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Paul Ekman

[pic] BECOMING A FACIAL DECODER We mentioned previously that some researchers- the psychologist Paul Ekman is the best known- have studied whether facial expression reveal true emotions. These researchers have distinguished real smiles (so called Duchenne smiles, named after French physician Guillaume Duchenne) from fake smiles. Duchenne found genuine smile raised not only the corners of the mouth (easily faked) but also cheek and eye muscles (much more difficult to fake)...

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Case Incident 1

Case Incident 2 BECOMING A FACIAL DECODER I. Background Paul Ekman is a psychologist known for his study about facial expressions, where facial expressions reveal true emotions. Researchers have distinguished real smiles (so called Duchenne smile) from fake smiles. Ekman and his associates have developed methods to detect other emotions suchas anger, disgust and distress. They call their method as Facial Action Coding System (FACS). FACS has been used to study the facial expressions...

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Facial Expressions

determinant of the meaning behind the message. People watch a speaker's face during a presentation. When you speak, your face - more clearly than any other part of your body - communicates to your audience your attitudes, feelings, and emotions. Dr. Paul Ekman of the University of California at San Francisco has made a career of studying facial expressions and facial animation. He mapped out a technique for coding facial expressions called the facial action coding system, FACS, based on the role facial...

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Naked Face

someone feels before they say anything. Gladwell then shows us another example of how this is human nature by giving the accounts of Paul Ekman who went around the globe showing people different pictures of facial expressions and having them say what they were. It was conclusive that even in the most remote villages of Africa, people see emotions the same way. Paul Ekman learned from one of the best face readers to ever live, Silvan Tomkins. Gladwell explains, “Tomkins could walk into a post office...

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Display Rules

pro-social in nature as it seeks to protect the feelings of another person (e.g. don’t laugh at the bald man, he might be offended), it can also be self-protective. Self-protective display rules refer to regulating emotions for personal benefits (Ekman & Friesen, 1975) and to protect themselves (e.g. don’t cry or people will think that you are a coward). To date, several studies have been conducted regarding children’s understanding of display rules and this requires knowledge on both how...

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Non Verbal Communicaton

Attitudes, 3) Accompany and Support Speech, 4) Self-Presentation, 5) Rituals. In the movie Outsourced (2006), examples of each of these functions of nonverbal behavior are observed. The face plays a particularly important role in showing emotion. Ekman (1982) classified facial expressions of emotion into six categories: happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, and disgust/contempt. Throughout the movie Outsourced (2006) emotions were expressed by the characters through their facial expressions...

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Lie to Me

congressman’s daughter who is a whore. These micro-expressions are typically not controllable. They are facial reactions that last for only 1/25th of a second. These expressions were discovered when film from a psychological evaluation was studied. Paul Ekman slowed the film down and discovered these micro-expressions. Ever since his discovery people have been studying these expressions to detect the truth. Works Cited Lie to Me Episode: Pilot http://www.slideshare.net/Chicme/micro-expressions...

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Detecting Deception

have a chance levels in deception detection just by using intuition only. A study by Ekman & O’Sullivan (1991) about the law enforcement officials have concluded that most of them have failed to attain above chance levels. On a contrary, there are studies showing that certain lie catchers such as experts in psychology field has the ability to perform above the accuracy of chance in the detection of deception (Ekman, O'Sullivan & Frank, 1999). This in turn is also said to be influenced when experts...

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Non-verbal communication: GCSE Psychology

to show respect to another. In the UK, it is good manners to look at a persons eyes when they are talking. Facial Expression Facial expression is a giveaway to the thoughts that are crossing your mind but are not being expressed verbally. Paul Ekman (1972) suggested that there were six universal faial expressions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, suprise and disgust. This means that anybody, regardless of where they ome from in the world, would recognise and be able to interpret them. Different...

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Identifying Deception through Nonverbal Communication

Federal Bureau of Investigation: http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/law-enforcement-bulletin/june_2011/school_violence. Decaire, M. W. (2000). The detection of deception via non-verbal deception cues. Lakehead University. Frank, M. G. & Ekman, P. (1997). The ability to detect deceit generalizes across different types of high-stake lies. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 72(6), pp.1429-1439. Goman, C. K. (212, June). Good Liars and Good Lies. The Magazine of Team Leadership...

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