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  • Bihar Growing

    BIHAR ON THE MOVE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Presentation by SHRI NITISH KUMAR Chief Minister‚ Bihar BIHAR The land of enlightenment BIHAR IS PROUD OF Great Thinker Scientist Grammarian Originator of yoga Great kings : Chanakya : Aryabhatt : Panini : Patanjali : Bimbisar‚ Ajatsatru‚ Chandragupta and Ashoka RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL TOURISM Budhist Jain Sikh Sufi Ramayan : Bodhgaya‚ Rajgir‚ Nalanda‚ Vaishali‚ Bikramshila and Kesharia : Pawapuri & Vaishali. : Patna. : Patna‚ Sasaram

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  • History of Bihar

    Main article: History of Bihar See also: Timeline for Bihar‚ Magadha‚ History of Buddhism in India‚ and Decline of Buddhism in India Gautama Buddha undertaking extreme ascetic practices before he realised it was not necessary and his enlightenment on the bank of river Falgu in Bodh Gaya‚ Bihar. The greatest Indian empire‚ the Mauryan empire‚ originated from Magadha in 325 BC‚ it was started by Chandragupta Maurya who was born in Magadha‚ and had its capital at Patliputra (modern Patna). The

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  • Bihar Tourism

    Bihar offers to the discerning tourist a variegated wealth of our ancient civilization‚ history and culture and religion that India stands for. The ruins of ancient capitals and learning centres and the religious sites‚ are dotted over the tourist map of Bihar. http://travel.mapsofindia.com/travel-bihar/tourist-attractions.html The best time to visit Bihar is from October to March. The Average temperature varies from 43 C- 21 C in summer and 20 C - 6 C in winter. The beautiful scenery of

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  • Economical Backward Region of Bihar

    ECONOMICAL BACKWARD REGION OF BIHAR (GANGES PLANE) BY- ANUPAM SUNIL‚ SPA ( school of planning and architecture)‚ Bhopal The region consists of parts of eastern U.P and Bihar located along the Ganges fertile agriculture belt. Bihar is a state in eastern India It is the 12th largest state in terms of geographical size of 38‚202 sq. m (99‚200 km²) and 3rd largest by population. Close to 85% of the population lives in villages. Almost 58% of population is below the age of 25‚ which is the highest

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  • Bihar Losing a Great in the Flood

    Bihar: Maternity huts set up for flood-hit | © UNICEF/India/2007 | Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar inspecting the maternity huts during his visit to the Baragawan Gachi flood relief camp in Kalyanpur block‚ Samastipur district. | Samastipur‚ Bihar‚ 30 August 2007: UNICEF and the Bihar government have come together with an innovative idea for providing medical care facilities to expecting mothers in the flood affected areas and set up maternity huts. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

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  • Bihar No More a Bad Land

    multi-phase elections in Bihar on Saturday‚ it seems the Indian state is beginning to shed its reputation for lawlessness‚ caste violence and banditry. While voters determine who will inhabit the 243-member provincial assembly‚ these issues - including the muscle and money power of the candidates - have been subordinated. The main question now is how the state government can function more effectively and provide better governance. It is such a change from the last time I visited Bihar five years ago‚ again

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  • Nitish Kumar Bihar Miracle

    Lifestyle‚ Food & Travel | Contact Us Virtual Companies THE MIRACLE STORY OF BIHAR - By Sameer Hashmi Nitish Kumar is been described by many as the ‘miracle ma n’ of Bihar. The progress which Bihar has made in the last four years is nothing short of a miracle considering that the state was witnessing de- growth only half a decade back. The latest data released by the Central Statistical Organiz ation (CSO) shows that Bihar has grown at a stunning rate of 11.03% in the last five years. The most startling

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  • Disintegration of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

    Creates Three New States (2000) In the fall 2000‚ the Government of India‚ pursuant to legislation passed by Parliament during the summer‚ created three new states‚ Chhattisgarh‚ Uttaranchal‚ and Jharkhand‚ reconstituting Madhya Pradesh‚ Uttar Pradesh‚ Bihar‚ respectively. Both the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress party supported the formation of the states. The basis for creating the new states is socio-political and not linguistic. With the new states‚ the Indian Union now has 28 states. Madhya

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  • Gujrat and Bihar

    INSIGHT Have Gujarat and Bihar Outperformed the Rest of India? A Statistical Note R Nagaraj‚ Shruti Pandey In the popular and media imagination‚ fed by economists and columnists‚ Gujarat and Bihar have both recorded an extraordinary economic performance in the past decade. But a careful analysis shows that Gujarat‚ always one of the richest states‚ has done no better than before. In neither industry nor agriculture has its position radically changed. The only dramatic difference

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  • Unemployment in Bihar

    Unemployment in Bihar : About 8.3% working hands are unemployed in Bihar. This is 2.5 times more the national average of unemployment for the last fiscal‚ informs the labour bureau‚ a wing of the Union labour ministry. As per the data compiled on the basis of status of 10 to 12 families across all blocks nationally‚ 203 women and 58 men out of each 1‚000 persons are unemployed. Senior joint director of finance and statistical department‚ Bihar‚ Jitendra Kumar Sinha‚ said more than 10‚000 households

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