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The guitar is a very well known instrument and is a staple of western music. From acoustic to electric and even bass, with so many different guitars that have minor variations between them it is hard to imagine what would have led to such developments, since the predecessors of the guitar only marginally resemble current guitars. A large factor in the evolution of the instrument was society. Social influence ultimately led to the guitars we have today with guitars adapting to be able to fit the timbre...

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The Physics of a Guitar

Physics of a Guitar (Rough Draft) The guitar is the most played instrument in the music world. The oldest surviving guitar is thought to be made around 1776 in Italy by Gaetano Vinaccia. Though, the guitar looks like a simple instrument to construct or play there is a lot of physics behind the creation of it, from the strings to the air inside, the anatomy, and the sound spectrum. There are three types of guitars that are made: nylon acoustic, steel-string, and electric. Acoustic guitars produce...

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Rks Guitars

SRKS Guitars Case Analysis RKS Guitars doesn’t have a strategy to set their product firmly and sustainable in the guitar market. The symptoms of this problem can be seen in the slow logistics of shipping and assembly of the products that were not matching the order deadlines and also the high costs that involved the full process of guitar development and advertising compared to the low perception of earnings that the company feel at that moment. The alternatives for the company are the following: ...

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Benefit of Playing Guitars

Benefits and Advantages of Playing the Guitar Yes, playing the guitar and/or taking it up as a hobby is a lot of fun and very entertaining, but did you know that there are tons of other benefits associated with playing the instrument? 1. It makes you mind sharper and increases your intellectual capacity: And I’m not simply making this up, as studies have shown that musicians and particularly guitarists generally tend to have higher IQ results than others. 2. It increases your mental capacity:...

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A Diamond Guitar Explication

Truman Capote’s, “A Diamond Guitar”, is a mellow dramatic depiction of two people who fell into each other’s lives, needed each other, and who inevitably used one another. Throughout the story you are led to believe that there is two main protagonist characters, but the author discretely turns one of them into an antagonist during the climax. Mr. Schaeffer is an older man, trapped in a “prison” on a farm that is surrounded by woods. The prison being a metaphor for his mind’s lack of freedom, serves...

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How I Learned to Play the Guitar

Play the Guitar Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn because of its versatility and portability. When I was in high school, I had an abundance of leisure time. I wanted to do something meaningful and fun instead of wasting time on playing video games, so I decided to learn a musical instrument. Honestly speaking, I was a good singer; however, singing without a musical instrument to accompany me seemed strange. That is why I made up my mind to learn to play the guitar. Now I...

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Guitar Chords

You can use a guitar to play anything from death metal to country to classical and everything in between. Learning to play guitar is more approachable than many other instruments, once you master a few basics. It may take you years to get the basics down, and you may need formal instruction at some point to exploit the instrument's full potential. This is a good article for people who already have their guitar, or are seriously considering buying one, but are struggling to get started and want to...

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History of the Guitar

History of the Guitar In this essay I will research: - The history of the Guitar, from the origins of the instrument, up until the present day - The technological advances of the instrument - The main practitioners of the instrument and how they changed the way the guitar was used or thought of. The guitar is possibly the most well known and widely played instrument in modern times. There have been instruments similar to the guitar for at least 5,000 years. The oldest known...

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Guitar: Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Learn to Play Behind Blue Eyes by The Who on Guitar Views: 136,127 Rate: 4.33 This is another request. Hope you all enjoy it, The tabs will be after the chords which are Chorus: C D G But my dreams they aren't as empty C D E As my conscience seems to be Bm Learn to Play Behind Blue Eyes by The Who on Guitar What is up guys, It is Aaron again. This is another request; this song is called “Behind Blue Eyes” it was originally...

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History of the Guitar

Manufacturers The instrument I picked to research was the Guitar. Here is a little history of the guitar. The repertoire of the guitar spans over four centuries, including its ancestors the baroque guitar. The guitar appears to be derived from the earlier instruments known in ancient central Asia as the tar. This claimed to be the root of the name of the guitar. Guitar music became very popular in Spain during the 19th century. The guitar came to prominence largely through the efforts of the Spanish...

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