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Famous Leader Analysis- Richard Branson

goals are those which drive and permeate every element of the corporation. A review of transformational and charismatic leadership theories suggests that such leaders may achieve their impact by the creation of followers who personally identify with this style as well as with the work group they are with (Yukl, 1988). This personal identification with the leaders is due to his charismatic approach (Conger and Kanungo, 1998) and is based on referent power. The culture that Branson created, in other...

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Types of Power

organizational objectives, ultimately affecting their task performances and organizational citizenship. Type of power that I have Charismatic power is what would best describe my type of power. I believe that I show self-confidence, I show complete confidence in my judgment and ability, as well as vision, ideas and goals. Another trait that has been found in charismatic power is someone who is willing to take high risks and engage in self-sacrifice to achieve their vision, behavior out of the ordinary...

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LDR 531 UOP Organizational Leadership Week 2 Quiz

Situation approach 3. A leadership contingency theory that stresses the intelligence and experience of the leader is a. leadership substitutes theory b. cognitive resource theory c. situational leadership theory d. normative decision theory 4. Charismatic leaders add followers by a. possessing specific expertise b. considering other solutions c. appealing to emotions and articulating a vision d. sharing the decision making 5. Effective transformational leaders a. delegate most decisions to individuals...

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great leaders: styles, activities, and skills

The leadership styles of charismatic are envisioning, energizing, and enabling. The envisioning is creating a picture of the future, desired future state which people can identify that they can generate excitement. Envisioning would be to set high expectations, articulating a compelling vision of it. The energizing is a directing of the generation of energy, motivation to act among members of organizations. The energizing demonstrating personal excitement, confidence, seeking, finding, and using...

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Leadership Style

1. I would describe Evelyn Gustafson’s leadership style is Charismatic , she has the ability to inspire and motivate people to do more than they normally do, despite obstacles and personal sacrifice. She creates an atmosphere of change, and she drives her subordinates to work hard. Her behaviour is supportive, she shows concerns for her subordinates by providing flexible scheduling, and giving them frequent breaks, and provided training. Its strengths included Gustafson’s could motivate...

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Sociology and System. A. B.

robber forces someone to hand over money or valuables, the robber is exercising a type of illegitimate power called a. b. c. d. e. 4. communism / capitalism capitalism / socialism charismatic authority / rational-legal authority industrial societies / post-industrial societies coercion authority charisma conspicuous consumption pluralism The norms or practices that result in people marrying those with social characteristics similar to their own are called: a. b. c. d. ...

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Tut 9

the situation gives control to the leader. D) The leader is responsible for providing followers with the information, support, or other resources necessary for them to do their jobs. 6. Which of the following is not a key characteristic of a charismatic leader? A) Sensitivity to follower needs B) Unconventional behaviour C) Vision and articulation D) Task orientation E) Willingness to take risks 7. Researchers are conducting a study of a company called Acme Corp, which they believe to be led...

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Steve Jobs Leadership Style and Analysis

ideas, and behaviors. These theories are charismatic leadership and transformational leadership Charismatic Leadership: John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Bill Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpyee, Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics), Steve jobs (co-founder of Apple Computer) and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani are individuals frequently cited as being charismatic leaders. What do they have in common? According to charismatic leadership theory, followers make attributions...

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Financial Analysis of Microsoft Corporation

in which Jonathan removed the subsidy and its partial reinstatement is indicative of his leadership qualities which can be situated within a set of leadership paradigms. Leadership paradigms include: Heroic/Weberian charismatic, trait, transactional, New Leadership, post-charismatic leadership, and creative leadership (Rickards, 2012, pp.74-91). First, Jonathan reduced public servant’s allowances including his, demonstrating symbolic leadership, a departure from dominant rational model (Rickards...

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Which of the Different Types of Leadership Profiles Presented in the Literature Best Describes Steve Jobs?

and direct subordinates towards the achievement of the company's goals (Jones, George, Hill, 2000). Transformational leaders have a strong vision to reshape the future by creating new realities. They have four main characteristics; they are charismatic, they use inspirational motivation (they come with a vision that is inspiring to others), they use intellectual stimulation (they encourage subordinates to work harder and think creatively) and they have individual consideration (they care and have...

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