and Vice President Gore felt all Americans had the right to have every educational opportunity available to insure success in the growing informational economy. The President and Vice...

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Presidential Impeachment Trials

Impeachment Trials Mandy White Legal Methods and Process LS 500-01 June 5, 2012 The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the impeachment trials of President Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton and identify any ethical dilemmas associated with each individual case and whether or not criminal chargers were appropriate or not. Before delving into the trials here is a brief description of what impeachment is and how the process works...

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The End

their depth. Often conservative in their outlook, they may be low risk takers. They have a tendency towards perfectionism. Approval of authority is important. Famous First Born Children: Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Hilary Clinton & Bill Clinton and macho actors such as Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Sean Connery. Two more famous first borns are Oprah and J.K. Rowling Second Borns – people pleasers, compromisers and flexible types. They are most likely to...

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Jimmy Carter and Political Maxim

politician can learn is “don’t get mad, don’t get even; get ahead.” The following quotes states, “Cry Baby", screamed the headline of the New York Daily News above a picture of Newt in diapers. "Newt's Tantrum: He closed down the government because Clinton made him sit at the back of the plane." I find this quote to be the funniest of the rest of the quotes. It clearly demonstrates the fallout of trying to get even with someone. It doesn’t work so ignore the revenge part and surpass your expectations...

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There are no effective checks on presidential power

only 106 of 1,484 regular presidential vetoes being overridden by congress between the years of 1789 and 2004. Furthermore, the threat of a veto has often been sufficient in bargaining with congress to ensure that the President is not presented with a bill that he is going to veto straight away, thus the effectiveness at which this power is checked can be questioned as the President has a way of getting around the check that is in place by Congress. One of the powers that the President has is his ability...

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‘the Separation of Powers Hinders Effective Government in the Usa!’ Do You Agree?

three branches of government; the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The doctrine of the separation of powers embodies three basic principles; limited government, which means that the government’s power over its citizens is limited by the Bill of Rights. Secondly is the separation of personnel, meaning that no one person can hold office in separate branches of the government at the same time. And lastly, each branch of government keeps a watch over the other branches of government and in...

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Obama Care

maintenance organization. To negotiate with the health care providers on behalf of consumers, monitor their performance, and ensure their suitability, the Clinton Plan proposed the creation of new public organizations called health care alliances” CITATION Der98 \l 1033 (Bok, 1998). This was presented to Congress on September 22, 1993 by President Bill Clinton. In his speech he also urged lawmakers to "to fix a health care system that is badly broken...giving every American health security--health care that...

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Issues and Controversies

the right to keep firearms”. Other scholars agreed and noted that in 1792 congress actually passed a militia low to mandate every able-bodied man to arm himself with a musket. The Brady Act is a controversial law which was signed by President Clinton in 1993 and that took effect in 1994 (named for President Reagan’s press secretary who was paralyzed when shot in a 1981 assassination attempt on the president) which requires prospective gun buyers to wait 5 days before they can buy a gun while...

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Clinton's Approach to the Nation

Clinton’s Approach to the Nation When Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky surfaced in 1998, President Bill Clinton addressed the nation in two vastly different speeches with the intention to clear his name and gain forgiveness from the American people for committing adultery. “I Misled the people” was Clinton’s first attempt in gaining the understanding of the nation. The second time he spoke to the public in his “I Have Sinned” speech he asked the forgiveness of the nation. Being...

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Review of the Film: the American President

government, consent towards its declaration will be based on necessity. 2. What are the bills being considered in the movie? How did the power of the President affect its approval? * The bills being considered in the movie were the environmental bill and the crime bill. The President has a veto power to approve bills and turn them into law with a vote of 2/3rds from the Congress. Since there were 2 bills waiting for approval, the president having the power to approve laws supported the environmental...

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Alfred Eisenstaedt - Essay

Sophia Loren and Ernest Hemingway, appeared on 90 Life covers. Eisenstaedt was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1989 by President George Bush in a ceremony on the White House lawn Martha's VineyardAlfred Eisenstaedt photographing the Clinton family - the last photos of his life.Eisenstaedt, known as "Eisie" to his close friends, enjoyed his annual August vacations on the island of Martha's Vineyard for 50 years. During these summers, he would conduct photographic experiments...

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Gay Rights

community has significantly stood up for there rights over the last few years and we should expect a lot more. The gay community has recently gained many large voices to their movement, from congressmen and celebrities to even former President Bill Clinton (Wong Huffington Post). I believe 2013 is going to be a big year for not only the gay community but the transgender and bisexual communities as well. Each and every person apart of this movement is very passionate about what they want and believe...

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acts of congress summary

House Committee on Financial Services (Banking Committee) who he held in highest esteem to work on issues for the reform bill - Frank favored three hallmarks for reform that might relieve liberals who were nervous that banks were not bearing the brunt of responsibility for the crisis o Credit card bill – more transparency from issuers of credit cards o Subprime mortgage billbill that banned many subprime mortgages and required that lenders be more careful in assessing lessee’s ability to pay off...

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