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  • Origon of the Bass Guitar

    people who created the modern electric bass guitar and they will tell you it was Leo Fender. However‚ there were at least five other prototypes resembling the now well-known design of the modern bass‚ each created well before Fender introduced the world to the Precision bass in 1951. The modern bass is a direct descendant of the double bass‚ which dates back to the 17th century. However‚ it was not until the early twentieth century that the design of the bass was changed to be more practical. |

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  • Guitar

    www.GetPedia.com Contents OT’S DI UIDE I G ® MPLETE CO THE TO Playing the Guitar Second Edition by Frederick Noad A Pearson Education Company i The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Guitar‚ Second Edition Copyright © 2002 by Frederick Noad “Country Dance‚” by Frederick Noad. Copyright © Frederick Noad/ASCAP “Walkin Blues‚” by Edward Flower. Copyright © Edward Flower/BMI “Dream a Little Dream.” Words by Gus Kahn. Music by Wilbur Schwandt and Fabian Andree. TRO—©—

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  • Bass compare and contrast

    I first began playing bass I did not have any help trying to figure out which instrument to purchase. I simply chose a bass guitar based on what color it was. I later figured out that there are actually quite a few things that need to be considered when choosing a bass guitar; for instance‚ the way the bass looks‚ the type of features that come included‚ and the overall price of the instrument. These are details that need to be looked into whenever purchasing a bass guitar. The Warwick Rockbass‚

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  • Guitar Playing

    Reasons to Start Playing the Guitar English Project: Persuasive Essay Rafael Madrigal The guitar is a six-stringed instrument that captivates who ever listens to the beautiful sound it creates. It´s one of the most popular instruments in the world‚ not only because of its portability but it’s fairly simple to learn. People who decides to learn how to play guitar often make do so because is easy to carry around and there are many people out there to learn from‚ what they don’t know is that it

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  • Guitar

    The guitar is a very well known instrument and is a staple of western music. From acoustic to electric and even bass‚ with so many different guitars that have minor variations between them it is hard to imagine what would have led to such developments‚ since the predecessors of the guitar only marginally resemble current guitars. A large factor in the evolution of the instrument was society. Social influence ultimately led to the guitars we have today with guitars adapting to be able to fit the timbre

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  • Double Bass Bow Analysis

    especially on neglected instruments such as the double bass. Since the double bass often falls victim to a maestro’s ignorance and players have vocalized the problem‚ this instrument can adequately illustrate the effects of orchestral conductor’s reprehensible advisement. The prominent issue discussed by bassists

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  • The Physics of a Guitar

    Physics of a Guitar (Rough Draft) The guitar is the most played instrument in the music world. The oldest surviving guitar is thought to be made around 1776 in Italy by Gaetano Vinaccia. Though‚ the guitar looks like a simple instrument to construct or play there is a lot of physics behind the creation of it‚ from the strings to the air inside‚ the anatomy‚ and the sound spectrum. There are three types of guitars that are made: nylon acoustic‚ steel-string‚ and electric. Acoustic guitars produce

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  • The History of Guitar

    The History of the Guitar Elle Smith April 19‚ 2013 Upper Elementary Mr. Hooper Guitars are part of the music we hear every day‚ but did you ever wonder about the origin of the guitar? I did‚ so my report is about the history of the guitar. I will talk about both the evolution of the guitar from the early guitar to the present and variations of the guitar such as the electric guitar. Today’s guitar has the following elements: six strings‚ a wooden body‚ curved sides‚ a flat

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  • Guitar and Plectrum Instruments

    estudiantina members were mandolins‚ violins‚ guitars‚ flutes‚ cellos‚ basses‚ tambourines‚ castanets‚ and triangles. Estudiantina musicians in Spain and Mexico‚ before and during the age of musical romanticism‚ wore 16th century attire such as "short velvet breeches‚ ornate shirts and a short cape with multicolored ribbons". Some instruments used for the early rondalia were influenced by the Mozarab musical instruments of the time‚ including the guitars‚ flutes and vihuelas. Mandolins‚ castanets and

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  • Guitar History

    Guitar: from wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia www.wikipedia.org Summary: The guitar and instruments similar to the guitar have existed and been popular for five thousand years‚ with a very high chance of the number being much greater. The modern guitar seems to have evolved from earlier instruments known in ancient central Asia. On very old statues unearthed in the Old Iranian Capital Susa there are carvings of instruments quite similar to the modern guitar we all know. The English word Guitar

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