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Charismatic Authority

the anthropologically derived term ‘trickster’. In what way are charismatic leaders and ‘tricksters’ related? In what such similarities or differences are relevant for understanding contemporary politics? Illustrate your argument with a concrete example. Intro Charisma was introduced into social theory and political sociology by German Sociologist Max Weber who described charisma as a ‘gift of grace’ ( REF) and a ‘charismatic authority is when a person has special gifts of the body and mind and these...

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Charismatic Leadership and the New Leadership Approach

Charismatic Leadership & the New Leadership Approach 1. What are the similarities and differences between charismatic and transformational leadership? A charismatic leader is a leader that makes you believe in his ideas (makes them appealing), and not just accept them, exactly like a transformational leader. He really wants the subordinates’ commitment to the company’s goals and to the leader himself. To gain employees’ approval of himself, the charismatic leader will prove to be good at...

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Charismatic Leadership

 Charismatic leadership Hitler, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, & Mahndar Gandi are all examples of charismatic leaders known of their strong influence upon their followers. They got this attractiveness and passion which made them an icon and role model for their followers. They share emotional bonds with their followers to gain devotion, loyalty and commitment. So what is Charismatic leadership? And why Howard Schultz is counted as one of the most charismatic leadership in the recent century. What...

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Charismatic and Transformational Leadership Traits

Meg Whitman, CEO of the internet auction site eBay, displays several traits of both charismatic and transformational leadership. Whitman moved from a tightly structured, traditional button-down corporate environment at Hasbro's Playskool division into the T-shirt and jeans atmosphere of an internet start-up company without missing a beat. In doing so, she illustrated that sometimes it is more important to have a vision and the willingness to commit to that vision than to have targeted knowledge...

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Case Study: The Charismatic Bellwether

humanity. So now, we require to verbalize about what kind of leadership style the organization would utilize and it would be The Charismatic Bellwether. The Charismatic Bellwether accumulates adherents through dint of personality and delectate, rather than any form of external power or ascendancy. The searchlight of attention. It is fascinating to optically canvass a Charismatic Bellwether' working the room' as they peregrinate from person to person. In a high tense situation, the bellwether must be...

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Sources of Authority in Moral School Leadership

Sources of Authority In Moral School Leadership Sergiovanni defines the sources of authority as bureaucratic, psychological, technical-rational, professional and moral school leadership (pages 36-39). For this week’s discussion this author will discuss each of the sources and how a school leader might utilize each of the sources to improve instruction, curriculum and assessment at the school building/district level. Sergiovanni discusses and defines the sources of authority bureaucratic, psychological...

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Authority, Leadership, and Supervision

very important in making sure that she is a good leader for them and herself. Julie will also need to make sure that she takes the authority role. Another advantage will be that she knows her employees very well from working with them for a long period of time. This will be an advantage and a disadvantage for her as a new nurse supervisor. Taking the authority role will be something new for Julie, but will also be something new for her friends that have never seen that role being played by her...

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Charasmatic Leaders

of over 900 people, including children. In this paper, I will explain how Jim Jones qualifies as a charismatic leader, his aspirations, how he promised his followers deliverance of his goal, and the effect of his preaching. Charismatic Leadership Before I can explain how Jim Jones qualifies as a charismatic leader, I must first discuss what charismatic leadership is. Max Weber defines charismatic leadership as “gifted, inspired, from a leader who pursues a vision which attracts followers to identify...

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Leadership Model

different assumptions and theories. The style that individuals use will be based on a combination of their beliefs, values and preferences, as well as the organizational culture and norms which will encourage some styles and discourage others. • Charismatic Leadership • Participative Leadership • Situational Leadership • Transactional Leadership • Transformational Leadership • The Quiet Leader • Servant Leadership Additional research • The Managerial Grid: Blake and Mouton's people-task...

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Transformational Leadership and Economic Efficiency – Can a Charismatic Leader in an Administration for Care Motivate the Subordinates to Improve the Economic Performance?

performance. Findings: The managers in the administration for care answered a questionnaire with 17 statements about charisma and the result of these statements gave an average score, which indicate that the chief administrator is above-average charismatic. In the findings I also present the organization’s economic performance. 2005 was the first year since 1996, the administration had a budget surplus, i.e. the costs were lower than the budget frame. Analysis: The respondents, in the same questionnaire...

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