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Medical Cannabis

patients and distributors of medical marijuana have battled the federal government for their right to use marijuana for its medicinal qualities. Although marijuana use is against federal law, medical marijuana has been permitted in sixteen states by a majority vote. The conflict between state and federal law has ignited a large conflict regarding medical marijuana and has resulted in the prosecution of many who use and distribute medical marijuana. Supporters of medical marijuana believe that the effects...

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Legalization of medical marijuana at the federal law

 Why should marijuana be legalized? Marijuana can be argued for different reasons. In my case I will be arguing the medical purposes for legalizing marijuana. Marijuana has positive features, and how people prefer using marijuana. Marijuana helps individuals get through a variety of things that they suffer. Marijuana provides relief from pain, rather than other medications out there. Many individuals prefer marijuana over anything else to relax. An argument on why people using marijuana spend...

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Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal

Jennifer Laird English 1101 Medical Marijuana In “Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal”, by Daniel J. Pfeifer, the author states what he thinks justifies medical marijuana being legal. I disagree with that completely, because medical marijuana has no proven medicinal values to make it a legal form of medication. The article states that, “marijuana use, especially by terminally ill patients, mitigates their suffering from unnecessary chronic and unbearable pain that persists until death.” Marijuana...

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Participation in Government Proposed Solution #1 Legalization of Medical Marijuana There are many “haters” and many supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana. It’s a very arguable topic, but in reality it’s all on how people really view it. My viewpoint is that in the United States of America adults should be allowed to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician recommends it. The “haters” are always going to hate. Regardless, it’s considered a drug. But do they...

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English speech legalising marijuana for medical reasons

haven’t heard, two thirds of the Australian population support legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes, others feel as though it shouldn’t be legalised because it has a negative effect on the user’s actions. If medical marijuana was any other drug it would be formally assessed by the medical profession, but as the public is so highly opinionated this has not occurred. We all know that alcohol is a toxic substance for the body and it’s legal but marijuana is a natural substance and it is not legal...

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Medical Cannabis Benefits

Cannabis 1 Medical Cannabis Benefits American Lit Research Paper Adrian Varela Credit Recovery Doyle January 20, 2014 Cannabis 2 Abstract Throughout this paper is an in depth description of the newly favorable side of the argument on the medical aspects of marijuana. This paper overall fully supports the legalization and benefits of medical marijuana and marijuana in general. Medical marijuana is less harmful...

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Gonzales V. Raich

suffered from serious medical conditions and the only effective treatment was the use of Marijuana which was recommended by the doctors. In 1996, a California statue, under the name of The Compassionate Use Act, was established to legally allow marijuana to be used only for medicinal purposes. Monson cultivated her own Marijuana for her own usage as she relied on it heavily for daily functions. The Drug Enforcement Administration (defendant) came to Monson’s house, discovered the cannabis plants and destroyed...

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Marijuana Should Be Legal

Marijuana should be Legal Medical scientists and doctors in some countries have discovered that marijuana, an illegal drug and cannot be purchased even with a doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy. According to a national household survey (Rosenthal 2004) more than 800,000 marijuana users are arrested each year. However, propositions to legalize the plant have risen and been subject to controversy and heated debate as marijuana has the potential to solve many problems if it were to be legalized...

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Soft Drugs

to try keeping people from using drugs, however a new problem has occurred. During the last years there have been discussions in some European countries to legalise so called soft drugs. Soft drugs usually means cannabis, which is the name for drugs made from the plant called “Cannabis Sativa”. Several countries have a very liberal attitude to these light drugs and think that it would be better if they were legal. I think it is wrong to legalise any kind of drug and that nothing good can come out...

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Harborside Health Center vs. Internal Revenue Service

would allow them to receive government money. Many people have believed for years that marijuana is a gateway drug and the people who grow or sell it are criminals. Now with the first state, California, legalizing marijuana for medical usage, questions of how to tax the medical marijuana dispensaries have arisen. Since 1996, this topic has become a forefront issue in politics. Federal Tax Code section 280E was passed by congress in 1982, when the Internal Revenue Department brought a case against...

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