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Misogyny & Hip Hop W Sources

Misogyny in Hip Hop | 3.5.2012Dr. Tshombe WalkerAFR 1503 | Tina Marie | Misogyny in Hip Hop culture refers to lyrics, videos, or other aspects of hip hop culture that support, glorify, justify or normalize the objectification, exploitation or victimization of women. Misogyny in hip hop music instills and perpetuates negative stereotypes about women. It can range from innuendos to stereotypical characterizations and defamations. Overt misogyny in rap and hip hop music emerged in the...

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The commodity of Hip Hop

Hip-Hop as a Commodity As Alexis de Tocqueville stated in a description about Americans, “the recollection of the shortness of life is a constant spur to him. Besides the good things that he possesses, he every instantly fancies a thousand others that death will prevent him from trying if he does not try them soon.” In a country that promoted commodification and mass production, American society thrived on its quest for new and exciting things. Nearly two centuries after his report, what was...

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Narrative Essay on Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Comparison Quinton Frizell ENGL112 March 13, 2011 Nelly Aguilar Growing up in the 1980’s and the 90’s I became a huge fan of Hip-Hop music. My friends and I used to sit around for hours listening to our favorite rappers on the radio and watching the videos on television. We would argue for hours about who was a better lyricist and why. Now as I have grown older and the music I have grown to love and still listen to has changed, I find myself asking a very good question. What has...

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Religion, Diversity, and Hip-Hop

exposed to many different genres of music. Hip-hop, which is classified as a subculture that originated from an African American community in the 1970’s, has always been intriguing to me and is a huge part of who I am. There are four elements of Hip-Hop; rapping, DJing, break-dancing, and graffiti. I will be focusing on the music aspect of Hip-Hop and the large impact religion has on some of these artists that perform Hip-Hop music. Over the years, Hip-Hop music has gained a bad reputation. Many...

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Religion and Hip Hop analysis

Davon Brown 11/25/13 Hip Hop is a cultural art form whose elements like MCing, breakdancing, graffiti, and DJing are utilized by participating members to illustrate their life experiences and the world around them. Hip Hop artists and most songs display religious aspects like communicating to a supernatural, grappling with existential questions, and the articulation of subjectivity. One song that illustrate different religious aspects is Lord Knows by Ace Hood. Ace Hood is viewed as an underdog...

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The Four Elements Of Hip Hop Music

Hip-Hop is more than meets the eye. It’s more than a genre of music. It is a lifestyle & culture that helped pave way for generations of youth to express themselves. Hip-Hop originated back in the 1970’s in the Bronx, New York. It has spread worldwide which was unimaginable almost 50 years ago. It has gone through many shifts throughout those years, but one thing that has remained constant & somewhat forgotten are the four elements of Hip-Hop(five to some) which are: Graffiti, emceeing, djing...

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Old School Versus New School Hip Hop

New School Hip Hop Many people believe that all hip hop music is the same. They think hip hop is about the beat of the music and the fame of the rapper. However, the true difference occurs when you look at how old school hip hop became mainstreamed. Original hip hop was about the disc jockey that played the music. The music of hip hop were humble and about pleasing the crowd; while new school has become more commercial due to the involvement of major record companies. The hip hop of today is...

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Hip-Hop Music and Its Adverse Affect on Women

Hip-Hop Music and Its Negative Impact on African American Women Irma Royster Sociology 370-01 Professor Woods 4 March, 2011 ABSTRACT In the world of hip-hop music, the message for young women is that in order to be considered beautiful, you have to take your clothes off or allow yourself to be demeaned and degraded by the rappers/hip-hop artist in the entertainment field. People outside the African American community see these portrayals of...

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How Women are Represented in Hip Hop Videos

English 1301.06 November 14, 2014 How Women Are Portrayed In Hip Hop Videos For Years, video girls have been a major part of hip hop music and videos, but what is the cost? Are girls losing themselves in the glitz and glam of being a video girl? This video covers just that: what image women are giving out by being in these Hip Hop videos. These viewpoints come from a few different people who all have different roles in the Hip Hop world. The video also talks about the negative roles such as “walking...

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Hip Hop Negative Influence On Youth Culture

on the headlines are the bad and the ugly never the good. One picture that is often skewed by the media is that of hip hop. It is often heard that this genre is a negative influence on children, as the message put out by these rappers is not appropriate for today’s youth. The lifestyle is too violent and the lyrics are too harsh. All this is skewed in the wrong direction. As the hip hop genre is impactful and helpful for the youth of the world. The genre speaks to a variety of topics; from hard hitting...

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