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Delhi, the capital city of India that bears the legacy of Mughal as well as British reign is blatantly termed the crime capital of India! Certainly there are adequate reasons why the city is looked up as the most unsafe place for people especially women. No doubt Delhi holds a very significant position in the political map of India and this is one of the major reasons why criminals and terrorists flock here with an intention to affect the country’s socio-economical stability. Now a common question...

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Monuments of Delhi

The Red Fort, Delhi The Red Fort, with a circumference of over 2.2 kilometers, was laid out by the banks of the Yamuna river in the 17th century. The Mughal emperor Shajahan built it with the ambition of concentrating the Mughal power in one monument. Monument is perhaps not the right word. A mini-city is more like it. Unfortunately for the emperor, before he could move his capital from Agra to Shahjahanabad in Delhi, he was taken a political prisoner by his son Aurangazeb. The fort is a delight...

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An Ordeal for Women: on the Delhi Metro

infrastructure should make cities safer for women. Delhi is the exception to the rule… | Photo: V.V. Krishnan  [pic]  An ordeal for women:On the Delhi Metro. I f you visit Delhi after a spell away from it, there are several things that strike you. First, the number of buses – green buses running at regular intervals. Then, the bus stops. Well-lit, with bus numbers clearly written on them. Then, the pavements, at least in South Delhi, that have suddenly become walkable. And of...

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Delhi Metro

* Introduction * Delhi Metro is being built and operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC). * The Delhi Metro (Hindi - दिल्ली मेट्रो Dillī Meṭro) is a rapid transit system serving Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India * As of November 2010, DMRC operates around 2,700 trips daily between 6:00 and 23:00 running with an interval of 2.5 minutes between trains at peak frequency. * The trains are mainly of four coaches, but due...

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Kerosene Free Delhi Case Study

“Kerosene Free Delhi” scheme was launched by the Government of Delhi to make Delhi as the first kerosene free city in the country by providing LPG connections to all the households who use Kerosene as the predominant cooking fuel. The government decided to cover all those who had AAY/BPL/JRC ration cards and were using kerosene for cooking as eligible beneficiaries under the scheme. The Food & Supplies Department was the nodal government agency which was entrusted to launch and monitor the scheme...

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 HISTORY The area around Delhi was probably inhabited before the second millennium BC, and there is evidence of continuous inhabitation since at least the 6th century BC.[6] The city is believed to be the site of Indraprastha, the legendary capital of the Pandavas in the Indian epic Mahabharata.[7] The earliest architectural relics date back to the Maurya period (c. 300 BC); in 1966, an inscription of the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka (273–236 BC) was discovered near Srinivaspuri. Remains of eight...

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Rapid Transit and Delhi Metro Rail

The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system serving Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India. The network consists of six lines with a total length of 189.63 kilometres (117.83 mi) with 142 stations of which 35 are underground. It has a combination of elevated, at-grade and underground lines and uses both broad gauge and standard gauge rolling stock. Four types of rolling stock are used: Mitsubishi-ROTEM Broad gauge, Bombardier MOVIA, Mitsubishi-ROTEM Standard gauge...

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Delhi International Airport: Case Study: Delhi Gurgaon Expressway

Delhi Gurgaon Expressway Background: NHAI was entrusted with the implementation of the Golden Quadrilateral project as a part of which it suggested converting a busy section of NH-8 connecting Delhi and Gurugram into a 6/8 lane access control carriageway. This stretch experienced high vehicle density of 45,000 Passenger car units /day in 2000. Objective: To fulfil NHAI’s responsibility in facilitating connectivity with minimal traffic congestion, pollution, accidents and fuel wastage and to augment...

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Lutyen's Delhi and Corbusier's Chandigarh -- A Comparison


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help Wikipedia and win! Delhi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Not to be confused with New Delhi, the capital city of India. This article is about the National Capital Territory of India. For other uses, see Delhi (disambiguation). Delhi | —  Federal district  — | National Capital Territory of Delhi | From top clockwise: Lotus temple, Humayun's Tomb, Connaught Place, Akshardham temple and India Gate. | DelhiLocation of Delhi in India. | Coordinates:...

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