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 Yarissa Escobar Dr. Menger Business Communications November 27 2012 How To Be Remarkably Charismatic Speaking in front of millions of strangers or five of your closest friends makes no difference when you have charisma. A compelling attraction that allows you to woo an audience and inspire them to not just listen but actually care about what you are saying. According to spiritual activist Marianne Williamson “charisma is a sparkle in people that money can't buy. It's an invisible energy with...

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Astro Airlines

& Kanungo (1998) describe five behavioral attributes of charismatic leaders ; 1- Vision and articulation 2- Sensivity to the environment 3- Sensivity to member needs 4- Personal risk taking 5- Performing unconventional behavior Even though in the first half of the case the Burton shows the positive charismatic behaviors actually in the second half of the case we can find that Burton is the negative charismatic leader. Becouse he was emphasizing personal identification...

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Andrea Jung - Avon Case Study

different situations call for different combination of leadership traits and skills. The way how leaders influence the followers to put the needs of organization’s vision and goals above their self-interest is depend on the leadership style. Charismatic leaders have self-confidence to motivate the followers, energy and enthusiasm to let the followers believe in the vision and goals, and the ability to communicate well. The transformational leadership style must be able to raise people’s awareness...

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Structural Symbolic Conflict

a way to influence social life. Legitimacy of Power - Authority: power that is considered legitimate, lawful, just. * Force+ consent = power * Force < Consent = authority (legitimate power) * Force > Consent = dictatorship (illegitimate power) Gaining legitimate power: * Traditional Authority- hereditary * Charismatic Authority- personal characteristics (making people like you) * Rational-Legal Authority- (most typical) leadership qualifications, proven merit, proper...

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Bennett J GB600 unit2

 Charismatic Leadership Jacqueline Bennett GB600.03N Leadership Strategies for a Changing World May 26, 2015 Dr. Matt Keogh Introduction Leadership can be defined as a process of guiding individuals, groups, or an organization to develop common goals and to create procedures to achieve the goals. A leader is a strong individual who can lead a group of people by their own strengths and also allow them to fine tune their opportunities, all without them knowing they are being lead...

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Lord of the Flies: Qualities of a Good Leader

What qualities does it take to make a good leader? People have always pondered this question especially when electing leaders. They may say that a good leader should be charismatic, intelligent and perhaps good-natured. Their idea of good leadership qualities usually comes from books and movies. In Lord of the Flies there were many various leadership qualities exhibited by the boys, but how can one decide on a leader out of so many boys that would make the society work? Only a leader with the best...

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Who Is a Good Leader and to What Extent Do They Influence the Future of Organizations?

successful are generally regarded as good leader. In reality there are many forms & styles of leaderships. Leaders can be different depending upon their approach on specific situations; such as task oriented Transactional Leaders, motivation based Charismatic Leaders and visionary Transformational Leaders. These various types of leaders distinguish their activities and objectives through diverse angles. One example can be “McGregor’s theory X & theory Y” on the theme of ‘motivation.’ These two contrasting...

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Motivating and Rewarding Employees, Leadership and Trust

inspire the employees in order to overcome the objectives. However, transactional leadership is the basis of the transformational model, and today the trend is going towards transformational leadership. Charismatic-visionary leadership : in this view the main part is the leader itself. Charismatic leaders are self-confident and enthusiastic, people who inspire and influence their employees by their actions instead of influencing them with perks. And the visionary leaders, who create credible and realistic...

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Vignette Case Study

of the problems John Maxwell is encountering appear to be from a lack of “transition planning”. Meetings should have occurred between himself and Reverend Mike, the staff, and the Board of Directors; collectively and separately. Reverend Mike’s charismatic style of leadership and history with Serenity House resulted in an “entrenched” organizational culture. Maxwell’s attempted sweeping changes, that resulted in the final confrontation with Reverend Mike was a recipe for disaster and failure. ...

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The Difference Between Leadership and Followership

stifled because they are not in a proper position to utilize it. Charisma, by my own definition, is the compelling attractiveness or charm that enables you to influence large numbers of people. Charismatic leaders use their charm to accomplish large tasks that may seem impossible for the typical leader. Charismatic leaders set goals that they know will be difficult for their followers to achieve. Therefore, they expect much from their followers and show confidence in their follower’s ability to rise to...

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