Legalize Hemp

Topics: Law, Cannabis, Hemp Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: January 9, 2014
If farmers are allowed to start growing hemp, many of them will also grow marijuana, and the drug problem will gradually recede. For instance in our country a single farmer needs a plot of one hectar sown with any of the industrial cultures in order to just cover the costs of his labour on that very same plot. It is counter productive both in economical and social aspect. If marijuana was legal, each farmer could sow one tenth of his one hectar plot and cover the costs for his labour, manure, working machinery maintenance and taxes. Our country would soon start repaying its foreign debt so farmers would become less poor and their line of work would become less frown upon. So in general more and more young people after graduating from their college would return to live in the country which on the other side would also improve our country's demographic picture. Now lets take a look at the economical aspect of legal marijuana in our country. More tourists would come our way, which means more income for the government and people. From the wide array of actual smokable products and paraphernalia associated with it the whole nation could also profit from making it a trademark of European Union. Welcome to our country, land of beautiful women, hard working farming men and best marijuana you can legally smoke. Since one tenth of that first hectar is sown with marijuana, other nine tenths can be employed for whatever we need. Be it another plot of marijuana so we can export it or be it carrots, figs, tomatoes or olives in either way we and our homeland are profiting. Food wouldn't be scarce or expensive, clothes wouldn't be imported cause we could make our own, only thing we would need is raw materials we could not produce ourselves. So Legalize it!
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