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  • Crime in Delhi

    Delhi‚ the capital city of India that bears the legacy of Mughal as well as British reign is blatantly termed the crime capital of India! Certainly there are adequate reasons why the city is looked up as the most unsafe place for people especially women. No doubt Delhi holds a very significant position in the political map of India and this is one of the major reasons why criminals and terrorists flock here with an intention to affect the country’s socio-economical stability. Now a common question

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  • Monuments of Delhi

    The Red Fort‚ Delhi The Red Fort‚ with a circumference of over 2.2 kilometers‚ was laid out by the banks of the Yamuna river in the 17th century. The Mughal emperor Shajahan built it with the ambition of concentrating the Mughal power in one monument. Monument is perhaps not the right word. A mini-city is more like it. Unfortunately for the emperor‚ before he could move his capital from Agra to Shahjahanabad in Delhi‚ he was taken a political prisoner by his son Aurangazeb. The fort is a delight

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  • Delhi Tourism

    Delhi Attractions Delhi has seen a number of dynasties to take birth and die in its soil for many centuries. The monuments‚ cenotaphs and mausoleums of kings and queens fringed in the city still narrate the bloody heritage of the city. You will also be amazed to see the sky high forts and palaces depicting the grandeur of yore as you take tour in Delhi. Some famous destinations which you should visit once you come in Delhi are - Red Fort Red Fort‚ New Delhi Built in the red sandstone‚ the magnificent

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  • Delhi Metro

    * Introduction * Delhi Metro is being built and operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC). * The Delhi Metro (Hindi - दिल्ली मेट्रो Dillī Meṭro) is a rapid transit system serving Delhi‚ Gurgaon‚ Noida and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India * As of November 2010‚ DMRC operates around 2‚700 trips daily between 6:00 and 23:00 running with an interval of 2.5 minutes between trains at peak frequency. * The trains are mainly of four coaches‚ but due

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  • Delhi Metro

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Objective: To study the financial aspects of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Rationale: Metro rail service in Delhi has come as a much awaited gift for the people of Delhi‚ which has indeed changed the transport facility of the city. It has become the "life line" of Delhi as people are dependent on Delhi Metro for commuting to different places within the city. Delhi Metro Project has been recognized all over the world for its specialty in terms of a hi-tech rail‚ better equipped

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  • Delhi Gang Rape

    ---------On 16 December 2012 a female physiotherapy intern[2] was beaten and gang raped in Delhi. She died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain and gastrointestinal damage. After watching a film in South Delhi in the early evening‚ she and a male companion had boarded a bus‚ which was being driven as an unauthorized "joyride"‚ thinking it was a public bus.[3] The only other passengers on the bus were five men who were friends of the driver

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  • Twilight in Delhi as an Elegy

    Topic: Ahmed Ali’s Twilight in Delhi as an Elegy CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Ahmed Ali earned for himself

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  • Migration in Delhi & NCR

    Final Report STUDY ON COUNTER MAGNET AREAS TO DELHI & NCR 2 MIGRATION STUDY OF DELHI & NCR 2.1 POPULATION GROWTH IN NCR AND ITS SUB-REGIONS The population of NCR has increased from 111 lakh in 1961 to 371 lakh in 2001. The decadal growth has continuously increased from 32.43 percent in 1961-71 to 37.69 percent in 1981-91 and slightly reduced to 35.40 percent during last decade i.e. 1991-2001. The share of NCTDelhi sub-region in total population of NCR has steadily increased from 23.95

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  • Delhi Sultanate

    Delhi Sultanate Delhi Sultanate under various dynasties. Capital Delhi (1206–1327) Daulatabad (1327–1334) Delhi (1334–1506) Agra (1506–1526) Languages Persian (official)‚[1] Hindavi (since 1451) [2] Religion Sunni Islam Government Sultanate Sultan  -  1206–1210 Qutb-ud-din Aibak (first)  -  1517–1526 Ibrahim Lodi (last) Historical era Middle Ages  -  Independence 12 June[3] 1206  -  Battle of Amroha 20 December 1305  -  eagle  -  Battle of Panipat 21 April 1526

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  • Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

    Infrastructure Management Impact of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Executive Summary Contents Executive Summary 2 Chapter 1: DMIC Overview 4 1.1 Introduction 4 1.2 Vision for DMIC 4 1.4 Current Status 5 Chapter 2: Conceptualization 6 2.1 Integrated Corridor Development Approach for DMIC 6 2.2 Concept of Node Based Development 6 2.2.1 Selection Criteria for Investment Region: 6 2.2.2 Selection Criteria for Industrial Area: 6 2.3 Location of Investment

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