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90's Hip Hop and Rap

Rap and hip-hop first started to come together in the 1970's, but didn't really materialize and become popular until the 1990's. With a huge surge in popularity and growth in the 1990's, it seemed that rap and hip-hop had started a cultural phenomenon that still has noticeable effects easily seen today in music and also in pop culture. A cultural phenomenon is an idea, trend, or movement that shapes and defines that time period. During the 1990's, rap and hip-hop spread like wild fire across the...

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Kanye West: A Hip-Hop Artist

been the topic of conversation through his seventeen year career as a hip-hop artist, but he is more than just a basic rapper. He is the movement of today's pop culture as he is also, "a producer, songwriter, and a high end fashion designer" (Biography.com Editors). Kanye is not only the best hip-hop artist ever, but he is the best solo musician of all time. For instance, "in the span of three short years, Kanye West went from hip-hop beat maker to worldwide hit maker, as his stellar production work...

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Hip Hop vs. Rock

are many different music genres. Rock and hip hop are two of the most popular music genres. These two music genres are both alike, but also have differences. Rock and hip hop have many similarities. One of the main similarities is the types of instruments they both use. Both rock and hip hop use a drum pattern or a beat that loops throughout the entire song. Both genres use a lead instrumental, Rock music usually consists of a guitar and a bass. Hip Hop uses many types of lead instruments but also...

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Rap And Hip Hop By Ruby Ibarra

Rap and hip hop historically served as a vehicle to recognize and empathize marginalized voices. Conveying a sense of dissatisfaction with personal, communal, and global conditions, rap music becomes a mode of edutainment and a calling for social change. However, the grating deliverances of rap songs can ironically alleviate the anger of the community simply through representation and shared narratives. Filipina American rapper and producer Ruby Ibarra continues to rise in fame and engages in this...

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Hip Hop Planet

how music in this generation  has changed our world.  Paragraph 1:  What does this   paragraph tell you   about how McBride   feels about hip hop?    He dislikes hip hop because  he feels as if it isnt music,  that all rappers are bad  influences.    Paragraph 1:  What does McBride   realize in this   nightmare scenario?    What McBride realizes is  that he is going to live in a  hip hop planet where  everything is about music  because his daughter is  marrying a rapper.    Paragraph 1:  What do you predict  ...

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How Does Hip Hop Influence Popular Culture

“By 1980s, Hip Hop had become an influential culture throughout United States. Hip Hop artists became signs of the popular culture after releasing successful songs, appearing in several televisions and radio shows, and winning awards. The main artists in this period included Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Tung Twista, Quincy Jones, Ice-T, and Snoop Dogg,” (Persaud, 631). “During this period, Hip Hop experienced censorship after realize of a song that was seen by the FBI to causes violence and disrespect...

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Reggae And Hip Hop: The Power Of Music

REGGAE AND HIP HOP: The Power Of Music LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction During this study of research I will review literature regarding the relationship between Reggae and Hip hop: Focusing on the link between music and culture, showing contrast and comparison between both movements. The sources reviewed will...

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Hip Hops Betrayal of Black Women

Adrian Middleton Comp I 25 Sept. 2011 Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women The Hip Hop music industry is infamous for being controversial. In the article Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women there’s a debate on whether the exploitation and constant verbal slander of women should be acceptable just because it sales records. It presents the question that why is it that male poverty breeds sexism? Even though women may have lived in the same environment males still see women as the enemy in their...

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Is Hip-Hop Culture Harming Our Youth?

Is Hip-Hop Culture Harming Our Youth? Hip-hop culture is everywhere. The culture, which encompasses rapping, deejaying, break-dancing and graffiti-writing, has become so popular that it has entered mainstream fashion and modern language. It doesn't stop there. The culture permeates everything from TV commercials to toys to video games. Currently, there is even a hip-hop exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. You name it, and hip hop is there representing. However, hip hop's most potent form is its...

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Hip/Hop Versus R&B

Hip-Hop versus R&B Rhythm and blues was considered strictly black music. The black culture is a phenomenal subject representing the life style, imagination and accomplishments of people. One of the most outstanding and unique characteristic that makes this culture one of a kind is the music I has produced. Music has a common characteristic that is unique to all cultures throughout the world. Today, I want to focus on the comparing of two music styles Hip-Hop versus R&B and the...

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