Democracy or Dictatorship

Topics: Democracy, Separation of powers, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: September 17, 2009
Democracy or dictatorship?
We all have been saying in the past and even now that even the worst democracy is better than dictatorship but the question we need to ask ourselves is that even after all the efforts made by the lawyers movement and fresh elections in pakistan have we achieved a REAL democracy? At this present time we got two mainstream parties PPP and PML(a-z) both been controlled in undemocratic ways where one person lead it and no matter what happens he/she is gonna be leader and it would be passed on to there kids/families. These two parties have rules 5 times in between them twice the pmlN and twice ppp with zardari leading the ppp at this point of time but the question we need to ask is where has this democracy took us? where are we standing?

Let me start from the time when everything was going fine and on March 9, 2007 Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was suspended by musharraf and the lawyers movement started, keep in mind that before that we didnt see any of these parties doing any kind of struggle against the dictator and than we saw ppp, pmlN, TI, anp and all the small parties getting in the lawyers movement. Things started going bad to worst for a dictator when the red mosque operation went ahead and they killed so many innocent people. It was nearly an year of struggle in which NRO happened and the two biggest leaders of pakistan came back and made alot of promises, to name a few Independent judiciary

1973 constitution
Independence of the paliament
Now after nearly a year what have we achieved? have we got the independent judiciary which we wanted which many of the apposition leaders are using to gain there interest but what have they done about the judiciary system where poor people dont have to wait for years before they can get justice what are they doing about the system where if someone do an illegal qabza on your house it would take you nearly all your life to get him out? why should i care for a chief justice like that...
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