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  • Sexual Exploitation of Children

    Sexual Exploitation of Children A Review of the Literature Jaime White Cyber Crimes Jason Hunter November 19‚ 2012 Sexual Exploitation of Children A Review of the Literature The sexual abuse of children and young people is a phenomenon that predates the arrival of the Internet by many‚ many centuries (Carr‚ 2003). Pornography can be generally defined as erotic depictions intended to provoke a sexual response. Child pornography is

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  • Child Sexual Exploitation

    heads once again. This has allowed an alarming and disturbing rise of instances in the exploitation of minors. The most widespread and upsetting of these is child sexual exploitation (hereafter "CSE"). However with greater power comes even greater responsibility‚ not only for individuals but the masses at large to help change and understand the phenomenon of juvenile prostitution‚ trafficking in children for sexual purposes and child pornography. This has emerged as increasingly significant social issues

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  • Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children‚ Child Prostitution and Child Pornography to the Convention on the Rights of the Child defines child prostitution as a commercial sexual exploitation of children whereby a child sells his or her body for sexual activities in return for remuneration or any other form of benefit provided to the prostitute or to another person (United Nations General Assembly‚ 2000). According to worldwide

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  • Trafficking of Children

    with figures such as 1.2 million children annually being transported from poverty-stricken countries to wealthier nations. The trafficking of children often involves exploitation of the parents’ extreme poverty. The latter may sell children to traffickers in order to pay off debts or gain income‚ or they may be deceived concerning the prospects of training and a better life for their children. This is increasingly prevalent in West Africa‚ where unfortunate children are trafficked to European nations

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  • Child Sexual Abuse and Introduction Prostitution

    By MARIA MAYBELLE F. GALANG March 2012 Introduction Prostitution is a performance of sexual acts solely for the purpose of material gain. Persons prostitute themselves when they grant sexual favors to others in exchange for money‚ gifts‚ or other payment and in so doing use their bodies as commodities. In legal terms‚ the word prostitute refers only to those who engage overtly in such sexual-economic transactions‚ usually for a specified sum of money. Prostitutes may be of either sex‚ but

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  • “Article 23 of the Indian Constitution – Tool of Protection Against Exploitation”

    “Article 23 of the Indian Constitution – Tool of Protection against Exploitation” TABLE OF CASES * Gaurav Jain v. Union of India‚ AIR 1997 SC 3021 * In the matter of: Prison Reforms Enhancement of Wages of Prisoners‚ AIR 1983 Ker.261 * Labourers Working on Salal Hydro Project v. State of Jammu & Kashmir‚AIR 1984 SC 177 * Nihal Singh v. Ram Bai‚ AIR 1987 MP 126 * People’s Union of Democratic Rights v. Union of India‚ AIR 1982 SC 1473 * Raj Bahadur v

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  • Sex Trafficking of Children in Pakistan

    SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN IN PAKISTAN What is child trafficking? The recruitment‚ transportation‚ transfer‚ harbouring or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation. What’s the problem? GLOBAL SEX TRAFFICKING Human trafficking is a complex phenomenon fueled by the tremendous growth in the global sex market. Exploitation is driven by poverty‚ uneven development‚ official corruption‚ gender discrimination‚ harmful traditional and cultural practices‚ civil unrest‚ natural disasters and

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  • Education: Child Sexual Abuse and Human Rights

    Prepared by Karnataka Women’s Information and Resource Centre For NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Faridkot House‚ Copernicus Marg New Delhi 110 001‚ India Tel: 23385368 Fax: 23384863 E-mail: covdnhrc@nic.in Website: www.nhrc.nic.in © 2005‚ National Human Rights Commission The views expressed by the authors in this publication are not necessarily the views of the NHRC. Edited by Mimmy Jain Designed and produced by Rajika Press Services Pvt. Ltd

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  • The Situation of Filipino Children and Young People

    The Situation of Filipino Children and Young People Almost half of the population in the Philippines are children. With a fast population growth a year‚ the government has a difficult task in providing children with enough resources to ensure their rights. For many adults and children‚ a 15-year-old who bears a child willingly or unwillingly ceases to be a girl-child but a young mother. An 11-year-old who takes on the task of tilling the fields ceases to be a boy but a labouring farmhand. A 16-year-old

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  • the rights of children and young people measurment

    Proposed Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) Measure 2011 1 ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS Explanatory Notes and an Explanatory Memorandum are printed separately. Proposed Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) Measure 2011 [AS PASSED] CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Duty to have due regard to Convention on the Rights of the Child The children’s scheme Preparation and publication of the scheme Reports Duty to promote knowledge of the Convention

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