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  • Surgical Site Infection

    surgical site infection(SSI) is defined when a microorganism settles into and contaminates sterile tissue within 30 days of the surgery. Per the CDC (2017) SSIs are responsible for 31% of healthcare-associated infections or nosocomial infections which is the highest leading cause. This can happen before during or after a patient has surgery. There are many physiological risks that are evaluated before a person has surgery to see if they are at a high risk for a surgical site infection. Some of these

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  • Infection Control in the Workplace

    Infection Control in the Workplace Every health care worker plays a vital part in helping to minimise the risk of cross infection – for example‚ by making certain that hands are properly washed‚ the clinical environment is as clean as possible‚ ensuring knowledge and skills are continually updated and by educating patients and visitors. Standard precautions (formerly known as universal precautions) underpin routine safe practice‚ protecting both staff and our residents from infection. By applying

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  • Infection Interview Report

    Infection prevention breaks the chain of infection and interrupts the infectious disease process. Routine practice should be used with all patient care‚ to prevent and control transmission of microorganisms in all health care facilities. The basic elements of Routine Practice

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  • causes and spread of infection

    spread of infection. 1. Understand the causes of infection. 1.1 You need to understand the differences between bacteria‚ viruses‚ fungi and parasites; this also covers cell structure and growth pathogens. 1.2 Common illnesses and infections include bacteria for example tuberculosis‚ MRSA‚ tetanus‚ gangrene‚ Legionnaires ‘disease‚ salmonella and conjunctivitis. Viruses like winter vomiting disease‚ measles‚ mumps‚ chickenpox‚ HIV‚ Hepatitis B‚ warts and influenza. Fungal infections a few examples

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  • Disseminated Gonococcal Infection

    Disseminated gonococcal infection is caused by hematogenous infection of N. gonorrhoeae from the primary site of infection. It occurs in both men and women‚ but is seen more frequently in women‚ because women with gonorrhea are often asymptomatic‚ which allows the dissemination of infection before the patient experiences symptoms. Pregnancy‚ menses‚ and terminal component complement deficiencies also increase the risk for disseminated gonococcal infection as a result of endometrial exposure of submucosal

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  • Preventing Infection

    Preventing Infection INFECTION The invasion or colonization of the body by pathogenic microorganisms The presence of a particular type of microorganism in a part of a body where it is not normally found and may lead to a disease Microorganism A small (micro) living plant or animal that cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope A microbe Contributions TYPES of Microorganism Bacteria Fungi Protozoa Algae Viruses Multicellular Animal Parasites BACTERIA Very small‚ simple‚ unicellular

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  • Nosocomial Infections

    Nosocomial Infections (NI) can arise from an inanimate object or substance‚ other patients‚ medical personnel‚ visitors‚ air‚ water‚ even the health care process itself. Also‚ the use of reusable equipment/supplies‚ invasive devices or techniques (catheters‚ valves‚ etc.). Patients in a hospital setting are also exposed to more drug resistant strains of microbes; as in this setting the microbes are selected at a higher rate than outside the hospital due to antibiotic usage in the hospital. NI

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  • Secondary Infection Nvq

    Document on how infection is spread and how we can prevent a secondary infection It is caused by bacteria and viruses that are in the body these are found in the environment It is very important to know how infections are spread so we can stop children‚ staff becoming sick. Children should be taught how germs spread and how to stop this. It a direct transfer of bacteria‚ viruses and germs. This can occur when a individual with the virus touches‚ coughs and sneezes and runny noses on people who are

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  • Microbiology In Odontogenic Infection

    Microbiology in odontogenic infections Most odontogenic infections contain mixed aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. predominant bacterial species present in oral cavity are maunly Streptococcus ‚ Peptostreptococcus‚ Veillonella‚ Lactobacillus‚ and Actinomyces . 11‚12 The mixed aerobic-anaerobic composition of the bacteria involved in suppurative odontogenic infections is thought to be important in the pathogenesis of infection. if bacteria involved in mixed odontogenic infections are isolated in pure culture

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  • Opportunistic Infection

    Venters didn’t look after himself very well‚ and soon developed one of the many opportunistic infections we’re prone to. I always find the term ’opportunistic infection’ amusing. In our culture‚ it seems to invoke some admirable quality. I think of the ’opportunism’ of the entrepreneur who spots a gap in the market‚ or that of the striker in the penalty box. Tricky buggers‚ those opportunistic infections. The members of the group were in a roughly similar medical condition. We were all anti– body

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