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the hip-hop subculture

Surname 5 Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gang. Skeleton draft. The hip hop subculture is a way of life tethered to and popularized by the widespread practice of rap music. It originates from the African American community. It is expressed through flashy modes of dressing, graffiti art forms, break dancing, and slang. However, with the passage of time, the culture has traversed racial and cultural lines and has become one of the most practiced genres of music throughout the world, with an...

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Masculinity in Rap and Hip Hop

Tasia Walker Masculinity in Rap and Hip Hop Today in Hip Hop every rapper has to portray themselves as being hard, having a lot of girls in their circle and having money. Since the beginning of the American society being considered a real man was to be able to protect their families. When television came around western films portrayed men as either strong or weak and defined their masculinity as being the stronger man because of their guns. For...

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Subculture of Hip Hop: a Sociological Analysis

the Hip-Hop subculture was born.   The definition of subculture that I will use for my research is:   a subdivision of a natural culture, composed of a combination of factorable social situations such as class status, ethnic background, regional and rural or urban residence, and religious affiliation, but forming in their combination a functional unity which as an intergrated impact on the participating individual (Gordon, 1947:40)   The subculture that I will be analyzing is the Hip-Hop subculture...

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Black Women vs Hip-Hop

“Black Women VS Hip-Hop” Crystal Smith once wrote that “Images of black women in hip-hop culture make it more likely for them to be viewed as targets to be defaced and abused.” This statement is confirmed true there are many African American women in the hip-hop culture that are disrespected or abused in some type of way during the making of a video or even the lyrics of a song. There are many ways African American women of the hip-hop culture are being abused and disrespected. Some video women...

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Effects of Hip-Hop Throughout Generations

Effects of Hip-hop Throughout Generations Hip-hop is a genre that has greatly influenced generations and has been used to inspire, motivate, and promote. Although the first thought of hip-hop is hip-hop music, it has involved into a sense of hip-hop culture. There are different categories of hip-hop such as music, dancing, style, and art. These days, hip-hop is expressed in many different ways. Because of its popularity, hip-hop can be used...

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Tupac Shakur: a Hip Hop Inspiration

Tupac Shakur: A Hip-Hop Inspiration Music is a cultural journal that expresses the realities and emotions of life in a poetic way. For the African American culture, music has always been a statement for many controversial topics such as racism, religion, politics, education, crime, and violence. In the 1990’s, Hip-Hop became the newest cultural and artistic voice for the African American population. Genres such as jazz, blues, rock-n-roll, and gospel that once dominated the musical culture...

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90's Hip Hop and Rap

Rap and hip-hop first started to come together in the 1970's, but didn't really materialize and become popular until the 1990's. With a huge surge in popularity and growth in the 1990's, it seemed that rap and hip-hop had started a cultural phenomenon that still has noticeable effects easily seen today in music and also in pop culture. A cultural phenomenon is an idea, trend, or movement that shapes and defines that time period. During the 1990's, rap and hip-hop spread like wild fire across the...

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Book Analysis: Hip Hop High School

Title: Hip Hop High School Theresa Anderson a.k.a. Tee-Ay, the main character, gets a taste of the hip hop culture as she enters her new high school. The school is full of beat boxers, rappers, and break dancers. The students have their own lingo, and everyone in the school has some kind of nickname. Students aren't as interested in making good grades, as they are in partying, drinking, smoking, and gang banging. Tone The tone of the story varies a lot. It goes from funny, to sad, to intense...

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Christian Hip-Hop vs. Secular

Christian Hip-hop VS Secular Hip-hop Donald Payne COM/170 6/12/12 Faith lbarra Christian Hip-hop VS Secular Hip-hop Hip-hop is a form of popular music that’s comprised mainly of emceeing and deejaying. As hip-hop continues to evolve into a successful enterprise, it has emerged into trends, such as clothing styles, improper dialogue known as slang, and an overall general mindset. While the secular industry of hip-hop promotes sex, drugs, and violence, to name a few; the Christian objective...

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Hip Hop vs. Rock

are many different music genres. Rock and hip hop are two of the most popular music genres. These two music genres are both alike, but also have differences. Rock and hip hop have many similarities. One of the main similarities is the types of instruments they both use. Both rock and hip hop use a drum pattern or a beat that loops throughout the entire song. Both genres use a lead instrumental, Rock music usually consists of a guitar and a bass. Hip Hop uses many types of lead instruments but also...

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