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  • Reconstruction: Southern United States

    History September 20‚ 2012 Reconstruction At the end of the civil war in 1865‚ the government of the United States had to solve some delicate problems. How should the former confederate states be treated after their defeat? What should happen with the freedmen‚ the former slaves that were supposed to live as citizens now? Should the southern states be punished‚ should they reenter the Union and which conditions would they have to fulfill therefore? The way to manage these

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  • Southern United States and Military Reconstruction Act

    Reconstruction was a time in American history where the South was brought back into the United States by way of the Military Reconstruction Act. This act was put into place to bring the South back in a forceful manner showing the power and strength of the United States. One of the conditions for a state to reenter the United States was that the 13th amendment had to be ratified‚ for a while this amendment was followed‚ until the military was pulled out of the South. The Military Reconstruction

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  • Southern United States and White People

    DBQ Essay Many African Americans gained freedom of slavery from 1775 to 1830 during the same period the institution of slavery was expanded. Slavery was expanded because of the profits from growing cotton and the industrialization the North had. Although there were free African Americans in America‚ they were still mocked. (Doc .I) The people during this time period were still ignorant and were not enlightened. David Walker was a free African American who proposed to white people

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  • The Ku Klux Klan In The Southern States

    (-A+E Networks‚ History.com Staff‚ 2009) The KKK had well over 500‚000 members in southern states. Numbers varied throughout Northern states in the 1800’s. In 1924 there had been five to six million members. The numbers of the KKK slowly diminished. There were fewer than 100‚000 by the 1930’s. People started to see the klan as cruel and foolish‚ also due to the

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  • Slave Ownership in the Southern United States

    Critical Review: "Historians and the Extent of Slave Ownership in the Southern United States" "Only a minority of the whites owned slaves‚" "at all times nearly three-fourths of the white families in the South as a whole held no slaves;" "slave ownership in the South was not widespread;" "not more than a quarter of the white heads of families were slave owners‚ and even in the cotton states the proportion was less than one-third;" "in 1850‚ only one

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  • Reconstruction in the Southern States

    What were the most important political and social legacies of reconstruction in the southern states? The biggest issue of reconstruction was the question of how the government was going to deal with the north and south‚ and how it would rebuild its relationship after the north beat the south during the war. Dealing with the former slaves was also going to be a big part of reconstruction for the south. How would they treat them now? The South was beaten and its economy was in horrible

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  • Discrimination in United States

    Part I: Story: Russian in USA: United States of America and Russia are two very powerful countries who constantly have political problems between each other. The tension between these two countries affects their populations. Native Russians do not like Americans and Native Americans do not like Russians. I am a Russian living in the U.S. right now and I would like to share my feelings and thoughts about discrimination. I was worried about discrimination in the U.S before starting my college career

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  • Southern Hospitality

    conclusion that Southern Hospitality is well and alive today. We have people traveling all around the country for vacations‚ visiting family‚ work‚ and much more; but do they really know what people of the South are really like if they were to come live here? Southern Hospitality is a growing myth that does not exist‚ and barely existed back in the days. Sure people were generally more civil and socially mannered‚ but that did not mean you could dub a whole Southern Region of the United States “hospitable”

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  • southern culture

    Miracle Burton Dr. Crawford Written Comp. 1 12/1/13 Why the South Is So “Southern” When I stepped off the plane in Tennessee‚ I momentarily froze. I felt like I had almost landed in a different country. Not only was the temperature and scenery a change‚ the way people acted changed as well. Southerners have different accents and clothing styles‚ but the thing that stuck out the most was that people in the south are all together more friendly‚ hospitable and courteous. Being in

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  • Sectionalism in the United States:

    Once the United States was split‚ many of the country’s fundamental issues were disputed‚ with slavery being at the top of the list. Some of the other major issues in dispute were representation‚ tariffs‚ and states’ rights. Sectionalism is defined as‚ the sharp socio-economic differences that divided the Northern and the Southern states in the U.S. The most important difference between the north and south was the issue of slavery. The South was primarily agricultural‚ and the southern economy

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