Evolution Of Hip Hop

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Evolution of Hip-hop
Hip-hop has many credited fathers; all who have enhanced hip-hop-adding their own style and feel to the new more relatable sound. Hip-hop began as a solution for young people who could not relate to other genres of music such as, funk, soul, and disco. As more faces joined the evolution, hip-hop changed and transformed into something much larger than anyone could have ever imagined
Despite what the media or rumors state, hip-hop originated in the poverty-ridden streets of Bronx New York by an individual by the name of Clive Campbell also known as Dj Kool Herc. The actual father of hip-hop is a controversial topic because hip-hop was born in the streets, making it almost impossible to know exactly who to give all the credit....

The goal then was to get a positive response from the crowd on your lyrics and performance. The material performed was usually a first time premiere for the audience, which added a mysterious feel to the mood of the crowd. Stage 2 was the vinyl period. The idea of emcees becoming recording artists was once a pipe dream that soon became a reality. With the new reality came a new mindset for emcees that cause them to break down their musical barriers. Lastly there was the “hip-hop as an industry itself era,” where hip-hop became more than just a new type of music or sound. During this age, hip-hop became a popular culture shining light on graffiti as an art and a new style of raw street dressing. As hip-hop evolved into something more than a style of music, it began to permeate throughout America, sparking a movement for black expression (Kool Moe...

Rap artists used rap music to release to the listeners what was going on in the world and the communities. Just as everyone has their own story, everyone has their own way of telling it as well, giving birth to multiple different types of rap. Although rap music was in its early stages, it was already on its way to evolution as artists added their own feel to it. Rappers began telling their stories in different ways, bringing the six categories of rap to life. Rap falls into six primary categories; “gangsta,” which focuses mainly on murder, money and chaos; apolitical pop, which has easygoing lyrics and a nice danceable beat; political, whose main focuses are social problems as they analyze what is going on in their communities. The message is usually positive, nonviolent, and encourages the listeners to be more aware of social issues and gives ideas on how to go about fixing or changing them; experimental, which continuously modifies its style; and, finally, feminist, which challenges the stereotypes of women, and proves that women can do whatever men can do. With the six primary categories rap music took off generating hundreds of new listeners and creating a new popular culture (The Rap...
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