Topics: Dictator, Dictatorship, Autocracy Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Some people may question whether a dictatorship is a good and well working government or whether its an unfair and corrupt way of running a government. Perhaps its not about the kind of government but who runs it. This one question has been left unresolved for many years but one thing that’s been made very clear when choosing a type of government to run a country is that a dictatorship is not only the worse of the governments but its also the most flawed and unjust. Its a kind of government were the people have no say, freedom is limited, a leader is given more power than any one person should ever have, separation in the people arises and were the hope or chance of change is out reach for the people.

In a place where a dictator makes all the choices for their country, very little to no room is left for the people to have any say. There is no majority rule or voting. The dictators word is law and all must abide by his choices no matter how unfair or not right they are. Which can also lead to strict limitations on the freedom of people. A dictator has the power to give a man his freedom and rights yet can as well take them, even if there’s no logical reason as to why. A good example would be how Castro was able to restrict the people from leaving Cuba. Thus leading to my next reasoning of a dictator being given more power than any one person should ever have. If a dictator, such as Castro, is able to get away with something as extreme as not allowing people to leave their country then whats next? Allowing rape to be legal for sexually deprived men or slaughtering people by the hundreds for something as little as taking the dictators name for vain? Having so much power is something no man or woman should ever be given, it is not in our nature to handle so much power by oneself. Another problem that would face a country under a dictatorship is the dividing line between the people and not as in upper and lower class but as in those who will worship...
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