Guitar History

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The guitar and instruments similar to the guitar have existed and been popular for five thousand years, with a very high chance of the number being much greater. The modern guitar seems to have evolved from earlier instruments known in ancient central Asia. On very old statues unearthed in the Old Iranian Capital Susa there are carvings of instruments quite similar to the modern guitar we all know. The English word Guitar was originally Spanish, quite possibly from an even earlier Greek word "Kithara". Another prospective origin of the name guitar is a combination of two Indo-European roots: guit-, meaning music, similar to the Sanskrit word sangeet, and –tar a widely attested root meaning chord or string. A third prospect for the word guitar's origin could be that it is a Persian loanword to Iberian Arabic. The Arabic word qitara is a name for various instruments of the lute family the come before the western guitar. The name guitar could have been introduced into Spanish when the moors brought guitars into Iberia in the tenth century. The Spanish vihuela seems to be a bridge between the modern guitar and the ancestral guitar, with lute style tuning and a small guitar shaped body. It is unknown if the vihuela is a traditional form or simply a design that combined features from two different instrumental families. The final evolutionary change of the guitar was the creation of the electric guitar, invented by Anthony Vick of Winton, North Carolina helped by George Beauchamp and Paul Berth, in 1931. However it was Danelectro that first produced electric guitars for the wider public. Danelectro also first used tube amp technology.

The information that I gathered from wikipedia gave me a history for the guitar and the background behind my project. Now since my project is learning how to play the guitars not research the guitars lineage this wont directly help my project, it will however give me a better understanding of the guitar and therefore enrich my experience with learning how to play the guitar. Now that I know the history of the guitar I will appreciate more, the learning of how to play the guitar, similar to knowing the real history of world war two and reading an alternate history novel based on world war, you don't need to know the real history to enjoy the book but knowing what really happened deepens your understanding of the book, and allows you to compare the alternate history and the real history. This will also allow me to talk about the guitars history and its origin during my presentation and it will show the judges that I didn't just learn the string names and the parts of the guitar but the evolution and creation of the modern guitar. This history that I researched gives my project a more rounded feel, because I did more that just learn some new skills but I learned what the guitar is, its similar to researching your ancestors it gives you more knowledge of yourself and a deeper understanding of your self but it doesn't directly affect you.

Esteban's instructional method for the guitar
Filmed by DMB Productions, Bellport New York
Copyrighted: 2004 Daystar Productions

Esteban plays a song called malaguena, and shows you how to play the melody, which turns out to be a strange connection of using your thumb, first and second fingers (alternating your first and second fingers) on the fret board Esteban moves his finger quite a lot, the music seems to be a form of tabulature. I will need to watch the movie multiple times to catch all different moves his hands make on the fretboard. His right hand is also moving around a lot, it seems that he plays the bass with his thumb and the melody with his first and second fingers. The music is Spanish in origin and is quite complicated. Esteban also plays the song Greensleeves, which can be played with your fingers and with a simple pick. Greensleeves...
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