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Dental Assistant

protective equipment in dental work should be worn correctly, according to organization requirements. Personal protective equipment is important before, during and after all dental procedures. A high level of attention to personal protection is necessary to prevent injury or disease to patients, dental staff and their families. As a dental assistant it is my responsibility to ensure all personal protective measures are carefully carried out. It is important for the dental assistants to protect themselves...

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Ethics of Denatal Assistant

situation is that the patient has AIDS and the dental assistant has not been properly trained for these types of situations. In all health care practices, universal precautions is used for every patient regardless. The dental assistant was ethically wrong as by her reaction to the situation and poor professionalism was also demonstrated. The dental assistant was unaware of his conduct or the consequences of his reaction. If the dental assistant did in fact refuse to assist in this procedure,...

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Dental assistant

Dental Hygienists Vs. Dental Assistant I was always undecided regarding the career that I wanted to pursuit. As I got older and looked at many choices in careers I realized that I wanted to have a career in Dental Care. Dental Hygienists is a better career than Dental Assistant because of better pay. While both dental assistants and dental hygienists work under the supervision of dentists, their roles in the dental office vary. A dental assistant has administrative duties...

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Dental Assistant

~ THE RESPONSABILITIES OF A DENTAL ASSISTANT~ This will inform you of the responsible duties of the Dental Assistant (DA). It is estimated that careers in Dental Assisting are expected to grow by 31% between the years 2010 to 2013. Due to ongoing and current technology, oral and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventative dental services. A dental assistant is a oral health care professional trained to provide supportive procedures and services to the dentist...

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Professional Presence

Unit 7 we have been looking at group cultures in the workplace and identifying who they are there. As well as what makes you part of what group. In learning this I have learned, every work field and workplace has different work group cultures. The dental field is no different there are a lot just in the office everyday. The term culture means: specific set of social, educational, religious, and professional behaviors, practices, or values that individuals learn and adhere to daily,including communication...

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Reflective Journals

placement at Churchill Meadows Dental with Dr. Pedvis. It was a really exciting and nerve raking experience. When I first walked in and met Jena the dental receptionist I couldn't help but notice how much space there was in the front office and how it had 2 computers. I was a little surprised when I found out the office was paperless, thinking that I would have to scan every piece of paper into each patients chart. One thing I was really familiar with was their dental software ABELDENT as I learned...

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How to Become a Orthodontist

Darreall Jermaine Bardwell GEB 1011 My Company Project November 16, 2012 MY dream has always been to open my own Orthodontist / dental office two in one the reason for this is that the medical filed is always growing and will always have a need and a demand for employment. This demand is growing with the world around us more people are care more and more about their looks and how they look to the world. There will all ways be a need for an orthodontist / dentistry. With every conversation...

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Vellore Woods Dentist Case Study

place is at Vellore Woods Dentistry located at 9565 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5. This institution is owned by a dentist who goes by Dr. R.Goodfellow. He opened this dental office from 2006, wanted to help his clients have satisfying teeth and to help them learn more about their mouth in general. He used to work at Shoreham Dental. It was a small building which is why he came he moved and created Vellore Woods Dentistry to expand his company. He is currently learning different methods to fix teeth’s...

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Career Service

office My paper is going to be focused on the topic how will you use employability skills and in your career. Employability skills are very important in my career because you are around people all the time. If you didn’t have communication in a dental office you wouldn’t get anything done if you didn’t have teamwork in an office you would have to pay more people to do it individually if you don’t solve problems the there will always be problems in the office. Initiative in an office is important...

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Ethics Aids Patients

Can he refuse to assist in this procedure? The dental assistant cannot refuse to assist in this procedure. Besides it being unethical to refuse helping this patient solely because he has AIDS it is also illegal (Anderson, 2009). Dental assistants are bound by a code of professional conduct, adopted in August 2007 by the Dental Assistants National Board. Justice and fairness is one of the codes of conduct. This states the dental assistant has a duty to treat people fairly, behaving in a manner...

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