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Dictatorship Some people may question whether a dictatorship is a good and well working government or whether its an unfair and corrupt way of running a government. Perhaps its not about the kind of government but who runs it. This one question has been left unresolved for many years but one thing that’s been made very clear when choosing a type of government to run a country is that a dictatorship is not only the worse of the governments but its also the most flawed and unjust. Its a kind of...

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Democracy or Dictatorship

Democracy or dictatorship? [pic] We all have been saying in the past and even now that even the worst democracy is better than dictatorship but the question we need to ask ourselves is that even after all the efforts made by the lawyers movement and fresh elections in pakistan have we achieved a REAL democracy? At this present time we got two mainstream parties PPP and PML(a-z) both been controlled in undemocratic ways where one person lead it and no matter what happens he/she is gonna be leader...

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1984 Dictatorship

iewThe novel 1984 is based on totalitarianism and dictatorship. Big Brother rules Oceania, where the people are forced to listen to him and follow his rules. There are surveillance cameras and microphones set-up everywhere so that Big Brother can keep an eye on everyone and know about everything that's happening. There is no secret in this society, and one wrong move can get you killed with no one knowing, one day everything about you will be erased and you'll eventually be forgotten. Children...

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Democracy vs Dictatorship

in the governing process. It is a government which is based on the consent of the people, while a dictatorial government is a government by one man or a group of persons who acquire power either through force or by force and consent both. In a dictatorship, power is exercised in an arbitrary manner.In a democratic government, people elect their representatives and every person enjoys equal political rights; in a dictatorial form of government the head of the state is not elected. In a democracy...

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Merits and Demerits of Dictatorship

actually acts out in the best interests of the people. Advantages of Dictatorship Government Dictatorship can be defined as a form of government in which the power is centralized. It either lies with a single person or a small group of people. The general population has no say in the functioning of the government. The people do not have any choice with regards to by whom or how their country will be run. In a dictatorship form of government, the people are expected to do, whatever is decided...

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To What Extent Are Democracy and Dictatorship Different?

To what extent are democracy and dictatorship different? In order to answer this question we must first examine the generic basis of both democracy and dictatorship separately. The term democracy originates from the Greeks, and is defined as “rule of the people” coming from the words “demos” (people) and “kratos” (power). It was coined around 400 BCE, to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens. Commonly, two forms of democracy are recognised, these being...

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The Dangers of a Totalitarian Dictatorship

out against in attempt to save the American society. George Orwell spoke out against it in 1949 by warning people in his novel 1984 that the spread of Communism would affect the country negatively. In this book, he portrays how a totalitarian dictatorship corrupts and has the power over citizens through technology, psychological manipulation and mind control, physical control, and the alteration of facts about history. Big Brother, the head of the Inner Party in 1984, uses technology to control...

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Democracy vs. Dictatorship

Democracy vs. Dictatorship. From the beginnings of the times, from ancient civilizations dated as back as 2000 B.C.E., the world had been based upon political systems and philosophies of governments. A country’s philosophy of government determines the economic system and the amount of rights that people have within that country’s borders. As people can see, in the article written by Severine Deneulin “Democracy and human development”, she explains the complexities of the relationship between...

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German Dictatorship Government vs. German Democracy

EXTENDED ESSAY Draft 1 Was the German dictatorship government had it been successful, better off rather than the German democracy? Extended essay Draft 1 Was the German dictatorship government had it been successful, better off rather than the German democracy? Dictatorship is a government in which runs by unlimited power by the head of government or state, whereas a democracy is a government in which politicians contest for power as the people hold the highest...

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History abounds in examples of powerful men coming into prominence and dictating the course to be followed by the people. Dictatorship as a specific principle of government, however, arose only after World War I which was responsible for throwing out of gear the economic organizations of most of the state. The masses groaned under the burden of heavy taxation and large-scale unemployment. The work­ing classes were rebelling against their governments. The working classes derived inspiration from...

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