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Electric Guitar

The History of the Electric Guitar The desire to increase the sound of the guitar existed long before the development of electrical amplifiers and speakers. Musical performances in the 19th century were characterized by ever-larger concert settings and ensembles. Musicians needed louder and more powerful instruments, which became possible by using new materials and designs. The introduction of steel strings in the 19th century meant not only greater volume, but greater tension on instruments...

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How Does the Piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler Use Guitar Techniques to Appeal Popular to the 21st Century Audience?

How does the piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler use guitar techniques to appeal popular to the 21st century audience? The piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler appeals popular to the 21st century audience through his variety of guitar techniques. Butler uses an 12 stringed semi-acoustic guitar with open C tuning and Capo on the 4th fret giving an open chord of E Major. The song is through composed and consists of several sections that demonstrate guitar techniques and musical concepts. 0-27sec: The introduction...

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Evolution Of Rock

legends and how they came to be. Folk Rock Folk rock is a musical genre combining elements of both folk and rock music. It is very similar in content as folk music but incorporated with a few touches of rock music such as a stronger beat and more electric instruments. The term “folk rock” was first heard of in the U.S music press to describe The Byrds’ music in June 1965. From there, in the United States folk rock arose mainly from three elements: the urban vocal groups of the folk-revival, folk-protest...

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Technology Is Killing Creativity

Technology is not killing creativity. If it was, then Les Paul’s invention of the electric guitar, Bob Moog’s invention of the synthesizer, Kusek et al.’s invention of MIDI, Pro Tools’ inventor as well as every effects pedal or electronic music enhancing piece of gear would have to be part of this destructive force. Thoughts like this are fun to debate but totally unproductive. The real issue to be discussed for which a solution must be found is how can those who produce great music...

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Mechanism Description of an Electric Guitar

Mechanism Description of an electric guitar Introduction An electric guitar is a stringed musical instrument played with fingers or a plectrum (pick). It consists of a body, a neck and a headstock to which usually six steel strings are attached. The magnetic pickups transform the vibrations of the steel strings into audio signals that are driven through an amplifier. Thus, the amplifier is also an essential part of the electric guitar. It was the need of amplified sound...

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Adrian Smith

Katleen- I gained an interest in rock music at 15. On that time, I met a friend called Dave Murray with whom I would form a band called stone free, where I was the vocalist and Murray the guitarist of the band. After that, I was inspired to take up the guitar, so I purchased an old one for £5. My original inspiration were Jony winter and pat Travers, which have inspired me to be a “melodic player”. I have always been inspired by Blues rock, rather than metal. When I was 16, I left school, and I formed...

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Under the Bridge Analysis

Frusciante did the guitar parts. This piece was composed in America at a studio session in preparation for their second album with John, "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." The characteristics that define this piece of work was the speed, which it was quite slow, intensity, which it wasn't too intense, the type of singing, which it was done with soft vocals, not yelling or screaming. The influences behind this work were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John recalls in an interview with Total Guitar magazine. He joined...

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Jazz Concert Review

time. The main theme of this concert was “Smooth Jazz with Zino Park at Maum”. Before the concert began, the band members introduced themselves to the audience. The names of players were: Acoustic guitar by Jerry, vocal & piano by Zino Park, bass guitar by Clay Luna, vocal & guitar by Zen, guitar & saxophone by Dan Stark, drum by Skip Mccain, and harp by Monica. Name of the first song was “Be my love”. They started a song with very bright tone and middle fast tempo. This song created very...

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Little Wing Analysis

Hendrix’s guitar playing. Hendrix’s guitar was tuned a semitone down for the recording, and this had the effect of creating a denser tone than would be produced normally, and made certain guitar techniques easier. Through this and other sound-shaping processes, such as assumedly choosing his Stratocaster’s neck or middle pickup to give a ‘warm’ tone, keeping the sound ‘clean’, and using the ‘Octavia’ effects pedal [Brown 1997: 163; Sievert 1989], Hendrix produced a rich tone for the rhythm guitar part...

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Jazz and Blues

today is usually played with guitar effect like rock music; therefore semi-hollow body guitar and solid body guitar are popular for Blues musicians. Because hollow body are more prone to feedback problems when volume on the amp is cranked up thus they are not used for Blues 2. Harmonica is one more unique instrument of Blues music. B. Jazz instrument 1. Jazz musicians prefer hollow body guitar and archtop guitar to semi-hollow body guitar and solid body guitar. Because acoustic and smooth...

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