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First Nations

First Nations and the Justice System First Nations are badly represented within our current justice system. They face a forced environment that does not represent their needs. Many of the problems that First Nations peoples face with respect to the justice system are influenced by their historical place in native and early in Canada. The first European settlers view of land ownership was a lot different from the Aboriginal theory that all things are related and development is viewed as circling...

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The First Nation

First Nations is the name used by Canada's Aboriginal or indigenous people, which refer to Indian people and may sometimes, include the Metis and Inuit. Terminology referring to Aboriginal or Native people is complex and is not always what Aboriginal persons would call them. The term "Indian" is defined as either a member of any of the Aboriginal peoples of the Western Hemisphere (but excluding the Inuit and the Métis), or in the legal sense of the Indian Act. The term "Inuit," replacing the term...

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First Nation

BC First Nations Studies 12 Terms, Names and Events Terms: Aboriginal title--- ownership Adze--- a tool for cutting away the surface of wood, like an axe with an arched blade at right angles to the handle Artifact--- an object made by humans Camas bulbs--- a member of the lily family, has a blue flower and a sizable bulb that was traditionally a staple food item for FN Capitalism--- an economic system in which private wealth or capital is invested to produce and distribute goods at a profit ...

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Geography- First Nations Notes

of First Nations and Canadian Populations GCG1D Part 1: Population Pyramid Analysis b) Based on the percentages from the chart, First Nations’ dependency load is 39% compared to Canada’s dependency load of 25%. The First Nations has a higher dependency load because more of their population is under the working age. The percent of children in First Nations is almost two and a half times higher than Canada. The percentage of working class and older adults is roughly the same for First Nations...

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Canada's Policy of First Nations

Professor Michelle Segu November 29, 2011 Canada is a nation built upon legislation that not only believed there would be no future in society for its First Nation peoples, but specifically created colonial policies that would ensure that this future become reality through the process of assimilation. These policies were created without First Nation input in an in effort to destroy First Nation culture and were used to undermine First Nation treaty rights especially with regard to land distributions...

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the first nation people

The First Nation Modern historians believe that Aboriginals came from Asia about 30 000 years ago. Many of the Aboriginals colonized in Australia but some of them also settled in Canada while other chose to continue to the south. They lived in every region of the country. To survive Canada’s rough climate they needed to rely on each other, to share and respect the environment. At the time of European contact, they had developed clear nations throughout what is now Canada with a total population...

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Canadian first nation

Canadian First Nation Assimilation The definition of Multiculturalism is that the belief that it is important and good to include people or ideas from many different countries, races, or religions in my dictionary. (Genuius English Dictionary) This is not the only and right definition, but generally, Multiculturalism allows diversity of culture. Advance of internet and the economy, modern people have more opportunity to meet people from other countries than before because of advance of science...

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Christianity and First Nations

When the colonizers seen the balance between the two genders they knew that these people were savages, a people without a religion. In the eyes of God no women could be equal to a man. The settlers knew that because of the lack of profundity the First Nations had, that God had made the colonizers the superior group and because of that they were allowed to unleash such brutality on theses people. The ideology that these Christian colonizers oppressed was the theology of natural order. They were consumed...

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Historical Globalization on First Nations

How Historical Globalization affected the Blackfoot People The way of the Blackfoot First Nations was feared and fierce, but at the same time interesting and educational. Life was family and religion orientated and resources were abundant before the contact of the European Civilization. Legacies of historical globalization have affected many other indigenous groups around the world, other than the Blackfoot. Mostly the European explorer contact has affected the culture of these indigenous groups...

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Different Aspects of the Assimilation of First Nations in Canada

Different Aspects of the Assimilation of First Nations When European settlers moved to Canada, they found out that the land was shared by the Native people. As the new Euro-Canadian society started to thrive, the British Crown needed First Nations’ traditional lands and the First Nations needed the Crown’s assistance. After Confederation in 1867, the Treaties were signed and the two very different cultures created a relationship. However, along with the treaties, another goal was put in place...

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