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  • the hip-hop subculture

    Surname 5 Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gang. Skeleton draft. The hip hop subculture is a way of life tethered to and popularized by the widespread practice of rap music. It originates from the African American community. It is expressed through flashy modes of dressing‚ graffiti art forms‚ break dancing‚ and slang. However‚ with the passage of time‚ the culture has traversed racial and cultural lines and has become one of the most practiced genres of music throughout the world‚ with an

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  • Hip Hop Stars

    draft Many Hip Hop Star Influence Teens Have you ever wanted to be like a hip hop star? Many teenagers choose hip hop star as their role model because that’s all they see and like the way they dress and act. Hip Hop stars influence teenagers in this century by the things they sing or rap in songs‚ how they dress‚ and what they do. Hip Hop singers and rappers influence teenagers in their music of today. Ever since the rise of rap and hip-hip music‚ teen have been turning to Hip Hop Stars music

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  • Hip Hop and the Illuminati

    Are we being fooled by The Hip-Hop Industry? A lot of us today really enjoy hip hop music‚ maybe because of the catchy beats‚ addictive hooks‚ or glamorized artiste that write and perform the songs‚ but do we really understand the power behind the messages in these songs. About two years ago I was introduced to the teachings of Evangelist G Craig Lewis‚ he stated that Hip Hop really is not all it is cut out to be but instead a satanic religion used to sway the mass to serve and alternative master

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  • Essay On Hip Hop

    Hip hop is now a popular kind of music and is known and liked throughout the world. This kind of music goes back to the 1970s‚ at that time it was an underground urban development. It was born in south Bronx‚ New York. As the hip-hop movement began at society’s margins‚ its origins are shrouded in myth‚ enigma‚ and obfuscation. music that is mostly rap‚ a rhyming speech that is chanted along with some music. It consists of a stylized rhythmic. The usage of literary devices and a lot of lyrics along

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  • The Hip-Hop Movement

    “This movement started to expose people to new music but ended up becoming a multi-billion dollar industry” according to DMC of Run- D.M.C. (Jalal 1). The Hip-Hop movement started in 1973 by 3 men your parents probably know about. It started to expose people to other types of music. The Hip-Hop Movement will discuss‚ the people who started the Hip-Hop movement and whom is affected‚ the purpose of the movement and what it hopes to achieve. First off‚ it was started in 1973 by Grandmaster Flash‚ Afrika

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  • Hip Hop morals

    Hip-Hop Artists: Role Models in the Music Industry Introduction: -Ice Breaker: Name and what is your favorite music artist? (preferably hip hop artist) -When you hear the term hip hop‚ what comes to mind? What is hip-hop? A culture and form of ground breaking music and self expression with elements that consisted of the elements of graffiti art‚ DJing‚ MCing‚ and breaking. It began in the 1970s as an underground movement in the South Bronx area of New York City. Hip hop is used as an

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  • Hip Hop Music

    More than a hundred years before the Hip Hop music raised in the USA‚ in Africa there were people that told stories rhyming only with the rhythm of drums‚ this kind of music indeed arrived to the new continent and it mixed with other rhythms; that was how the Hip Hop or Rap was born. For instance‚ the first Rap song was “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang‚ hearing this music is like hearing rhymes over a disco song notably being inspired in the hits from the beginning of the 80s. They were the

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  • Hip Hop in Society

    HIP-HOP: STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM AND NOW WE ARE HERE Rasheeda Brown AP English 12 In order for one to understand the genre Hip-hop‚ one must know the origination‚ the changes over the years‚ and the impact hip-hop has on today’s society. Hip-hop has been around for more than a few decades and it has been considered to be one of the most controversial subjects for quite some time. Some people say hip hop encourages hate and violence‚ others say it encourages self believe and tackle social and

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  • What Is Hip Hop?

    What is Hip Hop? Hip hop is a style of dance that combines movements such as popping‚ locking‚ breaking‚ krumping‚ and jazz-funk. Hip hop is used to express individuality and has often been credited with helping to reduce inner-city gang violence by replacing violence with dance battles. What is Contemporary Dance? Contemporary dance is a style that lets you express yourself‚ has a lot of versatility and improvisation‚ unlike the strict and structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dance focuses

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  • hip hop music

    By Ronald Roach As a cultural movement‚ hip-hop manages to get billed as both a positive and negative influence on young people‚ especially on Black and Latino youth. On one hand‚ there are African American activists‚ artists and entrepreneurs‚ such as Russell Simmons‚ who seek to build a progressive political movement among young hip-hop fans and who have had modest success with voter registration efforts. On the other hand‚ there’s no shortage of critics who denounce the negative portrayals

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