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Laser dentistry is a relatively new form of dental care. Laser Dentistry uses lasers to perform surgery, prepare cavities, and harden dental resins. This use of lasers has allowed dentists to perform tasks with less pain and with improved results. There are many different types of lasers used in the dentistry field. Theses lasers included the argon laser, the diode laser, the neodymium: yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser, the holmium: yttrium aluminum garnet (Ho:YAG) laser, the erbium: yttrium...

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History of Dentistry.

offered up to saints for the relief of pain. St. Apollonia of Alexandria, 249 A.D., was one such saint. She is now the Patron Saint of Dentistry. II. Egyptians and Chinese. The first known dentist was an Egyptian named Hesi-Re (3000 B.C.). He was the chief dentist to the Pharaohs. He was also a physician, indicating an association between medicine and dentistry. In the 5th century B.C. Herodatus, a historian, described the medical art in Egypt: "The art of medicine is distributed thus: Each physician...

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Psychology in Dentistry

Psychology in dentistry Before I discus the relationship between the psychology and dentistry, we should firstly define the psychology and dentistry as separated sciences. The psychology is studying of human behavior. It is divided into two parts; psych: sole and logy: study. Psychology is not only an academic science that is used by only specific experts but also may be used by normal people. Those people who are old and wise they also psychologists even they don’t had an academic education...

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Forensic Dentistry

Forensic Dentistry is used as a major part in solving cases where people are unidentifiable. Forensic evidence is any evidence that can be legally used in a court of law. Many people know what forensics are because of shows such as Bones, Criminal Minds, and Without a Trace. What most people don’t know are the minor details that have to be sought out when using any forensics to solve a case. Odontology; commonly referred to as dental forensics is highly unrecognized by the general population and...

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Dentistry and United States Department

those who want to search for a better life in future. That is also the reason I want to become a dentist. Although a career in dentistry requires hard working hours, this career suits my interests in teeth, provides good working condition and satisfies my life's demands. Dentist is a nice career in healthcare, but it still has some disadvantages. One disadvantage of dentistry is hard working hours. Everyday, dentists have to work hour to hour in their offices. When the needs for nice smiles increase...

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Nhs Dentistry Review

England. The aim of the review is to provide advice to the Government on how NHS dentistry could “become more accessible and efficient, be delivered to a higher quality and be more preventively focused”(1). Professor Steele and his review team did this by determining the problems in NHS dentistry, reviewing the core principles of the NHS and how they apply to dentistry and finally once there is a clear picture of NHS dentistry and its pros and cons from multiple viewpoints was obtained the review team...

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Dentistry Personal Statement

knowledge, I believe is crucial if we are to improve the quality of human life and I am consequently pleased that my studies in this area have significantly increased my understanding of both scientific theories and of the human body itself. I view dentistry as a scientific art due to the close relationship which exists between a small alteration of the teeth and a person's psychological confidence about their appearance as it can have a huge effect on the whole well-being of a person and this...

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Dentistry and Senior Citizen

bring about our service is now more than treating the patient illness but improving the patient whole being. This is what being taught to us in the lectures under the subject community dentistry. Recently, I have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and get hands on knowledge what health, community and dentistry are all about. What other best method than to dive into the community itself. Under the supervision and guidance by Professor Dr Noorliza, my friends and I visited a house of old folks...

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Dentistry and Southeast Asian Country

invite feedback: Personal Statement of Purpose for entering into a quality DDS/DMD Program with a qualified American University Applicant name: Dr. ***** ***** It is little wonder that my feet were placed on the path to serving others through Dentistry. Growing up in [Southeast Asian country], my father owned a dental clinic, one I would visit every Friday after school. While we emigrated to the US in 19**, my ****** and ******, the Head Dentist, run a dental clinic in [Metropolitan City in Southeast...

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General Anaesthesia in Dentistry

necessary for most dental procedures. The other alternatives are local anaesthesia where only the relevant part of your mouth is numbed, relative analgesia and sedation. These alternatives are discussed at length in the article, ‘Pain Control in Dentistry.’ When you are assessed by your dentist the options and most appropriate types of anaesthesia will be discussed with you. Preparing for general anaesthesia? Instructions will be given to you by the hospital, verbally and in written form, well...

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