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Topics: Hip hop music, Tupac Shakur, Rapping Pages: 7 (1516 words) Published: July 8, 2015

Hip hop has undeniably progressed into a largescale sensation that has captivated the world. This paper is based upon hip-hop history and African heritage. This analysis approaches a vast view of hip-hop, its influences, struggle and beauty of these music genre. I name certain artist, their musical effects on political movements and events within the context of African American music and history. Page 1 provides the beginning of hip-hop, which includes the birthplace of hip-hop, and the key leader of this crazed genre. It also offers a hasty dialogue of hip hop as a culture and beliefs. Page 2 observes hip hop and its acceptance in American popular culture in the twentieth century. Lastly, the final page will identify some of hip-hops...

Rapper Special Ed hit the nail on the head; the gift of speech is what rappers possess. Rhyming words into a rhythm, profound beats, break dance and graffiti is all a part of Hip-hop. Hip-hop was a lifestyle choice in the late 80s early 90s. It made its way into American culture with its music and lifestyle. Hip-hop transformed rap into more than just music. It transformed into several variations of styles making music exceptionally adaptable; hip-hop is a culture that’s profoundly associated within the 20th century. Knowingly that hip-hop has been accepted into the “American culture” but it is by no means “American culture”; this form or style of music created mainly by “African Americans” or black people is said to pay close resemblance to African storytellers known as bards. Bards preserved African culture, traditions and history with African songs of the tribe’s history. Bards and rappers are known for putting their view on society, crime, life, poverty and drugs through rap or storytelling. Hip-hop, Hip-hop; back when a message was sent through song and unity, hip-hop became the reason for any and everybody to “express...

However, you have female artist like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte that changed many listeners’ prospects of the female rapper. They opened the door for female artist like Queen Pen, Lil Kim, Eve, Mia X, Missy Elliott and today’s own Nicki Minaj. Today we have male artist that continues to keep this culture alive by not just speaking on money, drugs and half-naked girls. These artist speak on the same topics that started this genre of music in the 70s. They are speaking on society, crime, black on black crime, injustice, poverty and having a black president. Kendrick Lamar’s latest album “How to Pimp a Butterfly” is being considered a classic. J.Cole is speaking on growing up with a single mother, their struggles and growing up resisting the temptations of selling drugs and making easy money. Lupe Fiasco speaks on political issues, as well as life in Chicago better known as “Chiraq”. There are many different artist that are closer to pop and commercial then they are to Hip-hop. However, hip-hop has made its transformations decade after decade and continues to show and prove that it’s not all...
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