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  • Hemp

    Hemp is the same plant as marijuana‚ its scientific name is "cannabis sativa." For thousands of years hemp was used to make dozens of commercial products like paper‚ rope‚ canvas‚ and textiles. In fact‚ the very name "canvas" comes from the Dutch word meaning cannabis‚ which is marijuana. That’s correct‚ real canvas is made from marijuana! Many years ago hemp/marijuana was unjustly banned. However‚ hemp has recently been rediscoverd as a plant that has enormous environmental‚ economic‚ and commercial

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  • Hemp Benefits.

    HempHempHemp. By: Andy Boustany. Lebanese American University. HempHempHemp. For many years‚ Hemp served as an industrial sourcing of filament and oilseed. It has been utilized everywhere on the planet to make a mixture of modern and customer like items. Starting today‚ around 30 nations develop mechanical hemp as an agrarian product‚ and for exceptional reason for why it does. It is then sold on the planet’s business sector. However in the states‚ the handling of hemp is

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  • Industrial Hemp

    there is something; Hemp. It has been said that Hemp can be used in over 25‚000 products including; food‚ textiles‚ plastics‚ fuel and paper. It grows in 100 days with no wastage‚ little water‚ no chemicals and has huge biomass. Hemp being a cousin of Marijuana fell victim to smear campaigns that lead to the criminalisation of cannabis in the 1930’s and that stigma remains. In my explorations‚ I found out that over 80% of kiwis had no idea there was a difference between Hemp and Marijuana. Most

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  • Industrial Hemp

    Legalize Industrial Hemp General Purpose: To inform the class on why industrial hemp is illegal and the benefits of legalizing industrial hemp. Specific Purpose: To provide my audience with a better understanding of how useful industrial hemp could be for the economy. Central Idea: Due to the war on drugs‚ hemp production is severely limited; however‚ with the proper legalization and regulation of this plant the U.S. economy would prosper due to job creation and the environment would benefit

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  • Legalize Hemp

    If farmers are allowed to start growing hemp‚ many of them will also grow marijuana‚ and the drug problem will gradually recede. For instance in our country a single farmer needs a plot of one hectar sown with any of the industrial cultures in order to just cover the costs of his labour on that very same plot. It is counter productive both in economical and social aspect. If marijuana was legal‚ each farmer could sow one tenth of his one hectar plot and cover the costs for his labour‚ manure‚ working

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  • Hemp as a Sustainable Resource

    Hemp as a Sustainable Resource: Why is it Illegal to Grow in the United States The global population continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid rate. Therefore‚ use for versatile and sustainable resources is becoming imperative in order to retain the capacity to support humanity. More important is the ability to adapt to a system that can do it all while minimizing any negative effects on the environment. In ecology‚ sustainability can be described as the ability for a system to maintain balance

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  • Hemp Research Paper

    of hemp illegal on a federal level? “Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man. It has been used for paper‚ textiles‚ and cordage for thousands of years.” (Hempsters pg. 1) However‚ none of this matters because hemp is a cannabis which means that it falls under the same laws as marijuana even though they are two very different plants. And though marijuana‚ for medical and some recreational uses‚ has started making breakthroughs on state laws and some federal laws while hemp has

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  • Hemp Through the Years

    Hemp through the Years Topic: Hemp from “billion dollar crop” to “illegal nightmare” Specific Purpose: Inform my audience of the history‚ usages‚ and laws surrounding hemp and the industries that could benefit from it. Thesis statement: Hemp provides the world with eco-friendly‚ efficient products such as fuel‚ clothing‚ and plastics. Introduction I. Marijuana is not Hemp! (Attention getter) II. Cultivating and harvesting hemp is illegal. III. Hemp provides the world with

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  • Hemp Oil Essay

    different part of the cannabis plant‚ hemp (industrial)‚ cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil or extract is a natural concentrate that is high in cannabidiol or CBD‚ one of roughly 85 cannabinoids that have been found in the cannabis plant. This is a CBD hemp product that should not be confused with hemp seed oil or the organic hemp oil you typically find on the shelf in a grocery store. There are certain facts or pertinent information that every beginner should know about CBD hemp extract before attempting to employ

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  • Persuasive Speech on Industrial Hemp

    the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana? Would you like to? The purpose of this speech is to explain the differences in marijuana and industrial hemp‚ and to show the need to reform the present hemp laws in the United States in order to make hemp available for industrial purposes. The hemp plant shows its unique versatility by having many uses in industry and hemp has many distinct benefits over its counterpart in industry today. The usage of hemp would result in cleaner and more

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